Overview and Logs for the tini2p Dev Meeting Held on 2019-10-10

Posted by: el00ruobuob / oneiric


<tini2p_gitlab> greetings
<tini2p_gitlab> 1: What's been done
<tini2p_gitlab> alpha release is live!
<tini2p_gitlab> master branch is tagged for alpha release 0.0.1
<tini2p_gitlab> there are likely still bugs, and refactors that need to be done
<tini2p_gitlab> but all the pieces are in place for the core router
<tini2p_gitlab> tini2p is capable of end-to-end sessions over I2P tunnels
<tini2p_gitlab> tini2p is NOT currently capable of communication with Java I2P, i2pd, or ire routers
<tini2p_gitlab> in the coming weeks, I will be working on ElGamal tunnel building to enable communication with Java I2P, i2pd, and ire
<tini2p_gitlab> point-to-point communication over NTCP2 is likely possible with Java I2P/i2pd/ire, but I haven't tested it at this point
<tini2p_gitlab> anyone interested is welcome to pull the latest master, and test stuff out
<tini2p_gitlab> any testing is very much appreciated
<tini2p_gitlab> release is three months past the initial planned alpha, and I am grateful for the support and patience
<tini2p_gitlab> my goal is to add client functionality, a fuzzing test suite, and core refactors by December
<tini2p_gitlab> will have a longer meeting next week
<tini2p_gitlab> 2: Next meeting time
<tini2p_gitlab> 2019-10-17 18:00 UTC

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