Announcing the Monero Celebrity Center

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For Immediate Release

The Monero Core Team is very proud to announce that we have broken ground on the construction of the Monero Celebrity Center in Los Angeles, USA!

For some time we have known that we needed an exclusive center where Monero's more relevant could be rewarded for their contribution to Monero's growing image in popular culture. Those with the largest number of transactions are often celebrities and former clients of Mossack Fonseca who it turns out are mostly located in the Los Angeles area. We don't know precisely what they're spending Monero on, but we understand their desire for enhanced privacy for certain…purchases…that they make.

It is for this reason that the Monero Core Team have seen to the construction of a special center that caters to these individuals - the artists, politicians, leaders of industry and sports figures who use Monero… and no one else. We are pleased to call this new campus the Monero Celebrity Center of Los Angeles.


Built on the banks of the Arroyo Calabasas river, the Monero Celebrity Center will be open 24 hours a day, and will house 420 full time staff to assist celebrities with their Monero purchases.


Now one might argue that these individuals already have benefits that many will never have. But, ask any one of them - ask yourself - can the world be lonely even for those who appear to have everything. Subject to the unusual pressures that come with prominence and responsibility, being looked upon under a microscope for good or bad - these are burdens others can't imagine. Not to mention the counter-attack such individuals are subjected to by those less-ambitious who would rather fight to maintain a "status quo" than allow another to attempt a change or improvement. We asked ourselves "How can Monero help these people and how can they help Monero?"

You see, there's no shame in helping the artist. In fact, in the larger scope of societal help, we had better help the artist if we wish to advance the society at all or Monero for that matter.

We look forward to welcoming celebrities to the Monero Celebrity Center as soon as it has been completed!

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