Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2020-02-15

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<rehrar> 0. Introduction
<rehrar> Hello and welcome to the Community Workgroup Gameshow (CWG)! I'm your host, Diego Salazar, and we've got a great show planned for you all tonight.
<rehrar> Let's meet our contestants.
<rehrar> 1. Greetings
<intj440> Hi
<jwinterm> buen sabado todos
<selsta> hi
<i_a> ahoy
<rottensox> salutations.
<nioc> i'm napping
<rottensox> where's needmonero90.
<rehrar> Got us a lively group, don't we? Let's see how they handle the challenges to come.
<rehrar> 2. Community highlights
* needmonero90 sighs
<ajs> i'll take geography for 500 rehrar
<rehrar> All points go to Diego who writes the Revuo Monero which you can see at https://revuo-monero.com
<rehrar> We also released the July 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 periodical
<rehrar> Does anyone have anything in particular they want to highlight about this past couple of weeks?
<needmonero90> price go up
<jwinterm> cake wallet has been doing a nice job of getting people with breasts to post images of themselves wearing cake wallet t-shirts on tweeter
<rottensox> lol.
<jwinterm> other than that I got nothing
<rehrar> …when in the land of the nerds
<endogenic> i've been working on something very exciting
<endogenic> i'm only going to tell rehrar about it
<rehrar> endogenic: want to share?
<rottensox> boo!
<endogenic> because i'm only friends with him
<rottensox> double boo!
<dandums> 43770
<rehrar> ooooh, bonus points for endogenic
<endogenic> yessss
<rehrar> 3. CCS updates
<endogenic> haha i'll share real soon rottensox
<rehrar> We got a few things in funding. Fund Xiphon plz
<rehrar> Xiphon is the bees knees and does great work. selsta will now give a short speech/poem about Xiphon's contributions.
<endogenic> been hanging with some crytocurrency groups in SF as well. we may see some movement
<selsta> he is doing important GUI work :P
<rehrar> clap clap
<selsta> like improving stability, speed, etc.
<rehrar> truly a man with a mastery of words. Thank you selsta.
<selsta> sorry I’m currently eating :P
<rottensox> lol.
<rehrar> vtnerd? sarang? suraeNoether? anybody here with a report on CCS activities?
<sarang> More math, more data, more fun
<sarang> Using chain data to get better comparisons of next-gen tx protocols, etc.
<rehrar> Sarang Noether, ladies and gentlemen
<endogenic> i like sarang
<sarang> Aw shucks
<sarang> A few other assorted code updates, and so on
<rehrar> thank you. Any other CCS updates?
<endogenic> in other news mymonero continues not to ask the community for money
<endogenic> 😂
<rehrar> 4. Workgroup reports
<rehrar> 4a. Daemon/CLI scrubs
<rehrar> anyone here from them that can say what you've been up to? merged things? pr'd things?
<rehrar> 4b. Localization
<rehrar> ErCiccione[m]? you around?
<rehrar> lol. Zero points for everyone.
<rehrar> I do know they now have Weblate working with the website, so translate.getmonero.org for that stuffs
<rehrar> c. GUI workgroup
<rehrar> selsta: what's the word?
<selsta> see https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui/pulls?utf8=✓&q=is%3Apr for recent activity
<rehrar> what an informative meeting this is so far
<rottensox> lol.
<endogenic> dont mean to jump in but have to run. check out my upcoming monerotalk interview - i made some technical announcements
<rehrar> aight cya
<selsta> when is it coming out
<endogenic> like stuff we've been workin on a long time
<selsta> the interview
<endogenic> ah i dunno. it was about a week aho
<endogenic> ago
<selsta> ok so soon :P
<endogenic> y'all remember when adding wallets to an app took 6 mos?
<endogenic> like jaxx? haha
<endogenic> well that's 1 day now
<endogenic> tbh i actually already open sourced some stuff quietly
<endogenic> but this is not the really exciting upcomign thing
<endogenic> time to go tell diego in private
<endogenic> haha
<selsta> are you going to announce it in the interview?
<selsta> or still secret :P
<rehrar> 4d. Outreach workgroup
<rehrar> I don't think any of them piped up either
<needmonero90> :(
<rehrar> Thunderosa, xmrhaelan?
<rehrar> e. Monero Research Lab
<endogenic> selsta heya it's not announced in the interview no
<rehrar> sarang kinda already did it.
<sarang> :)
<rehrar> I jumped the gun. We blazing through this meeting.
<rehrar> let's get us all home
<rehrar> f. Website workgroup
<rehrar> ErCiccione[m]: isn't here so we can skip this one too
<rehrar> woot. The best kinds of meetings.
<needmonero90> efficient meeting
<shillo> I have nothing useful to add besides mentioning that rehrar is doing a great job running this meeting even though people are slow to respond. If he waits long enough I'm sure everything will be covered in due time
<rehrar> 5. Open ideas time
<rehrar> 5a. Moneroversary.
<rehrar> We doing anything? Party? Who's bringing the beer?
<endogenic> i'ma chat w sgp about a ton of ideas i have for that
<rehrar> perfect. in fact, let's take all discussion offline for efficiency sake
<rehrar> next meeting will be held over PMs
<endogenic> hahaha
<endogenic> it's a private meeting
<rehrar> Any of you bozos have any ideas for open ideas time?
<rehrar> I have something if nobody else does.
<endogenic> you go first
<rehrar> There was some discussion and a twitter thread about some individuals wishing Defcon villages would go back to their roots of being more hands-on rather than talk focused.
<rehrar> Now Defcon is still a ways away, but if they have us back again, I'd like to see our village go in that direction.
<rehrar> Less talks. WAAAAY less talks. In fact, most of the talks can be the same talk given multiple times a day for people that can't make other times. "What is Monero?" given by different people or whatever.
<rehrar> More workshops. How to use the wallet. How to secure your seed. How to use a hardware wallet.
<dEBRUYNE> Can we allocate some time to discuss the addition of 'Reasonably' on the website?
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE: sure
<rottensox> how to lose your private key in a boating accident.
<rehrar> That's basically it from me. More discussions will develop in #monero-defcon when it's time, I think.
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE: take it away
<rehrar> lol, ok shall I start the discussion then?
<dEBRUYNE> Sorry, didn't see the ping
<dEBRUYNE> Anyway, I think, similar to the guy that posted on reddit, that we shouldn't add an adjective on the website, regardless of which it is
<dEBRUYNE> Simply 'private' is sufficient. In my opinion, it does not provide a privacy guarantee
<dEBRUYNE> Furthermore, we can add a disclaimer link that provides elaboration
<dEBRUYNE> The optics of 'reasonably' are quite bad in my opinion and it leaves a lot of new people guessing what it might entail
<intj440> +1
<nioc> dEBRUYNE: agree
<rehrar> We can also remove the "A" and just end up with "Private Digital Currency"
<rehrar> which, surprise is what was there to begin with :D
<jwinterm> a somewhat private with several important caveats that users should be aware of digital currency
<jwinterm> has a nice ring to it
<rehrar> any other opinions? differing or otherwise?
<rottensox> jwinterm: tl;dr.
<dEBRUYNE> What would be the point of removing 'A' rehrar?
<rottensox> private digital currency is simple and effective. don't look for the 5th leg in the cat.
<dEBRUYNE> Or is my sarcasm detector broken here :p
<rehrar> not sarcasm, what's the point of keeping it?
<jwinterm> 'A' is extraneous
<shillo> I'd remove the "A"
<rehrar> it's implied, yes
<rehrar> unless…..
<rehrar> if we want an article
<jwinterm> I agree an article is unnecessary
<rehrar> THE private digital currency
<jwinterm> unless you use 'The'
<rehrar> ^
<jwinterm> rehrar and I are actually the same person
<rottensox> impossible.
<rehrar> if jwinterm does squats, then it's literally true
<jwinterm> nah I'm fat and lazy
<rehrar> alright, so the present group is pretty much in agreement to remove "reasonably"
<rehrar> any other points of discussion or ideas?
<rehrar> if not, next meeting 29th. Same time.j
<SerHack> Yes, rehrar! I've submitted my third CCS for Monero integrations
<SerHack> https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/125
<sarang> Phrasings like "private" and "untraceable" are not useful without a lot of context
<rehrar> ah, cool, go comment on that then everyone
<rehrar> remove private leaves "Digital Currency"
<SerHack> There you may find all the information about my CCS. If you have any question, or any additional feature request, please leave a comment!
<dEBRUYNE> sarang: Hence my suggestion to add a direct link to a disclaimer page
<rehrar> Like some people say, probably better for it to be a link that takes to qualifications
<rehrar> ye
<sarang> It's not just the tagline… the homepage also says matter-of-fact phrasings like "Monero is private" and "Monero is untraceable"
<sarang> There's nuance and use cases etc. that affect those things
<rehrar> every word should be a link to a disclaimer
<rehrar> although I think we should move untraceable
<shillo> just hire a lawyer to decide how it should be phrased
<rehrar> I honestly think at some point we need to do a deep rethink of Monero's branding
<rehrar> I'm sure there's a good, snappy way to convey the message of Monero without a. overhyping us, b. underselling what makes us great
<rehrar> but it needs work, and a couple of tweaks isn't going to do it
<nioc> shillo: lol
<wampum> womanero
<rehrar> alright, meeting adjourned

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