Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2018-11-10

Posted by: el00ruobuob / SamsungGalaxyPlayer


<sgp_> all right everyone, meeting time!
<sarang> hi
<sgp_> 0. Introduction
<sgp_> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Meeting!
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/288
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community, including other Monero workgroups. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support. Stay up to date with the latest events by subscribing to this calendar: https://xmr.ncrypt.sh/index.php/apps/calendar/p/8dP6z6XQDnkPREo4/Monero-Meetings
<sgp_> 1. Greetings
<rehrar> yo yo
<el00ruobuob> Hi!
<serhack> Hi
<_Slack> <intj440> Hey everyone
<parasew[m]> hi!
<ErCiccione> ahoj
<sgp_> hello everyone
<sgp_> 2. Community highlights
<sgp_> You can now read the Monero Moon, a curated weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero. Here is the latest issue which covers October 30-November 7: https://medium.com/@johnfoss/the-monero-moon-issue-9-f05526401aa3
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community updates to share?
<sgp_> this section is a lot shorter when someone else compiles a list of Monero happenings :)
<vp11> true, maybe we could cherry pick some that he mentions as well in here
<sgp_> sarang how did the first event in Chicago go? ready for the one later today?
<ErCiccione> released new guide for the GUI wallet (version 1.5). Now with translations and a new template. For details: https://github.com/monero-ecosystem/monero-GUI-guide/releases/tag/v1.5
<sgp_> vp11 anything in particular you want to highlight?
<sarang> Unfortunately many workshop attendees didn't show up… since the attendance list appeared to be full, some other interested persons didn't go
<sarang> so it was lower than expected, but still very good
<sarang> I'm giving a more general talk later today
<sgp_> how many people came to the workshop?
<sarang> We had about 8-10
<rehrar> well, if three's a crowd
<sarang> The host group will be posting slides and sample code from the workshop too
<rehrar> 8-10 is an even bigger crowd
<sarang> and it was streamed live on YouTube
<sgp_> do you have the link handy?
<sarang> I do not
<vp11> sgp_, I couldn't say. it was just an idea that popped in my head. next time :)
<sgp_> found it sarang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM44dFBeMM0
<monerobux> [ Monero Workshop - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
<sarang> sweet
<sarang> Here is the meetup link for today's talk: https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Open-Blockchain-Community-Chicago/events/255754517/
<sgp_> vp11 sure, I'll do that next time if I remember
<sarang> Thanks to the Chicago BoB group for hosting me
<sarang> Supposedly the talk will also be streamed live
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community updates to mention here?
<rehrar> I think I met one of those guys at WCC
<rehrar> he said they were having you to chicago soon
<sgp_> 3. FFS updates
<sgp_> FFS proposals still needing funding:
<rehrar> all the things were funded
<rehrar> except some
<sgp_> Surae Noether: First Denver Monero Konferenco, Spring 2019 (asking 591 XMR) https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/90909/surae-noether-first-denver-monero-konferenco-spring-2019
<sgp_> Everything else has been funded!
<sarang> Hooray! Thanks to all for the support
<sgp_> (except the HackerOne bounty, which is forever ongoing)
<el00ruobuob> great!
<ErCiccione> thanks everybody :)
<parasew[m]> what is the story with the hackerone bounty?
<serhack> Fantastic!
<parasew[m]> if not filled it won't get posted?
<sarang> find bug, get paid
<rehrar> parasew[m]: it's to incentivize bug finders
<sarang> Too bad many people forget that a twitter post will not get you paid =p
<vp11> sarang, lol that's right
<parasew[m]> i mean, the hackerone bounty is up or are we waiting for this to be filled?
<sgp_> this konferenco proposal is very large, but the potential benefits to the community are very large. hopefully we can get the proposal funded quickly
<rehrar> it's up parasew[m]
<sgp_> parasew HackerOne has been up for a while, but the proposal is always open
<sgp_> Proposals in ideas:
<sgp_> Monero Outreach: Round 2 (asking 84 XMR) https://forum.getmonero.org/6/ideas/91054/monero-outreach-round-2
<sgp_> Monero Integrations Update (asking 5 XMR) https://forum.getmonero.org/6/ideas/91045/monero-integrations-update
<sgp_> ping serhack cryptochangements ^
<sarang> Also lots of ideas for making my skin look better
<rehrar> should be researched thoroughly and funded immediately imo
<sgp_> Does anyone have comments about these FFS proposals?
<rehrar> Monero people can be known as the best skin people in the space
<el00ruobuob> Monero Outreach is doing a great job
<serhack> At the moment, I am busy with Mastering Monero. I have already had those ideas (unit tests and improving the library) on my TODO list. I would like to contact him :D
<sarang> Can anyone give a quick summary of their first proposal's work?
<el00ruobuob> And Monero integration are great guides, even if they are missing visibility
<rehrar> serhack: when can those get done? As someone who uses the payment gateway for woocommerce, I view them as quite urgent
<serhack> Who knows who riccardo is?
<rehrar> the gateway is unusable at the moment
<sgp_> serhack this is my first time seeing this user
<el00ruobuob> sarang, for outreach report: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/9m6m6o/monero_outreach_final_ffs_report_julyseptember/
<monerobux> [REDDIT] [Monero Outreach] Final FFS Report (July-September) (self.Monero) | 19 points (100.0%) | 3 comments | Posted by xmrhaelan | Created at 2018-10-07 - 16:59:14
<sarang> ty
<sgp_> I hope they add Blockfolio Signal and Coingecko Beam to their scope. I've been handling these for the past few weeks and they could do a much better job
<sgp_> I wonder if johnfoss is interested in helping here. I can reach out
<ErCiccione> sgp_ they are both in their next proposal sgp_
<ErCiccione> don't know if they were also in the past one
<sgp_> all right cool, happy to have them take those off my hands
<sgp_> rehrar asked for me to reserve some time to discuss FFS stuff. Now’s your time to shine!
<ErCiccione> no wait, they are in the ongoing section. So they should already been taking care of those
<el00ruobuob> So do we agree to move those two proposal to funding required?
<rehrar> Outreach, sure.
<sgp_> ErCiccione they asked me to handle these for the past few weeks. Hopefully they have enough time to take the responsibilities back
<ErCiccione> s/been/being
<monerobux> ErCiccione meant to say: no wait, they are in the ongoing section. So they should already being taking care of those
<rehrar> none of us has heard of this other guy before. I'd like to see some evidence of past contributions
<rehrar> or some volunteer work first
<ErCiccione> ok got it sgp_
<rehrar> to answer el00ruobuob's question
<el00ruobuob> thanks rehrar
<rehrar> that's my opinion anywas
<rehrar> others agree?
<ErCiccione> rehrar: at the end he would get paid after he delivery, so i would move it to funding required and see if he really do delivery
<sgp_> yeah, I'd like to see them make a Reddit post, appear here, and/or update with previous work
<rehrar> ErCiccione: it sets a precedent of working volunteer first
<rehrar> not just in it for the cash
<rehrar> we asked the same of xmrhaelan and he worked for free for a month
<rehrar> the same was asked of me about the website redesign
<rehrar> it's ingrained in the culture, and I don't think it's a bad thing
<el00ruobuob> i can't disagree with you rehrar
<ErCiccione> rehrar: i agree with you. But that's something strictly code related, i don't think we should ask everybody to commit "spiritually" to monero
<rehrar> we're not asking for their lives. Just…….
<rehrar> proof of work!
<rehrar> buh dum tshh
<rehrar> nobody?
<rehrar> tough crowd
<ErCiccione> lol. I see your point, but i think we could be more leash with this kind of tasks. It's something purely material. He think he can fix soemthing, let make him fix it
<rehrar> anyways, it was just my idea
<sgp_> generally we ask for people to have some previous expressed interest and initiative before we feel comfortable advancing FFS proposals
<rehrar> ^
<vp11> it's hard to disagree, but do we want to shove away people who might contribute to the project but have other priorities in life? like, money.
<ErCiccione> ^^ that's my point
<sgp_> but for small-ish things like this, I'm not totally against the initiative portion, but I still would like to hear more from this person here or elsewhere
<ErCiccione> we shouldn't ask people to contribute to monero only if they are willing to work for free first
<rehrar> ErCiccione: that's literally every FOSS project mostly
<vp11> it might be a recommendation
<vp11> a suggestion, but should it be a deal breaker for using the funding system?
<sgp_> generally we recommend that people do some volunteer work or interact with the community first
<rehrar> vp11, you are getting to the heart of the matter
<rehrar> ultimately, soemthing like this is up to the core team since they arbitrate the system
<rehrar> and if people disagree, they can start their own FFS with different rules
<ErCiccione> sgp_ yes. That's the optimal way. But this ffs is just about few practical changes, doesn't imply any trust from us. If he deliver, good he gets the reward. If he doesn't "was nice to meet you"
<sgp_> I can try and shoot them a message to talk to them more. we really need this improvement
<vp11> it's fair to say that the core team is running the system, so alright, we could ask them
<ErCiccione> That's just my opinion. But i really don't see the reason to not move it to funding required yet
<rehrar> ok. I'll talk with the core team.
<rehrar> let them know the different opinions
<rehrar> anyways, now for my FFS thing
<sgp_> ErCiccione we only want to prevent loss of motivation when a large proportion of funded proposals fail, that's all. I agree this one isn't a big deal
<rehrar> sgp_: it's more than that
<rehrar> it fights against a huge influx of proposals of people trying to do simple tasks for money
<rehrar> this is FOSS
<ErCiccione> also i remember when the "open tasks" section was open, it's point was to propose tasks that anybody could pick and fulfill. What's the difference?
<rehrar> ErCiccione: that is being deprecated in the new FFS
<rehrar> which is what I'm going to talk about
<rehrar> the new FFS is well on its way, and is coming quite soon.
<el00ruobuob> \o/
<rehrar> Looks good, easier to use, navigate, and a much simpler, defined process
<sgp_> still scheduled by EOY?
<ErCiccione> sgp_ i understand that. And it make sense to wait a bit to see if the task would be really fulfill. so, it's fine to wait for me
<rehrar> that's the plan, yes
<rehrar> part of the new FFS, is a proposal to rebrand it
<rehrar> Forum Funding System is a long, unwiedly, name with an unfortunate acronym
<_Slack> <intj440> I've always perceived "funding required" to encode that a reasonable level of pre-vetting has been done by the community – this reputation encourages donations, it's valuable in itself
<rehrar> newcomers always don't know what it is, and it is not self evident
<rehrar> I spoke with core team, and they said to bring this to the community for opinions
<ErCiccione> rehrar: good to hear, but the old system is still in use and we don't know when the new one will be ready to be approved yet
<rehrar> ErCiccione: I've moved on to my other FFS specific topic
<rehrar> I propose we change the name of the Forum Funding System (FFS) to something else
<rehrar> I bring along some suggestions, such as the Doni Platform (esperanto for "to donate")
<rehrar> Donanco (donation) is also something
<sgp_> lmao, changing from FFS to DP?
<rehrar> but if anyone has any other ideas (or big disagreements) please speak them out
<el00ruobuob> financado? esperanto for funding?
<ErCiccione> intj440: that's how it works yes, we always discuss proposals here before moving them to 'funding required'
<rehrar> If we are to use an esperanto word, I would really like something two syllables or less
<vp11> FP for Financado Platform & Fluffypony
<vp11> I like Donanco and Doni
<msvb-mob> Try 'doner', which means turkish sandwich.
<sgp_> Doni Platform sounds good but it also has a bad acronym
<rehrar> "Doni" doesn't need an acronym at that point
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> Why change it… agree with sgp_
<rehrar> FFS was used because of how anoying it was to type out "forum funding system" each time
<rehrar> blacklotus, because it's an awful, long, non-memorable name
<rehrar> the FFS is something that needs good branding and good UXX
<vp11> doni fund?
<rehrar> we are asking people to give of their money after all
<vp11> it's a fund after all
<vp11> buy the doni.fund domain and gg
<sgp_> Doni Dashboard
<rehrar> first question: is everyone open to a change like this?
<sgp_> I am generally open. I recommend making a poll of the top names and discussing the final options here next meeting
<sarang> Which change in particular? Name or platform?
<el00ruobuob> i am
<vp11> is the new platform going to have a forum-like feature at least to justify keeping "forum" in the name
<ErCiccione> +1 sgp_
<vp11> ?
<rehrar> Name change
<sarang> Yes
<rehrar> vp11: no
<sarang> The current one offers zero information to people about what it is or does
<vp11> in this case I agree to change
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> To change the term, well, yes, is not big deal and yes, a poll is always good
<parasew[m]> there was "community fund" as a name also, no?
<rehrar> ok, with a general consensus achieved here, I will make a reddit post thing
<nioc> monero funding
<_Slack> <intj440> there was a long and inconclusive subreddit thread on this a while ago, trying to find it
<el00ruobuob> Donero?
<nioc> sure :)
<sgp_> thanks intj440, that would be valuable
<rehrar> The highest rated one was like the Monero Funding System
<rehrar> which is just as bad
<sgp_> eh, a little less bad
<sgp_> but I get your point
<sarang> The name should convey that it's for the community to support projects that others can propose
<vp11> "Community Funding System"
<_Slack> <intj440> https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/74pn84/proposal_to_change_the_name_and_abbreviation_of/
<monerobux> [REDDIT] Proposal to change the name and abbreviation of the FFS (self.Monero) | 31 points (93.0%) | 41 comments | Posted by garlicgambit | Created at 2017-10-06 - 18:42:24
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> So we are looking for something shorter but more descriptive
<rehrar> things on the opposite end of the spectrum eh blacklotus64? :D
<rehrar> MoneroStarter
<rehrar> MoneroGoGo
<ErCiccione> can we agree on the fact that we want to change name and talk about the actual name next meeting? and go on with this one :P
<rehrar> :P
<rehrar> sure
<rehrar> we can move on
<rehrar> I'll do some work in this area to get some idea from the community
<sgp_> all right
<el00ruobuob> Crowdnero
<sgp_> 4. Workgroup report
<sgp_> This is a new separate section where other workgroups can report on all that they are working on. If you would like for your workgroup to be represented, please contact me at least a few hours before the meeting.
<sgp_> a. Localization workgroup
<sgp_> ErCiccione, do you have any updates to cover here?
<ErCiccione> wait, didn't rehrar have still something to say about the new FFS, beside the name?
<rehrar> it's being worked on
<rehrar> the end
<sgp_> just that a new, improved version will be out approx. EOY
<ErCiccione> ah ok, i misunderstood. Sorry
<ErCiccione> so
<ErCiccione> about the localization workgroup. Bigger news is that pootle is now being tested by the localization workgroup. it still needs some tweaking but it's already functional, and i will make a test PR from the platform very soon
<ErCiccione> for now it manages only monero-gui, but soon will also take care of the daemon/cli and monerujo
<sgp_> very exciting
<ErCiccione> after that we can start to think about using it for static stuff. Like the website. But that's gonna be long and hard
<ErCiccione> if you guys want to test it
<el00ruobuob> i will soon
<ErCiccione> pootle it's on translate.getmonero.org
<ErCiccione> you can make an account and suggest new strings
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> I've already used for the gui and it makes everything easier
<ErCiccione> after some testing i will change all the documentation about how to translate the gui everywhere and will post on reddit
<rehrar> woohoo!
<rehrar> great work!
<ErCiccione> and everywhere else. So please, don't spread it too much right now. I'm trying to keep the testing within the localization workgroup. Since i may need to reset every new translation if something brakes
<rehrar> k
<sgp_> good to know. keep us updated
<ErCiccione> i also wanted to bring up again the discussion about paying the translators. should i do it in open ideas sgp_?
<ErCiccione> sgp_: i will :)
<sgp_> ErCiccioen do you want to have these translators appeal for FFS funds donations directly, or do you want to make one proposal for general workgroup funds that you allocate?
<sarang> (need to take off for my talk, please mention or dm if needed)
<rehrar> bai sarang
<ErCiccione> the idea was to open a fund, something like the monero outreach workgroup is starting to do. But for the localization workgroup is much harder to manage, since we take care of many projects in very different formats
<ErCiccione> paying for word like outreach is doing is not possible at all
<ErCiccione> so, maybe somebody has some inputs on this
<ErCiccione> what i would reward is translations and reviews
<parasew[m]> can you elaborate on what you mean by "fund"?
<rehrar> I'm fine with an localization general fund. Each project (Monerujo, site, etc) can have its own bounty
<sgp_> I generally recommend that you ask for funding on a quarterly basis that you allocate in some sensible way to translators
<rehrar> and reviews get a (much smaller) bounty as well, up to like a maximum of three reviews
<ErCiccione> like, fixed reward for a whole translation, fixed reward for a string for monerujo, a string for the GUI.. ecc
<parasew[m]> so something like a general donation to projects instead of tasks?
<rehrar> I'd say whole translation or nothing
<sgp_> are there any metrics in Pootle to help you measure this?
<rehrar> from an accounting and micro managing perspective, it becomes too nightmarish
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> Pootle has a log of contributions
<ErCiccione> sgp_: the problem is that i don't want to encourage to make a lot of poor quality translations. Yes, pootle log contributes
<ErCiccione> and some strings are longer then others
<sgp_> ErCiccione you would need to include some review process when paying people, yes
<rehrar> so only release money after reviews are done
<rehrar> this ensures quality
<ErCiccione> yes yes, that's in the plans
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> Yes that will be better
<rehrar> mo mos are held in reserve for them
<ErCiccione> no reward if somebody else don't give it a look first
<rehrar> but won't be released until reviews
<rehrar> this incentivizes them to ask people to do reviews :D
<rehrar> (I'm determined to make mo mos a thing)
<ErCiccione> exactly. That would be a win win, since for some languages we lack of reviewers and they just go in with my technical review
<sgp_> Do you have any other questions before proceeding with this idea?
<ErCiccione> it's quite tricky how to start with this. only full languages? by bunch of strings? definitely not by word
<rehrar> my suggestion is this
<rehrar> make a FFS proposal and post it to Ideas
<rehrar> we can discuss and tweak from there
<rehrar> and the wider community might have good ideas too
<rehrar> but something will be up
<ErCiccione> rehrar: i don't have the ideas clear enough to open a proposal right now. What about, i write up a draft of the idea and i show it to you guys next meeting?
<vp11> that's a pretty cool idea
<rehrar> yee
<el00ruobuob> sure
<sgp_> ErCiccione you could do that
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> Yes that's OK too
<vp11> yea, that sounds alright. brainstorm the details a little bit more
<vp11> people are open to that idea
<ErCiccione> ok, agreed then. If somebody has proposals or ideas about this, just ping me or come chat on #monero-translations
<xmrmatterbridge> <blacklotus64> Sure ErCiccione
<el00ruobuob> will do
<sgp_> Moving on, is anyone here able to talk about the Outreach or Hardware workgroups?
<sgp_> msvb-lab msvb-mob
<msvb-mob> Yes, was on the phone sorry.
<sgp_> Do you have an update on your workgroup for us?
<msvb-mob> Should I explain what the status of hardware is or is there a more specific question?
<rehrar> status of hardware please
<rehrar> the hardware wallet in particular
<sgp_> Likely just a general update unless people have specific questions
<rehrar> is what I'm interested in
<msvb-mob> Okay yes, we're finishing a fifth generation wallet after migrating from STM32 to CEC1702 (the CEC is a true secure MCU with immutable boot at on chip Ed25519.)
<BlackLotus64> Wow nice
<msvb-mob> I'm sending the order out for board prototypes of this generation in a few days probably, and the most recent design files are online:
<msvb-mob> https://github.com/monero-project/kastelo/tree/master/hardware/breakneck/
<msvb-mob> Along with this, we may produce a 35C3 badge so that is a second board order.
<msvb-mob> Other tools are not worth mentioning.
<msvb-mob> That's all.
<sgp_> Thanks msvb-mob. It's been a while since we've had you here during a meeting
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> Hi guys, I'm from the outreach team
<sgp_> Does anyone have any questions for Michael?
<sgp_> than we can discuss Outreach
<msvb-mob> sgp_: You're welcome, I'm often in read only mode.
<rehrar> msvb-mob: is this new chip also oss or nah?
<rehrar> *open source
<rehrar> or is it more similar to ledger?
<msvb-mob> rehrar: Yes, it's a new chip. I'm meeting with Microchip (the manufacturer) about it on Monday at a trade fair and i_a has been working on it as well
<rehrar> sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm not well versed in hardware, but it matters to me that things be as open as possible on all hardwares and firmwares :)
<rehrar> so no NDA with this chip?
<msvb-mob> rehrar: It is exactly the opposite of Ledger, which uses the most possible weak MCU (Cortex M0.)
<BlackLotus64> Not now but interested me since it's electronics and programming
<msvb-mob> There is nothing less than M0, like M-1 doesn't exist.
<msvb-mob> rehrar: No NDA.
<rehrar> ok, so all hardware and software is open.
<rehrar> that's legit
<BlackLotus64> Microchip cool
<msvb-mob> I forgot to mention that boards have been sent to mechanical engineers because the current cycle is about enclosure design.
<rehrar> right
<msvb-mob> So they have received boards in the mail and I guess they are making enclosures?
<rehrar> do you foresee the spec for a full wallet delivered by 2019?
<msvb-mob> BlackLotus64: In case you want to help with firmware design, please sign up on taiga (search for hardware wallet there.=
<BlackLotus64> msvb-mob I'll take a look, thanks
<msvb-mob> Whoever has ideas about a 35C3 badge (not sure there will be time, but it's a possibility) just please give your opinion.
<msvb-mob> I guess send to [email protected] or something. No Taiga yet for badges.
<msvb-mob> I need to go folks, person has a network problem I'm responsible for…
<msvb-mob> Chao pescados.
<sgp_> thanks msvb-mob
<parasew[m]> msvb-mob: as paralelni polis will be 35c3 with the coffee, there could be a modified HCPP badge to pay with monero for coffee :)
<sgp_> lh1008 we spent a large portion of this meeting discussing the Outreach team and its FFS proposal. Do you have any additional updates from the workgroup we should know about?
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> bye
<sgp_> no, come back :p
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> sorry, I was just saying good bye to msvb-mob 🙈
<BlackLotus64> xD
<BlackLotus64> There's some new material coming to Outreach
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> OK, the proposal covers most of what we have been working since last FFS proposal, so we are just adding some deadlines to the work that we have been working on.
<rehrar> gotta split guys, keep going
<rehrar> <3
<el00ruobuob> bye rehrar
<parasew[m]> bye rehrar!
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> It has been quite a journey, we have learned a lot from the community and are really greatful with everythi the community has given us.
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> bye rehrar
<BlackLotus64> See you around rehar
<parasew[m]> i can also give a super quick update on 35c3 if there is someone here who wants some info
<sgp_> one sec parasew
<sgp_> Does anyone have any questions for lh1008? I recommend you read the logs to see what we were saying earlier
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> It has also been quite challenging because the Outreach workgroup is an independent group following decentralized Monero FOSS ethos. So we are looking to work in a nature where most of the contributors feel comfortable with.
<sgp_> all right, if there are no questions or further comments, we can move on
<BlackLotus64> Do you guys think you will be releasing a magazine soon?
<BlackLotus64> About Outreach
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> Just to share with you guys, we are trying to build a payment for new contributors, so we are working out the best options we have. And in this new proposals we are adventuring ourselves to new posibilities.
<parasew[m]> lh1008 can you explain this a bit?
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> @blacklotus64 the magazine has been spoken inside the team and we are looking to make the magazine at some point. So yes, a magazine could be one of our mid term goals.
<parasew[m]> lh1008 this sounds very interesting, i am not sure if you are aware that we (riat) are producing a crypto-newspaper, maybe you guys wanna participate in this as well
<BlackLotus64> Good an it will be like a short page magazine or large (e.g. 50+)
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> Sure >parasew,…work inside the community most of it has been on a volunteering basis. So we acknowledged that payments were an incentive contributors could receive and get involved with the community.
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> So we are working in some basic payments to reach those contributors that have been doing a lot for the community but not always receiving any type or reward.
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> That would be great >parasew, I will sure get in touch with you.
<sgp_> have you been working with rehrar's Monero Games initiative?
<sgp_> After this question we should move on
<el00ruobuob> is it a general question, or a contribution's question to lh1008 sgp_ ?
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> No we haven' t reached rehrar yet. I first read about rehrar's initiative two weeks ago. And the payments were something that we were discussing since the first proposal the outreach made.
<sgp_> all right, thanks
<sgp_> parasew, what short update do you have?
<parasew[m]> we are currently finishing the architectural plans for the stage which will be ca. 20m2 and will have 50 seats. the stage will have a led/projector (we will know final details on monday) and the talks will be managed with a submission system. we will be sharing with open hardware talks and related content, as i am not sure if we will fill up all the slots with monero content.
<parasew[m]> we have a few talks already up on the wiki but it would be great to have more content! so if you plan to come to 35c3 please make sure to enter a talk in the wiki in the meanwhile https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/rehrar-35c3-2/wiki/4-participations
<parasew[m]> also, tomorrow will be the second wave for ticket sales, 12:00 CET
<sgp_> thanks for the link to the taiga page
<sgp_> any other questions/updates?
<xmrmatterbridge> <lh1008> thank you all for the opportunity to share more about the outreach team. if anyone wants to join and help us out you are all welcome. this is the telegram chat link https://t.me/joinchat/DM8-zUXYPy2QPEkH5hW3FA
<sgp_> for the sake of time, we will skip the open ideas time. you are always welcome to add your ideas in #monero-community (here) outside of meeting time
<sgp_> 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
<sgp_> We will be off next community meeting for US Thanksgiving weekend. The next community meeting therefore will be in 4 weeks on December 8 at 17:00 UTC.
<sgp_> The next Monero Coffee Chat will take place next week on November 17 at 17:00 UTC.
<sgp_> When in doubt, use the calendar: https://xmr.ncrypt.sh/index.php/apps/calendar/p/8dP6z6XQDnkPREo4/Monero-Meetings
<sgp_> Is everyone cool with taking the next meeting off?
<ErCiccione> can we just move it to another day?
<sgp_> perhaps the following Tuesday?
<ErCiccione> cool for me
<sgp_> I will make a post in r/MoneroCommunity with other possible meeting times
<sgp_> 7. Conclusion
<ErCiccione> cool. Thanks
<sgp_> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, and know that change starts with YOU.

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