Verificare i binari su Windows (neofita)

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Verification of the Monero binary files should be done prior to extracting, installing, or using the Monero software. This is the only way to ensure that you are using the official Monero binary. If you receive a fake binary (eg. phishing, MITM, etc.), following this guide will protect you from being tricked into using it.

To protect the integrity of the binaries the Monero team provides a cryptographically signed list of all the SHA256 hashes. If your downloaded binary has been tampered with it will be produce a different hash than the one in the file.

This is a beginners guide for the Windows operating system and will make use of GUIs almost exclusively. It will walk you through the process of installing the required software, importing the signing key, downloading the necessary files, and finally verifying that your binary is authentic.

Table of Contents

1. Gpg4win Installer

1. Using Gpg4win Installer

This section will cover installing the cryptography software. Windows does not come with the tools required to verify your binary. To install these tools you can use the Gpg4win installer.

1.1. Getting Gpg4win Installer

1.1.1. Download Gpg4win

In a web browser, go to and download the installer by clicking the green button.

gpg4win download button

You will be taken to a donation page. If you do not wish to donate select $0, then you will be able to click Download.

gpg4win site donation

Click Save File.

gpg4win site save file

Choose a download location, click Save.

gpg4win site download location

1.1.2. Launch Gpg4win

When the download is finished, open the containing folder.

gpg4win site open folder

Double click the downloaded gpg4win executable to launch.

gpg4win launch

1.2. Use Gpg4win Installer

You will be presented with a security verification screen, click Run.

gpg4win installer security

Select your language, click OK.

gpg4win installer language

A welcome screen will appear, click Next.

gpg4win installer welcome

Now you will see the component selection screen, you must at least leave Kleopatra checked for this guide. Make your selections, click Next.

gpg4win installer components

It is best to leave the default installation location unless you know what you are doing. Make your selections, click Install.

gpg4win installer location

Installation has completed, click Next.

gpg4win installer complete

Click Finish.

gpg4win installer finish

2. Monero Signing Key

This section will cover downloading the Monero signing key, verifying that the key is correct, and then importing the key to your keyring. The hash file that will be used to verify your binary is cryptographically signed with the Monero signing key. In order to check the validity of this file you must have the public version of the signing key.

2.1. Download Signing Key

In a web browser, go to binaryFate's GPG key, which he uses for signing the Monero binaries. Right click on the page, choose Save Page As.

getkey right click

Leave the default location, click Save.

getkey save file

2.2. Initialize Kleopatra

If this is your first time using Kleopatra you will have to create a key pair for yourself.

Launch Kleopatra.

kleo launch

2.2.1. Import Signing Key

Click Import.

kleo firstrun import

Enter the directory Downloads, select binaryfate, and click Open.

kleo firstrun key location

Start the process of certifying the key by clicking Yes.

kleo firstrun start process

2.2.2. Create Key Pair

Start the process of key creation by clicking Yes.

kleo firstrun start key create

Fill in some details for Name and Email, click Next.

kleo firstrun key details

Verify details, click Create.

kleo firstrun verify key details

Set a password, click OK.

kleo firstrun set key pass

Click Finish.

kleo firstrun finish create key

2.3. Verify Signing Key

Visually check that the fingerprint of the key belonging to binaryFate is 81AC591FE9C4B65C5806AFC3F0AF4D462A0BDF92.

kleo certify fingerprint

If the fingerprint DOES match, click Certify.

If the fingerprint of this key DOES NOT match, DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead delete the file binaryfate from the Downloads directory and go back to section 2.1.

Enter your password, click OK.

kleo certify pass

Click Finish.

3. Hash File Verification

This section will cover downloading the signed file of known good hashes and verifying its authenticity.

3.1. Download Hash File

In a web browser, go to the hash page. Right click the page, select Save Page As.

hashes right click

Leave the default location, click Save.

hashes save file

3.2. Verify Hash File

In Kleopatra, click the Decrypt/Verify button.

hashes kleo verify button

Navigate to Downloads directory. Select hashes file, click Open.

hashes kleo open file

Kleopatra will inform you if the files signature is valid.

If the signature is VALID you will see this:

hashes kleo goodsig

If the signature is INVALID you will see this:

hashes kleo badsig

If you receive a VALID signature, click Discard and move on.

If you receive an INVALID signature, DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead delete the file hashes from the Downloads directory and go back to section 3.1.

4. Binary File Verification

This section will cover downloading the Monero binary and verifying its authenticity.

4.1. Download Binary

In a web browser, go to the downloads page. Select the correct binary for your system.

binary getmonero

Leave Save File selected, click OK.

binary getmonero save

Leave the default location, click Save.

binary getmonero save location

4.2. Verify Binary

In a file manager, navigate to Downloads directory. Open the file hashes with a word processor.

binary open hashes.txt

Open a terminal (cmd.exe).

binary launch term

Change to the Downloads directory with the command: cd Downloads.

binary cmd cd

Calculate the hash of the Monero binary with the command: certUtil -hashfile SHA256 (if you downloaded a command-line only version, replace accordingly).

binary cmd certutil

Compare the hash from the terminal with the one in the hash file. They should be the same (spaces can be ignored).

binary compare hashes

If your hash DOES match then you are finished with verification! You can be sure the Monero files you have are authentic. You may extract and install/use the files normally.

If your hash DOES NOT match DO NOT CONTINUE. Instead delete the Monero binary from the Downloads directory and go back to section 4.1.

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