Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2017-07-09

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<anonimal> 1. Greetings
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<anonimal> 4. Open Meta issue review https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues
<anonimal> 5. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> 6. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> Hello! :)
<MoroccanMalinois> hi
<rehrar> Yo
<ArticMine> hi
<anonimal> Hi MoroccanMalinois rehrar ArticMine
<anonimal> fluffypony too?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} yes
<anonimal> Hi fluffypony
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> On my end: testnet development and related collab with MoroccanMalinois and lazygravy + SSU/Ident collab/PR review with MoroccanMalinois (and related research/development), rehrar collab for his site related work, some collab with serhack/ericcion Italian translations for kovri-site, email + PR collab + R&D with rbrunner on the windows InnoSetup installers, Monero project work (monero svn to git for
<anonimal> unbound), work with pigeons on setting up kovri.i2p (now online!), answer various IRC/reddit Q&A + related collab.
<rehrar> This past week was launching the Monero website. Now that's basically done.
<anonimal> Some various things here and there, I2P/Tor family node research and more.
<anonimal> Some French + Russian kovri-site translations are in the works, they are in the PR pit.
<anonimal> Same with kovri repo, I have yet to review the new MM PR's.
<anonimal> Did we miss anything else?
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<anonimal> I'm here, checked-in! MoroccanMalinois is here. Yay!
<MoroccanMalinois> i will be ok with a milestone in next meeting if last PR's get merged :)
<anonimal> Excellent, I'm sure they will.
<anonimal> re: FFS check-in, MoroccanMalinois is doing great. I can't review myself, anyone else on point 3.?
<anonimal> Well, I can review myself, but that wouldn't be fair now would it? ;)
<MoroccanMalinois> lol
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} lol
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} leave it to the community to review
<anonimal> With the exception of this intermittent week, point 2 shows that I've been active and busy, that I can say the least.
<anonimal> Alright, moving on. 4. Open Meta issue review https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues
<anonimal> Starting from the top down, #80
<anonimal> rehrar, any news on that front?
<anonimal> #77 and #78, fluffypony what do you think?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} checking
<rehrar> Sorry. Afk 2 min
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} what's a topic
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} lol
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} anonimal: won't web hooks for -site and -docs be too distracting?
<rehrar> This week is all Kovri for me.
<rehrar> I'll be writing the brief tomorrow and presenting it
<anonimal> fluffypony: well, not for me: it would be helpful because of the sometimes very large notification lists I get in github.
<rehrar> I'll also be importing the tech from the new Monero website to Kovri. That which is applicable.
<anonimal> Awesome rehrar
<anonimal> fluffypony: is it too much?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} I don't mind activating it, it's your call :)
<anonimal> Can we give it a trial run?
<anonimal> (e.g., do it until too many people complain)
<serhack> Hey anonimal
<serhack> How are you?
<anonimal> fluffypony: re: topics, quick link https://help.github.com/articles/classifying-your-repository-with-topics/
<anonimal> Hi serhack
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} tks
<anonimal> serhack: sono stanco, ma we can chat more after the meeting
<ArticMine> On 4 there is Project licensing #85 impacts kovri
<serhack> Oh okay
<ArticMine> Was opened to get feedback
<rehrar> Kovri doesn't have to have the same license as Monero, right?
<anonimal> ArticMine: I took a quick look at that earlier this week, will look again now.
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} rehrar not necessarily, but might be better if we did
<moneromooo> kovri's library part will be used by monero at some point.
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} I don't see a reason to have different licenses
<anonimal> BSD-3, yes I believe so.
<anonimal> re: licensing, no matter what, we'd need to adhere to the licenses of all bundled dependencies, right?
<ArticMine> Yes
<ArticMine> That is part of the issue in 85
<ArticMine> I2P is effectively GPL v2
<moneromooo> "I2P" ? The Java router ?
<ArticMine> Yes java
<anonimal> Huh? Java I2P?
<ArticMine> java makes I2P GPL v2
<anonimal> I don't see how that applies to us as we're not using any of their code.
<anonimal> And most of the important bits are "free (adj.): unencumbered; not under the control of others", whichever license that equates to.
<ArticMine> Not directly to kovri
<anonimal> Open specification is different than implementation in terms of licensing, right?
<ArticMine> but that is why 5 was opened to deal with this discussion
<ArticMine> 85
<anonimal> If monero goes dual-license, then we must?
<ArticMine> Not necessarily
<anonimal> Ok. I'll need more thought on this. I can add to the next agenda too. Does anyone have any strong feelings on this now?
<ArticMine> I think it is best if we discuss it on Github under 85
<ArticMine> Then we can look at it in the next meeting
<rehrar> I have strong feelings to go proprietary.
<moneromooo> er, we would not do that.
<rehrar> But aside from that let's move on.
<rehrar> I kid.
<anonimal> ArticMine: ok.
<anonimal> re: #63, rehrar did you figure out your git branching issue?
<rehrar> Web launch took priority.
<rehrar> We've been feverishly working on it and it is done for now. I've been reading into branches yes.
<rehrar> Sorry, also headed to Mexico atm. :/ So my replies will be intermittent.
<rehrar> Should be resolved in the next two days.
<anonimal> I haven't made any new contributions to it yet so I don't think it's done for now ;)
<rehrar> No, I meant the website
<rehrar> Working in the website and the site is done for now.
<anonimal> Ok
<anonimal> re: #46, fluffypony are we still scheduled for the 20th?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} I have no idea - I don't have it in my calendar, has someone checked with Shay?
<anonimal> Eek, I thought he sent an email after he posted in #46
* anonimal will ping him right now
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} tks
<anonimal> I have a feeling he may have been waiting for more responses.
<anonimal> #43, hmm
<rehrar> This week. ;)
<rehrar> First step is to nail down #80 imo
<rehrar> Because then I can start producing some material.
<anonimal> I think rehrar had thoughts on that area. Sounds like everyone is at max capacity at the moment though.
<anonimal> Ok
<anonimal> fluffypony, is #12 still applicable?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} checking
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} yes - label bot took precedence
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} but we'll pick that up after it's deployed
<rehrar> Spoke to @fluffypony, could be resolved as early as next week
<rehrar> Over one year ago. :P
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} lol
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} we had to choose a mail provider
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} that took multiple face-to-face meetings
<anonimal> Oh neat, label bot is online
<rehrar> Can we give him a better name?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} only in meta right now
<moneromooo> Oooh, where is the documentation ?
<anonimal> Oh lol, I see, rehrar quoted my kovri comment from March 16th, 2016, heh X)
<anonimal> fluffypony: so #12 is applicable but not finished?
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} yes
<anonimal> Ok
<i2p-relay> {-fluffypony} @rehrar ask pigeons
<rehrar> Will do.
<anonimal> #9 #19 #29 #30 are pigeons territory I believe.
<anonimal> Anything else on this point (meta issue review)?
<anonimal> #24 #26 #27 will be useful. ajs waits patiently on #27. We can eventually make a big move on #27 when the time comes. That should be fun.
<anonimal> Out of time, 5. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> Nothing pressing at the moment aside from the open PR's which will be reviewed.
<anonimal> Anything else on 5.?
<anonimal> 6. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> Nothing from me at the moment. ArticMine how urgent was meta #85 in terms of coming to a resolution?
<rehrar> I think we gucci.
<ArticMine> I would give it at least two weeks
<ArticMine> Once we see discussion / comments
<rehrar> K. Going to be crossing soon, so I'm out for now. Cya all Kovri Peeps.
<ArticMine> It was promoted by a Monero dependency going to a copyleft
<anonimal> Ok
<anonimal> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> Same time, two weeks from now?
<anonimal> rehrar will you be back by then?
<rehrar> It's a day trip.
<rehrar> I live like right next to the border.
<rehrar> Ill be back before my day is over, and right to work tomorrow.
<anonimal> Oh, alright, then we'll keep the usual meeting date/time.
<anonimal> Thanks everyone :)
<endogenic> thanks anonimal :)

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