Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2020-05-09

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<sgp_> 0. Introduction
<sgp_> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Workgroup Meeting!
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/461
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community, including other Monero workgroups. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support.
<sgp_> 1. Greetings
<netrik182[m]> hi
<msvb-mob> Hello.
<ArticMine> hi
<sgp_> ping needbrrrrrrr90 ErCiccione[m] sarang xmrscott[m]
<sgp_> the mighty Salazar is on vacation, so I'll let him be :)
<sgp_> 2. Community highlights
* needbrrrrrrr90 grumbles
<sgp_> See Monero weekly highlights at https://revuo-monero.com
* needbrrrrrrr90 rolls over
<sgp_> Check out resources at https://communityworkgroup.org. It also has a calendar you can subscribe to for meeting reminders.
<needbrrrrrrr90> We have a new mod on xmrtrader
<needbrrrrrrr90> Xmr2020
<sgp_> I saw, very nice
<sgp_> have views/comments been up?
<needbrrrrrrr90> Nope
<needbrrrrrrr90> Prep for it
<sgp_> got it
<sgp_> Mostly because of Monero Means Money, the MCW YouTube channel's monthly views are up >999% since last month. Monthly impressions are up 468%, monthly CTR is up 53%, monthly watch time is up 967%, and monthly new subscribers are up 832%
<sgp_> The views for the film are not slowing down much either. For the most part, it’s a linear line https://i.imgur.com/Gs9acTR.png
<sgp_> I referred Diego to Messari’s Mainnet 2020 conference. I emailed them asking that they include a Monero perspective and they seem to be open to it so far. We should continue doing this (I can give you a receive-only/forwarded @communityworkgroup.org email address if you want to do outreach)
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community (non-workgroup) updates to share?
<msvb-mob> I was hoping to ask rehrar about his nonworkgroup virtual meeting research.
<msvb-mob> Does anybody know how far he got with that, anything conclusive (best platform) or did he write anything searchable?
<sgp_> He probably won't be here today, but I know he likes using Mozilla Hubs
<sgp_> and I've heard Zoom's breakout feature actually works, but I haven't tested that and it's not very Monero-friendly
<sgp_> for other questions on this, can you bring them up during open ideas time?
<msvb-mob> So sgp do you think rehrar abandoned the virtual world servers, the ones that felt like minecraft?
<msvb-mob> Okay, we can review later on…
<sgp_> 3. CCS updates
<sgp_> Funding required:
<sgp_> All proposals are fully-funded!
<sgp_> Ideas (to be discussed):
<sgp_> Translation of Mastering Monero into Brazilian Portuguese (37 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/137
<sgp_> luigi1111, I thought this was supposed to be merged already? ^
<sgp_> unless there are other comments on this one, I believe it already should have been merged
<netrik182[m]> if anyone has questions please do it
<sgp_> Compilation time reduction and housekeeping (52 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/138
<sgp_> xmrscott[m] shared his support for this in the proposal
<sgp_> I encourage the Monero devs to include a summary of their discussions there
<sgp_> Research post-quantum strategies for Monero (603 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/142
<sgp_> I added a comment that I like the new scope for this proposal
<sarang> Yeah, Isthmus and I had discussed the scope and deliverables
<sarang> (note that I am not part of that CCS, just offering my advice)
<luigi1111w> .0ok
<sgp_> a blog post helping discuss the matter clearly will be very useful
<sgp_> has anyone else had a chance to review this proposal? I don't think Isthmus advertised it much yet
<sgp_> I'll ping him and ask him to promote it
<sgp_> Any other CCS comments before we move on?
<sarang> I can also ask him to discuss it at the next research meeting if he's available
<sgp_> Oh, I want to mention that the Monero Audit Workgroup is recommending the CLSAG audit and will be making a CCS proposal for it shortly once the final SoW is completed
<sgp_> total cost is about $15k, though some of that has already been paid for by previous donations
<ajs-mob> We might need a CCS proposal for Defcon 2020-2021 storage costs
<rehrar> I feel summoned.
<ajs-mob> payment for storage ends August
<rehrar> AJS we have a bit leftover, but I don't know if it will cover the whole year.
<rehrar> How much is it for the year?
<sarang> The recommended CLSAG audit is for Teserakt, JP Aumasson's new company
<sarang> (he was formerly with Kudelski Security)
<ajs-mob> I manage to negotiate monthly fee down to $85 from $115, which is comparable to self-storage costs.
<rehrar> I think we should have enough.
<ajs-mob> Inventory: https://monero.sandcats.io/shared/rByAjvOR-VPt6IXkh9diOZDBHteIzBvNF0KKVmBvNne
<rehrar> I'll message you.
<ajs-mob> picture of stuff: https://imgur.com/amxK7BN
<ajs-mob> okay
<sgp_> CCS for a year of storage seems reasonable
<sgp_> Any other final comments?
<sgp_> 4. Workgroup report
<sgp_> is selsta here?
<sgp_> a. Daemon/CLI workgroup
<sgp_> the devs are preparing for the 0.16 release
<sgp_> it will not require a hardfork
<selsta> yes
<sgp_> selsta: do you have any other cli/monerod updates?
<selsta> CLI / GUI code are ready, we will branch and then test for a week
<selsta> and then release
<selsta> testers welcome :)
<monerobux> Test failed
<needbrrrrrrr90> Lol
<sarang> good bot
<selsta> release contains over 500 commits so it will be a major release
<selsta> Dandelion, bulletproof improvements, daemon wallet communication speed improvements, and a lot of other minor stuff and bug fixes
<sarang> *Dandelion++
<selsta> that’s it
<sarang> They're different :)
<selsta> I know but the Bitcoin Dandelion++ reference implementation also only calls it Dandelion so it got confusing
<selsta> some coins don’t even know if they have Dandelion or Dandelion++ lol
<sgp_> thanks selsta
<sgp_> b. Localization workgroup
<sgp_> ErCiccione doesn't seem to be here, but they posted a call for translators this week: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/gf8js7/call_for_translators_new_gui_release_approaching/
<monerobux> [REDDIT] Call for translators: New GUI release approaching, we need to translate the new strings! (self.Monero) | 65 points (93.0%) | 8 comments | Posted by ErCiccione | Created at 2020-05-07 - 15:23:32
<sgp_> skipping c since selsta already covered it
<sgp_> (unless there are gui-specific things, and if so please interrupt me)
<sgp_> actually I think we can skip to f, since the other workgroup reps don't seem to be here. Please comment if you have an update
<sgp_> f. Monero Research Lab
<sarang> Hi
<sarang> Working on the CLSAG audit scope and associated materials
<sarang> as well as additional implementation proof-of-concept code for Triptych and Arcturus
<sarang> and some updates to in-memory key encryption
<sarang> Nothing too earth-shattering
<sarang> Others have been focusing on future updates to transaction structure for better uniformity
<sgp_> thanks sarang, anything else?
<sarang> That does it for me
<sgp_> okay
<sgp_> 5. Open ideas time
<sgp_> does anyone have an idea to share?
<intj440> currently Monero Means Money has subtitles only for English and Portuguese, perhaps the Localization workgroup could solicit volunteers for this sometime
<msvb-mob> There is a new project for our DC28 participation if we choose to virtualise.
<msvb-mob> https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/michael-monero-village-at-defcon-planning/
<msvb-mob> Defcon 29 in Las Vegas was cancelled yesterday, in case we didn't hear the news.
<netrik182[m]> I was looking at weblate's documentation and it's possible to use it for subtitles
<msvb-mob> And replaced by 'Defcon Safemode with Networking' involving Village Discourse servers and whatever we want to uniquely set up.
<needbrrrrrrr90> Yeah idk about connecting remotely to defcon
<netrik182[m]> Would make really easy to contribute translations there
<needbrrrrrrr90> Just feels like a baaaad idea
<needbrrrrrrr90> Guess I could connect through my burner smart fridge
<msvb-mob> needbrrrrrrr90: Other villages like Skytalks completely cancelled their participation.
<sgp_> imo we should expect to participate and see what that looks like
<needbrrrrrrr90> I suspect we should socially distance from defcon, for virus purposes
<needbrrrrrrr90> But if you want to roll the dice
<msvb-mob> In this community meeting it's just a sneak preview, but we can discuss in more detail during our first (and last?) DC28 meeting, sometime I'l try to schedule it and post on IRC and Github.
<needbrrrrrrr90> Thanks
<sgp_> do we need to remotely connect? I'm out of the loop from these discussion
<sgp_> s/discussion/discissions
<monerobux> sgp_ meant to say: do we need to remotely connect? I'm out of the loop from these discissions
<needbrrrrrrr90> Basically my concern is that we will attract people who both have money on their comouter and aren't cautious, and defcon is known for 0days and such
<msvb-mob> sgp: There will be no Vegas on site installations, so everything is IP remote yes.
<needbrrrrrrr90> It feels like an easy target
-xmr-pr- [meta] SarangNoether opened issue #462: Research meeting: 13 May 2020 @ 17:00 UTC
-xmr-pr- > https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/462
<msvb-mob> hyc already gave some opinions and useful information about Discourse, if you want to scroll to IRC discussion about ten hours ago.
<sgp_> needbrrrrrrr90: can we try to mitigate that by not using Defcon's services? Is that a requirement?
<needbrrrrrrr90> I'm not sure sgp, we can talk about it in the meeting
<needbrrrrrrr90> And I'll get informed so I'm not repeating already said stuff
<intj440> netrik182: sounds helpful to allow non-coding translators to contribute w/o dealing with github
<msvb-mob> sgp: I think there are no real requirements, if we don't use the Discourse server it may seem we're not participating. We could always make it a landing page and stick a topic permanent pointing to our real services, like a 302.
<sgp_> wait are we talking about Discord or Discourse? These are two totally different things
<ajs-mob> we could use our own Jitsi server
<ajs-mob> Defcon Discord is optional
<msvb-mob> Oops, I'm not sure sgp.
<msvb-mob> It's even worse than I thought. I wrote 'discourse' but the server they want to use is called 'discord.'
<sgp_> That's not even hosted by Defcon. That's hosted by Discord themselves, no?
<msvb-mob> sgp: Probably yes, and hyc wrote that it's not opensource.
<msvb-mob> I think needbrrrrrr90 wrote something as well, but strangely positive. Like, it's proprietary but very useful.
<sgp_> We should probably expect to use their Discord for chats (or Jitsi), and then a livestream like before for events/talks
<needbrrrrrrr90> For what it does, there's nothing like it. It's primarily for the game community, but they've expanded their suite of offerings
<shillo> discord is great
<needbrrrrrrr90> Multi way video/voice chat now makes it a serious contender agaisnt jitsi et al
<sgp_> Discord is kinda killing it with convenience. The new video conferencing just…. works
<msvb-mob> So that's why I made the first (and only one so far) user story in project management about 'researching server technology.' To figure out what we want to do.
<ArticMine> Discord is proprietary thereby a security threat particularly when its use is related to Defcon
<msvb-mob> ArticMine: Do you prefer some alternative, do you like jitsi?
<needbrrrrrrr90> Ehhh, open source doesn't necessarily mean not a security risk, because defcon
<ArticMine> I suggest we stay with jitsi
<netrik182[m]> intj440: yes, the only thing to note is that if there are synchronizations to be made, that will require some knowledge and an external tool (like Aegisub). But this applies to github contributions as well
<sgp_> I think this will largely depend on where attendees are tbh
<ArticMine> FLOSS at least means a level playing field between the white hats and the black hats
<sgp_> we can still use Jitsi + YouTube for the speakers/events, but we may need to have a Discord presence to greet and answer questions, etc
<ArticMine> Why?
<sgp_> marketing reasons. gotta meet people where they are to some extent
<ArticMine> Fine and then send the to jitsi
<ArticMine> them
<sgp_> yeah we can always do something like that
<msvb-mob> Let's not forget whatever research rehrar determined about things like Mozilla Hubs, that might be nice to mix in.
<sgp_> yeah
<sgp_> any final open ideas?
<sgp_> I might do a trivia session tomorrow if I'm bored
<needbrrrrrrr90> Sounds fun
<sgp_> 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
<sgp_> The next community meeting will be in 2 weeks on 23 May at 17:00 UTC.
<sgp_> The next Coffee Chat is on Saturday 30 May at 17:00 UTC
<sgp_> Conclusion
<sgp_> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, STAY SAFE AND ISOLATED, and know that change starts with YOU.

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