Protocol Upgrade

Monero will undergo a network upgrade on 13th August, 2022

Announcement of the upcoming network upgrade (13th August, 2022)

Posted by sethforprivacy | 20 April 2022

Monero will experience a network upgrade on 17th October 2020

Announcement of the upcoming network upgrade (17th October)

Posted by ErCiccione | 18 August 2020

PoW change and key reuse

Monero will tweak Cryptonight, and how key reuse can compromise your privacy

Posted by dEBRYUNE, dnaleor and the Monero project | 11 February 2018

A Scheduled Protocol Upgrade is Planned for September 15

To be sufficiently prepared, please run CLI v0.11.0.0 or GUI v0.11.0.0

Posted by dEBRUYNE / fluffypony | 13 September 2017