The Basics

Kovri is a C++ implementation of the @I2P network. Kovri is currently in heavy, active development and not yet integrated with Monero. When Kovri is integrated into your Monero node, your transactions will be more secure than ever before.

In-depth information

Kovri will protect you and Monero from:

  • node partitioning attacks
  • Associations between a particular txid and your IP address
  • Mining and/or running a node in highly adversarial environments
  • Metadata leakage (e.g., OpenAlias lookups)

…and much more.

Read anonimal's FFS proposal for more details and for reasoning behind the project. Also read the FAQ and User Guide in the Kovri repository.

Kovri / @I2P Terminology

Client + API

Core + Router

  • Clearnet
  • @Data-Directory
  • Destination
  • encryption
  • @Floodfill
  • @Garlic-Encryption
  • @Garlic-Routing
  • @I2NP
  • @In-net
  • @Java-I2P
  • @Layered-Encryption
  • @Lease
  • @LeaseSet
  • @Message @Messages
  • @NTCP
  • @Network-Database
  • @Router-Info
  • @SSU
  • @Transports
  • @Tunnel

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