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2014-04-18: Launched on Bitcointalk

2014-04-23: Renamed from Bitmonero to Monero

2014-09-04: Recovered from a spam attack

2014-09-12: Monero Research Lab Papers 1 and 2 published

2014-09-25: Monero Research Lab Paper 3 published

2014-12-08: released


2015-01-26: Monero Research Lab Paper 4 published


2016-01-01: 0.9.0 Hydrogen Helix released

2016-02-10: Monero Research Lab Paper 5 published

2016-03-22: Network Upgrade to require minimum ringsize of 3 on all transactions

2016-09-18: 0.10.0 Wolfram Warptangent released

2016-09-21: Network Upgrade to split coinbase into denominations

2016-12-14: 0.10.1 Wolfram Warptangent released

2016-12-22: Official GUI Beta 1 released


2017-01-05: Network Upgrade to enable RingCT transactions

2017-02-22: 0.10.2 released; critical vulnerability patched

2017-03-27: Wolfram Warptangent released

2017-04-15: Network Upgrade to adjust minimum blocksize and dynamic fee algorithm

2017-07-04: Website redesigned

2017-09-07: Helium Hydra released

2017-09-07: Fluffy blocks

2017-09-10: GUI out of beta

2017-09-15: Network Upgrade to increase minimum ringsize to 5 and require RingCT transactions

2017-09-24: GUI Helium Hydra released

September, 2017: 0MQ/ZeroMQ

October, 2017: Subaddresses

2017-10-03: Monero Research Lab Paper 6 published

2017-10-25: Helium Hydra released

2017-10-27: GUI Helium Hydra released

December, 2017: Multi-signatures (multisig)


2018-03-24: Lithium Luna released

2018-04-04: GUI Lithium Luna released

2018-04-06: New Proof of Work CryptoNightV2

2018-04-06: Network upgrade to increase minimal ringsize to 7, integrate multisig, subaddresses, and change PoW algo

2018-04-24: Localization in French and Polish

2018-05-23: Lithium Luna released

2018-06-04: Ledger Hardware Wallets Support

2018-06-04: Lithium Luna released

2018-07-23: Lithium Luna released

2018-07-27: GUI Lithium Luna released

2018-08-01: Kovri alpha release

2018-08-03: Moneropedia open for Localization

2018-08-10: Localization in Arabic

2018-10-11: Beryllium Bullet released

2018-10-14: GUI Beryllium Bullet released

2018-10-18: New Proof of Work CryptoNightV3

2018-10-18: Implementation of Bulletproofs to reduce transaction sizes

2018-10-18: Network upgrade to increase minimal ringsize to 11, integrate Bulletproofs, update fees calculation algorithm, and change PoW algo

2018-10-25: Beryllium Bullet released

2018-11-01: Monero Research Lab Papers 8 and 9 published

2018-11-19: GUI Beryllium Bullet released

2018-11-26: Monero Research Lab Paper 7 published

2018-12-04: Monero Research Lab Paper 10 published

2018-12-20: Implementation of Monero Messaging System (MMS) to automate multisig wallets information exchange


2019-02-11: Localization in German

2019-02-25: Boron Butterfly released

2019-03-01: GUI Boron Butterfly released

2019-03-06: New Community Crowdfunding System (CCS) to replace the Forum Funding System (FFS)

2019-03-08: Boron Butterfly released

2019-03-09: New Proof of Work CryptoNightR

2019-03-12: Localization in Brazilian-Portuguese and Dutch

Trezor Hardware Wallets Support

Pruning nodes

Broadcast transaction over Tor

tini2p integration

Kovri Integration

Return address

New Proof of Work RandomX


Anonymity network aggregator for data transmission

Second-layer solutions for speed and scalability

Additional MRL research papers

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