Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2016-06-19

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<fluffypony> ok I guess we move on to Kovri - anonimal, the floor is yours
<meeting-bot> [anominal] From agenda https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/192
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 17:00 (UTC)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 1. Greetings
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 3. C++ specific discussion (carried over from June 5th meeting)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 4. Review open tickets (assigned and/or unassigned): status, code ideas (if applicable), etc.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 5. Discuss any pertinent TODO's
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 6. Any additional meeting items
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 1. Greetings
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Hi
<meeting-bot> [anominal] EinMByte: present?
<fluffypony> there's 2x greetings?
<fluffypony> best meeting ever
<meeting-bot> [anominal] lol
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Well, EinMByte is here but not present.
<fluffypony> k
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Moving on,
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<meeting-bot> [anominal] A somewhat productive two weeks in contrasting areas. Highlights include:
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - New –log-levels runtime feature
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - Security fix in Garlic/ElGamal
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - New user-agent scrubber
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - Bump to 0.9.26
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - Coverity coverage via travis-ci (though problematic, see #209)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] - Design refactoring, misc. refactoring, code documentation
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 6 closed issues
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 2 new standing issues
<meeting-bot> [anominal] fluffypony: have you had a chance to complete anything since previous meeting?
<fluffypony> anonimal: like 80%-ish done with the Kovri page on the site, per the info you gave me + the docs
<fluffypony> s/page/section
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Great, I'm looking forward to it.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Do you think it will be finished before next meeting?
<fluffypony> yes definitely
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Yay, sounds exciting.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything else on 2.?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Going once… going twice…
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 3. C++ specific discussion (carried over from June 5th meeting)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Well, I was hoping to merge this in with 4. and chat with EinMByte since he said he'd be here.
<fluffypony> is this wrt the C++ standard ?
<fluffypony> or the style guide stuff?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything C++, I imagined.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I was hoping to focus on C++ related to #187, but I haven't looked at #187 since it was opened.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Have any bitmonero devs taken an interest in Kovri yet?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Its quite the beast, and needs much taming.
<fluffypony> I don't think anyone has yet
<tewinget> anonimal: passing interest at best for me
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok, good to know.
<tewinget> I more or less know what it is, but I haven't looked into tinkering with it yet.
<moneromooo> I think the problem is that the time I'd spend hacking on anything, I wouldn't spend on monero anymore :)
<fluffypony> s'true
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I totally understand.
<fluffypony> there will be a bleed area between the two when integration happens
<meeting-bot> [anominal] That makes, so patience and persistence seems to be the key.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] *makes sense
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Well, anonymity has a certain taste too. Maybe I'm one of the few fanatics who enjoy working on it ;)
<fluffypony> I think most of us are here because we're pro-privacy
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anyway, I look forward to the meeting of the minds, I like what I've seen in bitmonero dev.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Yes, good point.
<fluffypony> which is awesome :)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything else on 3.? Any questions?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Alrighty, moving on,
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 4. Review open tickets (assigned and/or unassigned): status, code ideas (if applicable), etc.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Let's see,
<fluffypony> anonimal, also, if EinMbyte can't make the meeting maybe we must collate stuff and raise it on his behalf ?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] How so?
<fluffypony> like if he just adds to the agenda then we can discuss it without him needing to be here
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok, well he's welcome to do that.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] But he and I are great at bouncing ideas off each other and getting to core issues, so I wish he would be present more often.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I see, so we'll send him a note to add to the agenda regardless of his attending?
<fluffypony> yes I think that would help, he lacks time at the moment
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<meeting-bot> * anonimal back to 4.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] #210 might be an easy fix, if any bitmonero devs want to take a peek.
<fluffypony> once you go Kovri you never go…uh…something that rhymes with Kovri
<meeting-bot> [anominal] lol
<meeting-bot> [anominal] That's a tough one….
<fluffypony> https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/210 <- for reference
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Remaining tickets are mostly all hard-core. I'll see what I can get into before the next meeting. Obviously the big ones would be nice if I can make the time.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I may pick at #191 or #187 because I get irritated with severely broken things.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Or who knows what, the world is full of mysterious and discovery.
<fluffypony> lol
<meeting-bot> [anominal] *mystery
<meeting-bot> [anominal] lol
<fluffypony> invent a time machine !
<meeting-bot> [anominal] pffffffffff
<meeting-bot> [anominal] That would be fun.
<fluffypony> :-P
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Does anyone here work with Debian Jessie often?
<fluffypony> tewinget is an Arch user
<fluffypony> moneromooo wrote his own OS from scratch I'm sure
<fluffypony> osensei maybe
<fluffypony> but he's not around atm
<moneromooo> I use a pretty common one nowdays actually.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok just curious. Arch here so #210 will probably take more than a few moments.
<fluffypony> moneromooo: Windows XP ?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] ^ Windows 98
<moneromooo> Good point. I guess it's not that common. I forgot about windows.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 95 was better at breaking.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok, well re: 4., fluffypony have you see #209?
<fluffypony> probably
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 50% yay because we solved the coverity/travis issue!
<fluffypony> oh yes the Coverity thing
<fluffypony> ok so plz update me - Travis builds are now work
<fluffypony> *working
<fluffypony> but Coverity isn't triggering ?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] No, we are *finally* triggering, but now coverity says build is failing on their end.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] So, travis says "we're fine", coverity says "you're not fine but neither is most of my site".
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Because they really do have some issues there and support is… meh.
<fluffypony> LOL
<fluffypony> considering how long it took for their site to pick Travis up I'm not even surprised
<fluffypony> do we wait until they've fixed it, or keep pushing
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Seriously, and their "community" site is still offline despite "we'll be back in early 2016!".
<meeting-bot> [anominal] It's June already…
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Good question,
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I can review *why* they think our build failed, I could even try to do it manually.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I may have to do it manually just to get things going *or*, it could be another travis/coverity issue (or just pure coverity).
<fluffypony> maybe we must switch to manual Coverity
<fluffypony> and just do it once every two weeks
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Sounds fair, I'll give it shot before next meeting.
<meeting-bot> * anonimal before I forget, opens https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/assigned/fluffypony
<meeting-bot> [anominal] fluffypony: Any updates on #27?
<meeting-bot> * anonimal knows you've been busy, simply curious
<fluffypony> anonimal: no - also, we're switching providers
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<fluffypony> debating Zoho vs. FastMail
<fluffypony> ProtonMail doesn't do multiple users on a domain, unfortunately
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Hmmm…
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Pros/Cons so far re: providers?
<fluffypony> well they're mostly doing forwarding and SMTP, so it's pretty open
<fluffypony> part of the decision making is cost, part is also reliability and if they feature reasonable web interfaces for those inevitable users that don't want to use a mail client
<fluffypony> will wrap that up soon, it's on my short list
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok, good to know.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I don't have an opionion so far. If I do I'll be sure to chip in.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Is xmrpromotions there? re: #105
<fluffypony> no not online atm
<fluffypony> I'll prod them for that when I see them next
<meeting-bot> [anominal] K.
<meeting-bot> * anonimal typing
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I'll most likely take a look at bitmonero's 0MQ work too before next meeting (thinking of #53).
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Other than that, I may just grab some low hanging fruit before next meeting and work on the mingw build and other smaller tickets.
<tewinget> anonimal, feel free to direct any 0mq questions at fluffypony me
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Thanks tewinget.
<fluffypony> oh yeah speaking of
<tewinget> sad that my IRC client doesn't support strikeout…hoping someone else's does
<fluffypony> the Windows test box is borked
<fluffypony> msys2 decided to give up the ghost
<fluffypony> so doing a complete reinstall of it
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Yeah, so what happened? Any idea?
<fluffypony> no clue
<meeting-bot> [anominal] (very strange)
<tewinget> On a scale from 1 to I hate compiling anything on Windows: I hate compiling anything on Windows.
<tewinget> it's a binary scale.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Oh windows, you never cease to disappoint me.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything else on 4.?
<meeting-bot> * anonimal quick reviewing
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Hi, I'm late sorry
<meeting-bot> [anominal] EinMByte! Welcome back.
<fluffypony> wb EinMByte
<fluffypony> still 15 minutes left :)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] With 15 minutes or so to spare, any input? (much backlog)
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Something about #210 maybe: I'll provide some more information
<meeting-bot> [anominal] EinMByte: before I forget and while you're here: what is your preferred/most-reliable public contact method?
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] public as in to put on a website or so, or as in where you guys can contact me
<meeting-bot> [anominal] So we can contact you.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] And would you be interested in leaving agenda TODO's/notes in meeting tickets in case you can't make a meeting that you'd hope to make?
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Well I'll be on IRC, or else [email protected] or github
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] sure
<meeting-bot> [anominal] fluffypony: did I word that correctly?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] EinMByte: we're still on point 4. "reviewing tickets", etc.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Is there anything you wanted to add re: SSU?
<meeting-bot> * anonimal knows you just got back to working on it
<fluffypony> yes I think so
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Well I can give you a quick status update
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Awesome.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] So SSUSession.cpp is now using the new parsing code, except for the fragments
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] (I have the code to parse data packets, just not using it yet)
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] I am slowed down right now due to a bug, with the header I suspect
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Grrr… bugs…
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] (Rekey options being set etc when this shouldn't happen, I think it's all related)
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Well, I'll try to fix it in the next days
<meeting-bot> [anominal] bitmonero devs: FYI, SSU is the ugly High School girl standing in the corner of the dance hall that no one will dance with because she is awkward and is a very mean person.
<fluffypony> lol
<meeting-bot> [anominal] In other words, SSU has needed much love and I'm glad EinMByte has tackled the challenge.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Hah, nice comparison - although it does make me seem quite desperate :P
<meeting-bot> [anominal] lol, oops. Sorry EinMByte, I didn't mean it that way :(
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Once the parsing part is done, I'll do something similar to build the packets
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Sounds great.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] How about, EinMByte dances with her because he is a leader and willing to show great sympathy to those who need it most.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] I'll write some tests, but don't expect full coverage just yet. I don't think that's a priority right now.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] And turns down the more promising dancers to make SSU work well.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] (I want to get the API started too)
<meeting-bot> * anonimal sorry, I'm getting carried away
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Do you have an idea of schedule coming up?
<meeting-bot> [anominal] (as in availability)
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] anonimal: You're making a lot of assumptions about my gender here :). But let's see how well that dance turns out
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I know, again my apologies.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Yes, next week I'll be mostly available (several hours per day)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok. I'll check my IRC more frequently then.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything else on 4.?
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Well as I said I'll put up more info for #210
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Seems like 2 tests are failing
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Since we're out of time, I don't see much on 5. except for a couple of quirky core ones that I may get to before next meeting.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Any comments on 5.?
<fluffypony> EinMByte: well you can dance with SSUzy regardless of your gender
<meeting-bot> [anominal] SSUzy, lol.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] fluffypony: or my ability to dance :p
<fluffypony> everyone can dance, it's just a matter of how badly (or well)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Paraplegics?
<meeting-bot> * anonimal doesn't do off-topic very often, quite the release.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok so if no thoughts on 5.,
<fluffypony> LOL
<fluffypony> nobody is going to attend the Kovri meeting in future :-P
<meeting-bot> [anominal] LMAO
<meeting-bot> * anonimal watches ship sailing away, burning in the distance
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] See you all next time in #dancing
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok, last call for 5. Discuss any pertinent TODO's
<fluffypony> I think that's it from my side
<fluffypony> lol EinMByte
<meeting-bot> [anominal] lol, or #dancing-dev
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Well, for 5: If anyone wants to start on the API, you're welcome
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] This also applies to all (any?) monero people reading this
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Good point, that's another big item to tackle.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Since you're going to be the people using the API, making up a list of requirements would be nice
*<fluffypony> kk
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 6. Any additional meeting items
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Just one from me, briefly,
<fluffypony> I think we've already discussed EinMByte's dancing enough, so nothing more from me on 6
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Forum Funding. I plan on writing up some proposals within the next month or so.
<fluffypony> kk
<meeting-bot> [anominal] EinMByte: if you were crowdfunded on FFS, would you be able to devote any more dev time?
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] I've already told fluffypony, not really
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Ok.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] If you can build me a time machine, yes
<meeting-bot> * anonimal was planning proposals to fund my work
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Funny, fluffypony mentioned that earlier (time machine).
<fluffypony> lol
<meeting-bot> [anominal] We should invest in one. The writing is on the wall.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Last call for 6.
<fluffypony> new project for the Monero Research Lab to tackle
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] But, as I've also told fluffypony, please do fund other programmers
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Agreed.
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Apparently you first need the programmer (before getting the money) so let's go find some C++ programmers
<meeting-bot> [anominal] fluffypony: ^ we should devote an entire meeting to that IMHO sometime within the next few months.
<fluffypony> yeah definitely
<grimpants> would love to see a FFS proposal for kovri/i2p dev
<fluffypony> grimpants: we've had open-ended stuff before, the funds just sit there and no dev comes along - we need to first find someone interested that can price in their work, even if it's on a full time commitment for X long
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] By the way, we don't need only expert C++ programmers
<fluffypony> and then we can raise funds accordingly
<grimpants> i see
<grimpants> been a while since ive check tbh
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] We can use people who just write documentation / tests too
<meeting-bot> [anominal] ^ which is a great way for newcomers to learn the codebase.
<fluffypony> this may not be an honourable line of thought, but I've been wondering if there's any fall-out from the issues Tor are facing that might lead to some new contributors looking at Kovri
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Good concern, I think that's very plausible.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] But the devoted C person usually scoffs at C++ and turn their nose at Java.
<fluffypony> like hyc :-P
<meeting-bot> [anominal] I've become spoiled with STL so, I can't vouch for C devotees on more complex apps like Kovri.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] But bigger point:
<meeting-bot> [anominal] The world needs more options, so if Tor starts to burn, another ship will be ready.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Some great minds there, so I'm not concerned about the near future.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] But that was a hefty loss on their end with the one who shall remain nameless.
<fluffypony> yeah, and the larger loss is how much emotional damage it did to people during the time it was kept hidden
<fluffypony> as a community I hope we can learn from that and call people out when they're out of line
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Yeah, everyone involved seems to have taken a loss.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] So, regarding that in relation to ship-jumpers: I think we should continue on our track of availability, professionalism, quality, code correctness and maintainability,
<fluffypony> 100%
<meeting-bot> [anominal] But,
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] let's first get some people :)
<meeting-bot> [anominal] devs can be strong in their ways, so being malleable is also important (but that's a given). Constant ebb and flow.
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Anything else on 6.?
<fluffypony> that's it from my side
<meeting-bot> [anominal] 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Same time in two weeks?
<meeting-bot> [EinMByte] Nothing else from me
<fluffypony> yes same time in two weeks
<meeting-bot> [anominal] Alright. A million thanks to everyone.
<fluffypony> taking meeting-bot down

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