General Fund Transparency Report (2019 - June 2020)

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Monero General Fund Transparency Report

Welcome to the first Monero General Fund Transparency Report. The Core Team would like to put out consistent reports about the usage of the general fund.

Since the Core Team has changed since the general fund’s inception, and the memories can be a bit hazy for time periods long gone, we have decided that our first report will cover the periods of 2019-2020, with subsequent reports coming out every half-year.

We do apologize for the delay on getting this report out. There were a few finer details in 2019 that needed to be tracked down. That should be a one time thing, and it will be easier to put out more consistent reports going forward.


There were ten outgoing transactions in the entirety of 2019. Five were for the ARM Buildbots, and totaled 55.1295 XMR.

Four were for server costs, which include payments for the CDN, Seed nodes, Mac servers, and web hosting costs for the site, infrastructure, and downloads. This totaled 631.971924‬ XMR.

The last outgoing transaction was paying for Diego “rehrar” Salazar’s salary and totaled 118.778154 XMR.

Due to availability of Core Team for salary payments, much of Diego’s salary came from the CCS Wallet and will be reimbursed from the general fund. The current owed amount to the CCS wallet from the general fund is 565.95775401 XMR.


The only outgoing transactions from the general fund as of July 1st, 2020 were for payments of Diego “rehrar” Salazar, totaling $7000 USD per month at the exchange rate at time of payment. There have been no other outgoing transactions.

Incoming Donations

Donations primarily come in the form of small donated outputs, many times less than 1 XMR. There are a few larger donations as well. Thank you to all donators who are supporting the general fund and Monero development in general.

All-in XMR!

As you may know, both a BTC and an XMR address are available for donations on The Core Team decided, on February 14th, to exchange all BTC (and fork derivatives) to XMR. Bitcoin donations of course remain possible and encouraged!


LocalMonero pays an equivalent of $100 a month to the general fund to sponsor the Revuo Monero, a weekly Monero newsletter put out by the Core Team. In exchange their logo is given space at the bottom of the newsletter, as well as taking advantage of the search engine optimization the Revuo gives by putting it on their site and having the Revuo site ( give a canonical link to their site.

Further comments on the state of the general fund

At present, the general fund’s outgoing transactions have been reduced, as Globee and Tari Labs are generously taking over Monero’s server and CDN costs. This leaves Diego “rehrar” Salazar as the primary recipient of funds on a monthly basis. It is being discussed about whether or not to use general fund money to have a back up of the Github repository as well via the subscription service

It is also being considered to have the general fund act as a volatility buffer for Monero Research Lab proposals as well as audits.

Donations accepted

If the infrastructure provided by donations (including contributions of rehrar to help all contributors and working groups reach their full potential) has been useful to you, consider donating to the general fund. The Core Team does its best to use funds efficiently to support and further the development of the Monero project. Of course the Core Team is entirely unpaid.

If you are a business of any kind and wish to be a sponsor to the Monero Project, or make a special arrangement for resource access, please contact any of the Core Team or rehrar, let's explore options together.

Current balances

As of June 30th 2020, the balance in the Monero wallet of the general fund is 2108.12 XMR and the balance in the Bitcoin wallet is 0.187 BTC.

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