Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2018-04-14

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<msvb-lab> Hi folks.
<sgp_> All right, meeting time
<sgp_> 0. Introduction
<serhack> Hi everybody
<sgp_> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Meeting!
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/205
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support.
<sgp_> 1. Greetings
<rehrar> haiguiz
<xmrscott[m]> Hello
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> Häj
<Slack_4> <sean> Hello
<anhdres> hello
<serhack> Hey
<ErCiccione> Hi!
<sgp_> 2. Community highlights
<sgp_> Monero had a scheduled protocol upgrade (hardfork) last Friday. Since the difficulty lowered dramatically, the block times were longer than normal for about a day. The network is back to normal, and the upgrade was successful.
<sgp_> Selsta and KifeOfPi2 made the first known network Ledger-to-Ledger transaction with Monero. https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/8bjvpe/selsta_and_i_just_completed_the_first/
<monerobux> [REDDIT] Selsta and I just completed the first Ledger-to-Ledger mainnet transactions ever. He sent me 0.1 XMR and I sent 0.4 XMR back. (https://imgur.com/a/OzgUl) to r/Monero | 470 points (98.0%) | 106 comments | Posted by KnifeOfPi2 | Created at 2018-04-11 - 19:32:03
<sgp_> Monero received significant news coverage for changing its PoW algorithm during the upgrade. It is the largest cryptocurrency to take a significant direct action against ASIC miners.
<sgp_> Monerujo, a popular open-source android client, was added to F-Droid https://f-droid.monerujo.io/
<sgp_> Watch the April Coffee Chat recorded last Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPTF0jYAecU&t=191s
<monerobux> [ Monero Coffee Chat - 2018.04.07 - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
<sgp_> A website now assists you with Monero 2/3 multisig https://www.cryptocurrencytools.org/. Please note that this is new software, and it has not yet vetted to my knowledge (so use caution, and don’t use it for important transactions). You can view the code here https://github.com/cryptocurrencytoolsdotorg/cryptocurrencytools.org/
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community updates to share?
<rehrar> more website languages!
<rehrar> that's awesome
<ErCiccione> the Monero Ecosystem project is growing
<ErCiccione> https://github.com/monero-ecosystem
<sgp_> Oh yeah, I remember seeing the notifications for those on Github
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> Mastering Monero Twitter account is suspended.
<ErCiccione> we have ten projects in there now
<sgp_> ErCiccione I saw this and was blown away by the GUI guide. A lot of effort went into this
<rehrar> Oh yeah! On the website, Google Analytics is now replaced with the open source, self-hosted website analytics Matomo
<ErCiccione> also yes, as rehrar said, two new languages: Polish and french, they will be available as soon as the server is updated
<ErCiccione> sgp_ yes, thanks a lot to qubenix who finalized and added a lot of stuff, he dedicated a lot of time to that guide
<sgp_> baltsar777 serhack did you ever hear about the suspension reason from Twitter?
<serhack> I would like to have a community input about the first chapter of Mastering Monero on github. If anyone wants to help, https://github.com/monerobook/monerobook/pull/17 . Naturally I didn't upload all chapters yet
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> Maybe next week. @sgp
<serhack> sgp_ At the moment no, I think Twitter Team is working on it
<sgp_> all right
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> Mastering Monero has a Mastadon account atm
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> If anyone using Mastadon 🐘
<sgp_> Does anyone else have any community updates before we proceed?
<sgp_> 3. FFS updates
<xmrmatterbridge> <baltsar777> If anyone using Mastadon 🐘 https://mastodon.social/@masteringmonero
<sgp_> There are several Forum Funding System updates. Unfortunately, https://forum.getmonero.org is down at the moment.
<sgp_> m2049r has opened a proposal to raise funds to work on Monerujo: https://forum.getmonero.org/6/ideas/90038/m2049r-part-time-for-3-months
<sgp_> dsc__ has opened a proposal to continue working on the GUI: https://forum.getmonero.org/6/ideas/90174/more-gui-coding
<sgp_> The Noethers of the MRL are raising funds to go to the IEEE workshop in London. At least one paper is specifically about Monero https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/90165/noether-brothers-ieee-workshop
<sgp_> Here's a link to the schedule http://ieee-sb2018.cs.ucl.ac.uk/#schedule
<sgp_> a. Localization workgroup Q&A
<sgp_> ErCiccione, please let us know what else has happened recently :)
<ErCiccione> as always, you can find all last updates on Taiga: https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/erciccione-monero-localization/
<ErCiccione> but a lot of new stuff is coming
<ErCiccione> we just started translating monerujo
<sgp_> I saw Chinese and Italian translations are being reviewed. Cool :)
<ErCiccione> and we already have 2 languages in progress (Taiwanese, italian)
<ErCiccione> exactly :) i will make a reddit post soon asking for contributors, 'cause Kovri webiste need to be re-translated
<rehrar> there will be more content on Kovri site very soon too actually
<rehrar> may want to wait just a bit on that
<rehrar> will be done by th end of the month
<ErCiccione> ok rehrar, will wait for that
<ErCiccione> right now my priorities are The website and monerujo, if anybody wish to help please contact me
<ErCiccione> i'm probably forgetting something, but feels like that's it :)
<sgp_> Thanks ErCiccione. Any last questions for him?
<sgp_> All right, anyone else have a FFS update?
<sgp_> 4. Important update for the community workgroup
<sgp_> Rehrar and I have two important updates for the community workgroup.
<sgp_> First, we want everyone to know that we are both joining MAGIC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that will support cryptocurrency education and research. The nonprofit will run alongside Monero and support many related projects, but it is its own completely separate entity.
<sgp_> We plan to continue assisting the community workgroup in the same capacity. We will continue having biweekly community meetings and monthly coffee chats. If there ever is a conflict of interest, we will communicate it and ask for community feedback.
<sgp_> Does anyone want to discuss this? Also anything else to mention rehrar?
<rehrar> MAGIC, for those who don't know, is an initiative started by sarang and suraeNoether of MRL
<ErCiccione> I never heard of that, any link with infos or discussions?
<anhdres> cool name
<sgp_> ErCiccione it's been mentioned a few times in MRL meetings, let me see if I can find the logs
<ErCiccione> ah ok, i missed the last 2 meetings, i will take a look
<rehrar> any other quetsions on this?
<rehrar> again, as sgp said, if anyone here ever starts to be uncomfortable with a conflict of interest or anything in terms of the community workgroup leadership, let us know
<rehrar> if there is a capable and willing person to take duties and lead meetings let us know
<rehrar> heck, you can even let us know if you want to join the team right now
<rehrar> there's always plenty to do
<ErCiccione> mmmh community leadership? don't like that word :P
<rehrar> leadership meaning running meetings :P
<rehrar> that's basically all we do
<rehrar> we'll call it meetingship
<ErCiccione> sorry, /s needed there
<sgp_> Look at the meetings on March 5, March 12, March 26, April 2, April 7 ErCiccione
<rehrar> join the meetingship
<rehrar> if someone doesn't like the meetingship, they can fork the workgroup and form Monero community Cash
<ErCiccione> will do, thanks sgp_. Btw in case i would "lead" the meetings with pleasure if needed
<sgp_> All right ErCiccione, I'll keep that in mind. I may assign you to do the one in two weeks depending on how my travel is going. I'll let you know in advance
<ErCiccione> Ok sgp_, no problem for me
<sgp_> The second announcement is that I have made a calendar that you can use to track community workgroup events. I have currently made it on Google Calendar, but you can import it on nearly any calendar tool to receive real-time updates. Never miss an event again! https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=ehrenhofer.org_9da4c9gde3f8gbj89vosf76ua4%40group.calendar.google.com
<sgp_> I hope to offer or have the Core Team offer a calendar tool for workgroups in the future. If your workgroup would benefit from this, let us know in the Github issue https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/206
<rehrar> I've done research into an open source, self hosted version
<rehrar> there's not many good options honestly
<sgp_> Yeah, there are only a few
<sgp_> Google Calendar kinda has the market cornered
<rehrar> which needs to change at some point, mind you
<msvb-lab> sgp_: Our team would benefit from the calendar tool. The Monero hardware team.
<rehrar> msvb-lab, let's make a new calendar tool
<rehrar> you and me
<rehrar> I can't code, so yeah.
<sgp_> rehrar will do the design, ie take a screenshot of Google Calendar :p
<sgp_> All right, that’s it for community workgroup updates! Which leaves us half the meeting for open ideas time!
<sgp_> 5. Open ideas time
<sgp_> It’s open ideas time! Feel free to propose your ideas to this discussion group, and feel free to comment on others’ ideas. If you disagree with the idea, please reply with constructive criticism. Thank you!
<rehrar> MARKETING
<rehrar> it's kinda sad that all the people that want marketing don't start a workgroup for making all the things
<msvb-lab> The General Bytes ATM manufacturers are considering our request for a portable NFC equipped (that works with our badges) machine for the Monero village in August.
<ArticMine> Yes but what kind of marketing
<sgp_> Yeah, this workgroup essentially started as the Monero Marketing workgroup until it was spun off
<ErCiccione> rehrar: that's because their idea of marketing it's usually just shouting "we need more marketing" on reddit
<sgp_> msvb-lab that's fantastic news
<rehrar> Moenro: You're friend. On your side.
<anhdres> A stamp to put on bills that read "You're running an out-of-date version of money. Please update at getmonero.org"
<rehrar> *Your
<rehrar> That's the best I got.
<rehrar> that's clever anhdres
<rehrar> honestly, what we're really hurting for is good merch
<sgp_> lol anhdres that's good
<rehrar> there's some meh merch out there imo
<msvb-lab> Does anybody here have an opinion of General Bytes? They support Monero but are not Opensource.
<sgp_> Monero: The Flamethrower (the kids love this one)
<ErCiccione> yes, that's kinda the whole point of Monero in one sentence. I like it
<sgp_> I'm glad General Bytes is the first to include Monero. The other manufacturers have largely ignored Monero
<anhdres> HEY rehrar some of the monerujo tshirts are nice!
<rehrar> that's true
<rehrar> monerujo has good stuff
<rehrar> make some Monero ones :D
<anhdres> :(
<rehrar> wow, twenty more minutes
<rehrar> it's ok guys, we can fill this
<sgp_> If no one else has a discussion topic, I want to discuss things that we can do as a community. We have these meetings and the coffee chats. What else should we have? Should we make the coffee chat more frequent?
<rehrar> it's once a month now, right?
<sgp_> correct
<ArticMine> Marketing is actually a valid topic
<rehrar> I think that's definitely good.
<rehrar> elaborate ArticMine?
<anhdres> I like listening to the coffee chats episodes while working
<anhdres> sometimes is really difficult because of the audio quality
<ArticMine> Well Monero historically has ignored marketing for good reason. In order to market one needs a strong product and Monero has been eveloving fast
<msvb-lab> anhdres: Don't forget that we need things like great shirts during the DefCon village event in August. There will be over 20000 people in and near our area.
<ArticMine> To put it simple it is far easier to sell a tx size of say 2KB than 13 KB
<rehrar> my views on marketing: I hear a lot that "The US Dollar doesn't market, so why should Monero?" this isn't a valid argument. Fiat has government backing (read: government threats if you don't accept the money within the country) so they don't need marketing. Cryptocurrencies are voluntarily used.
<rehrar> You can't apply the rules used for things like fiat to Monero. You really just can't. It's applying old world thinking logic to a new world we're trying to bring about.
<rehrar> In my view, marketing is a valid pursuit, it should just be done at a community level
<ArticMine> There are many very successful private business that do little or no marketing
<ArticMine> Google when it got started was a prime example
<sgp_> And the marketing should be focused on education, benefits, etc. rather than trying to get rich quick
<anhdres> msvb-lab: august sounds possible. What's the target demographic of that event, hardcore hackers?
<rehrar> true ArticMine. I'm not necessarily advocating for marketing "right now" or a certain type of it
<rehrar> I just think it's a very silly argument for the die hards to say "no marketing for Monero" because of applying old world thinking
<msvb-lab> anhdres: Yes, they are quite technically proficient and fewer children than CCC events.
<ArticMine> I am more in favor of smart marketing
<sgp_> Can you give examples ArticMine?
<rehrar> any marketing workgroup should indeed work up a plan and present it to the community before implementing, although nobody can force them of course
<anhdres> msvb-lab: got it. quite a challenge for me, I'm not that technical myself
<ArticMine> One area the community can easily contribute is support
<ArticMine> and it can be done on an individual basis
<anhdres> msvb-lab: but I'll try my best
<msvb-lab> anhdres: No challenge at all, folks who can draw as well as you cause a lot of enthusiasm. Same with The Moneroa's artwork.
<msvb-lab> Let's not forget that in order to avoid redundant work or misunderstandings, we have the Vegas project pages:
<msvb-lab> https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/michael-vegas-august-2018/
<ArticMine> The kind of work dEBRUYNE is doing is a perfect example
<rehrar> yeah but dEBRUYNE is an unfair standard
<rehrar> he is a god
<ErCiccione> praise dEBRUYNE!
<ArticMine> A high standard yes unfair I disagree.
<rehrar> twas a joke ArticMine :D I completely agree with you.
<sgp_> ArticMine we mostly use Reddit and StackExchange for that, but we still need to encourage more participation in other areas (eg: meetups, CryptoCompare, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc). I think most top contributors are active in many places, but we should encourage more somehow (especially in-person). I'm curious to hear how we can encourage people to talk about Monero with their local enthusiast groups
<rehrar> Honestly, one of the best things of marketing we can have is a community that is welcoming, warm, inviting, technical, and understanding.
<ArticMine> Supporting existing meetups
<msvb-lab> Has anyone been to a meeting in Berlin?
<sgp_> ArticMine we had one initiative with the Meetup Kit that I believe worked pretty well
<ArticMine> Even if it involves travel
<rehrar> ^ but not everyone has the richness
<ArticMine> True but sometimes travel can be affordable
<rehrar> this is also true
<rehrar> some of the good marketing right now is sending surae and sarang to conferences
<rehrar> they bump shoulders and shake hands with a lot of people in different communities, from noobs to academics
<rehrar> heck, even our Defcon presence is something pretty big
<anhdres> rehrar, it already is. When I started digging myself deeper into cryptocurrencies at the start of last year, I sincerely got more and more interested in Monero because the community was so great at making me feel welcomed, people was eager to explain basic stuff to me, and there was a sense that I can even help
<rehrar> imo
<anhdres> so I think community already is an important part of Monero's marketing
<sgp_> I'm speaking at a conference today about getting started with cryptocurrencies and I'm wearing my orange Monero shirt while doing it :)
<rehrar> sgp is also a god
<ErCiccione> We basically have a Monero Pantheon
<ArticMine> A very important aspect is that different people can contribute in very different ways
<rehrar> sgp, the god of fire
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE, the god of beauty
<ErCiccione> so sgp = mars dEBRUYNE = venus . Fair enough
<rehrar> that's why our open ideas time is very important
<anhdres> who gets to be pluto?
<rehrar> even if not many people come into meetings all the time
<rehrar> because some people will come in and have ideas that none of us ever dreamed of
<ArticMine> sgp_ Sometimes it can be as simple as shoeing up at a local Blockchain meetup that one heard about by chance on the radio
<rehrar> OH! One update for you guys. Did you see the Monero writeup (20 pages) by cypherperro?
<rehrar> cypherperro.blogspot.com
<rehrar> check it out, it's really good
<sgp_> ArticMine I think we need better ways of telling contributors how to join the project. We have good enough examples for developers and translators, but we need more for people who want to provide educational materials to others. I'm not sure what the best way is to handle this. I've thought about this a lot but never enough to provide an action plan
<ArticMine> This happened to me last Thursday
<rehrar> ArticMine, I did the same. There was discussions about CampusCoin
<anhdres> rehrar, great name
<sgp_> My student group has received so many solicitations from CampusCoin that we ignored. Very annoying
<rehrar> (seriously, read that paper, if it's claened up a bit it can be a great resource)
<rehrar> it has no usecase
<sgp_> It's a pyramid scheme
<rehrar> you know what else you can pay campus' in that you can accept easily and also spend at walmart?
<rehrar> US DOLLARS!
<sgp_> I read the article you linked and gave feedback to the author. Very good
<rehrar> any cryptocurrency that is basically limited to use on one platform is basically a giftcard
<rehrar> thanks sgp, glad to haer
<rehrar> *haer
<rehrar> *hear
<msvb-lab> Does anybody have questions about our DefCon village or current hardware projects?
<ArticMine> DefCon village. Now there is a great marketing idea
<rehrar> want to discuss something with you in private regarding that stuff msvb-lab
<sgp_> Nope, but I love the suggestion that you should have some merch. You could even sell it for a modest price
<rehrar> my wife is planning on making a couple of Monero pillows
<rehrar> for Defcon to raffle off
<msvb-lab> rehrar: Great idea, please encourage your wife. I have a similar idea with laser engraved glasses.
<sgp_> Lol I would pay $20 for a laser-engraved Monero pint glass
<msvb-lab> It's likely that we'll have a Monero challenge, so there should be things to win.
<anhdres> monero whiskey glasses
<msvb-lab> sgp_: If you think you can understand what types of glasses would work best (vectors including demand number, type, and what fits my suitcase) then suggest a URL.
<rehrar> msvb-lab: she's actually going to come with me to Defcon too
<msvb-lab> rehrar: Great news, folks don't forget to make hotel reservations now. If you're not sure, still make the reservations and plan to cancel them later (if you don't go.)
<sgp_> msvb-lab I don't know what others want and where to get them, I'm just expressing my personal wants
<rehrar> Excalibur is probably where you'll want to book in if you want to be on the strip
<rehrar> has skyrail to other places, and you don't wanna be awlking in that 103 degree heat
<rehrar> and probably the best value in terms of cheap and semi close
<rehrar> Circus Circus is ok, but it's a long walk and no skyrail
<rehrar> 103 degree heat people
<sgp_> All right I need to run to the conference. rehrar can you wrap up the meeting when you're done talking?
<ArticMine> Not good mining weather
<rehrar> yep
<rehrar> bai sgp
<msvb-lab> Have a good one folks, thanks for moderating sgp_. Chao.
<sgp_> sweet, thanks everyone
<rehrar> I live in the desert, so I'm used to the super heat. But if you're not peeing every forty minutes because of all the water you're drinking, you're doing it wrong
<rehrar> D:
<rehrar> Alright, meeting over.
<rehrar> Bai

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