How to join the Monero Core Team Matrix server

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Monero developers primarily communicate via IRC and Matrix channels. You can join IRC/Libera and Matrix rooms using Matrix. An open source network for secure, decentralized communication.

In order to access the Matrix protocol you will need to use a Matrix client. A popular client is Element. Element is a free, open-source program that can be accessed via web, desktop, and mobile.

Getting Element

Go to to download the latest version of the Element app on your computer. Alternatively you can use the Element web app. There are Android apps available on F-Droid or Google Play. As well as an app for iPhone. Once you have accessed the client of your choice create an account on our host server.

Setting the custom host server

While matrix is a federated protocol and you could use any host server for your account (including the default server). We recommend changing your server to the one hosted by the Monero core team to support decentralization. If you do choose this option remember to set your custom server when logging in on a new device.

When signing up choose to edit your host server and type in as shown.

Web/Desktop view


Android view


iPhone View


Creating your account

You must provide a username and password to setup an account. Consider the privacy implications if you are considering to link an email address or phone number to your account. The email field is used solely for recovering your account if you lose your password.

Once you have entered in your credentials continue through the setup steps, and log into your account. Now search for "Monero" rooms and join the communities you like!

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