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2014-04-18: Launched on Bitcointalk

2014-04-23: Renamed from Bitmonero to Monero

2014-09-04: Recovered from a spam attack

2014-09-12: Monero Research Lab Papers 1 and 2 published

2014-09-25: Monero Research Lab Paper 3 published

2014-12-08: released


2015-01-26: Monero Research Lab Paper 4 published


2016-01-01: 0.9.0 Hydrogen Helix released

2016-02-10: Monero Research Lab Paper 5 published

2016-03-22: Network Upgrade to require minimum ringsize of 3 on all transactions

2016-09-18: 0.10.0 Wolfram Warptangent released

2016-09-21: Network Upgrade to split coinbase into denominations

2016-12-14: 0.10.1 Wolfram Warptangent released

2016-12-22: Official GUI Beta 1 released


2017-01-05: Network Upgrade to enable RingCT transactions

2017-02-22: 0.10.2 released; critical vulnerability patched

2017-03-27: Wolfram Warptangent released

2017-04-15: Network Upgrade to adjust minimum blocksize and dynamic fee algorithm

2017-07-04: Website redesigned

2017-09-07: Helium Hydra released

2017-09-07: Fluffy blocks

2017-09-10: GUI out of beta

2017-09-15: Network Upgrade to increase minimum ringsize to 5 and require RingCT transactions

September, 2017: 0MQ/ZeroMQ

October, 2017: Subaddresses

December, 2017: Multi-signatures (multisig)


2018-04-06: New Proof of Work CryptoNoteV7

2018-04-06: Network upgrade to increase minimal ringsize to 7, integrate multisig, subaddresses, and change PoW algo

2018-04-24: Getmonero.org Localization in French and Polish

2018-06-04: Ledger Hardware Wallets Support

2018-08-01: Kovri alpha release

Forum Funding System redesign

Implementation of BulletProofs instead of RingCT to reduce transaction sizes

Kovri Integration


Second-layer solutions for speed and scalability

Additional MRL research papers

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