Logs for the Monero Research Lab Meeting Held on 2019-08-05

Posted by: el00ruobuob / sarang


<sarang> Let's go ahead and get started
<sarang> suraeNoether says he is unavailable at this time due to an appointment
<sarang> Agenda is here, where logs will be posted: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/381
<sarang> GREETINGS
<needmonero90> hello
<sarang> Seeing as it's a quiet day, I'll move right along to ROUNDTABLE
<sarang> I finished work on an efficient RCT3 verifier that takes advantage of Bulletproof-style inner product scaling
<sarang> and also added fee support, which the original paper didn't natively support
<sarang> As well as many other assorted code library updates that I'd been meaning to get to over time
<sarang> Finally, I've been preparing for my DEF CON talk and workshop, and also made a simple CTF puzzle
<sarang> What have other folks been working on?
<needmonero90> nothing of particular note here, though I'm curious what the latest on the different ring signature schemes is
<sarang> Aha, that'll be the topic of my talk!
<needmonero90> its been on my mind :D
<sarang> Why's that?
<needmonero90> transaction efficiency (both time and space) is one of the obstacles we need to overcome
<sarang> Agreed
<needmonero90> randomX seems fairly solid now
<sarang> Of course, these proposals aren't really long-term scaling solutions
<sarang> but they would provide welcome improvements
<needmonero90> Is this meeting slow because of defcon? I assume so
<sarang> There are still some questions on an RCT3 proof that are being investigated
<sarang> and on the possibility of Omniring efficiency improvements
<sarang> so the status of different tx protocols may change over time
<sarang> On that note, an ACTION ITEM for me is to return to Omniring analysis
<sarang> it's a more complex approach (computationally) than RCT3
<sarang> and one of those things where the usual efficiency analysis sweeps some types of simple operations under the rug
<sarang> but those operations can add up fast!
<sarang> This weekend's village is of course another big action item :)
<sarang> Slow day today :/
<sarang> Well, in the interest of respecting everyone's time, are there any questions or other research of interest to share?
<sarang> (crickets)
<JOhNKmus> hey I happen to be here
<sarang> hello
<JOhNKmus> I was going to ask if there has been any helpful stuff from Lelantus?
<sarang> The authors have been working on a modified prover that offloads some of the proving complexity to the verifier (and pays a bit in size)
<sarang> and the goal is still to remove the tracing that's present (and necessitates self-spend operations)
<sarang> But AFAIK there have been no solutions as of yet
<JOhNKmus> Ah okay, cool.
<sarang> I suspect that removing that problem would require big architectural changes to the whole construction :/
<sarang> but I hope that I am proven wrong :)
<sarang> Well, since it's a quiet day I suppose we can adjourn the meeting quite early
<sarang> Hopefully livestreaming will be happening at the DEF CON village so everyone can see the talks
<sarang> I'll post my slides to github after my talk, since they have (IMO) some nice and simple information comparing tx protocols
<sarang> Thanks to everyone for attending today!

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