Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2019-07-20

Posted by: el00ruobuob / rehrar


<sgp_> community meeting starting now
<sgp_> 0. Introduction
<sgp_> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Workgroup Meeting!
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/374
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community, including other Monero workgroups. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support.
<sgp_> 1. Greetings
<rottensox> o/
<ArticMine> hi
<el00ruobuob_[m]> Hi
<sarang> Hi
<rehrar> oyo boyo
<xmrscott[m]> Yo yo yk
<kinghat> hey
<rehrar> Yo yo yk
<parasew[m]> hello!
<sgp_> 2. Community highlights
<sgp_> See Monero weekly highlights at https://revuo-monero.com/
<sgp_> rehrar put me out of a job :)
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community (non-workgroup) updates to share?
<sgp_> 3. CCS updates
<sgp_> CCS proposals in ideas to be discussed (one by one):
<sgp_> “v1docq47: video creation / translations into russian (august – january)” (37.8 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/84
<rehrar> sure
<sgp_> lh1008 indicated support on Gitlab, I also support
<el00ruobuob_[m]> v1docq47 seems to have done a huge amount of work on his previous FFS, i vote for.
<msvb-mob> Hello.
<sgp_> any other comments?
<rehrar> ne
<pwrcycle> I just read the FSS, but seems good to me. I vote yes.
<sgp_> great
<sgp_> second one: “A Monero Tip Bot for Telegram” (13 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/86
<rehrar> he updated prices
<rehrar> seems more reasonable now
<rehrar> I say sure
<jwinterm> aren't there already a bunch of telegram tipping bots available?
<jwinterm> $1k for forking a repo and running bot seem kinda pricey to me
<jwinterm> but my dumbass does it for free
<parasew[m]> is this the tipping bot which is at use in the monero-germany tg group?
<el00ruobuob_[m]> i didn't see he updated price. For 13XMR, sounds good to me
<pwrcycle> I don't see the use in a app specifit, channel specific bot. And I think there are other bots that can do this already.
<pwrcycle> FFS says: "This bot is the first of its kind…" I do not agree with that.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> wait, there is a tg tipping bot on monero-germany parasew[m]?
<rehrar> I seem to remmber there was one one day
<rehrar> but if there is one that exists, please comment with that one there
<pwrcycle> If the Tip bot is so good, why not just build it and have people tip you for it? Why a FSS?
<parasew[m]> el00ruobuob_[m]: yes there is one, but testnet only
<pwrcycle> I vote no on the tip bot.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> it should be easy to just update the existing one then…
<parasew[m]> this is the tipbot on monero germany: https://imgur.com/a/S7k3oa2
<rehrar> parasew[m]: where is the repo?
<parasew[m]> not sure where repo is, i just remembered the bot there; let me search for more info
<rehrar> thx
<el00ruobuob_[m]> not reinventing the wheel could be great here. If there is a bot already, i don't see the benefit of a new one.
<rehrar> yep
<xmrscott[m]> Agreed, work smarter, not harder as they say
<rehrar> so the prereq of my support is no good bot existing
<rehrar> next?
<sgp_> any final comments? seems like this is a reasonable question to address first
<parasew[m]> bot might be the same that is the one of the CCS in question. i asked in monero germany tg
<sgp_> please comment on gitlab when you get more info
<sgp_> third idea: “rehrar-sarang WCC” (30 XMR) https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/87
<parasew[m]> yes sure
<rehrar> I vote yes
<rehrar> er
<rehrar> I mean
<rehrar> I recuse myself
<sarang> I abstain from a "vote" on this, obviously
<el00ruobuob_[m]> are you confident with a 10% buffer at the moment?
<msvb-mob> I like the IRC tippero a lot, this is a nice idea.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> i see price raise and fall like of 20% those days…
<rehrar> dude the market is def much more valite than normal
<rehrar> we can maybe do 15%?
<rehrar> but that's a bit much
<sarang> Excess to general fund?
<sarang> (if there is any)
<el00ruobuob_[m]> it's your call, i just found market so volatile…
<rehrar> we can do that
<sarang> Then perhaps a higher margin would be acceptable
<pwrcycle> sarang's talks are really good. rehrar is really personalable at big events and really knowledgable. I vote yes on WCC.
<sarang> (provided this is all specified on the CCS)
<sarang> thanks pwrcycle
<parasew[m]> i second
<el00ruobuob_[m]> btw, i am sure for it. You two are great speakers
<sarang> rehrar: I assume you would not be the one to merge this particular CCS?
<sarang> Should be done by someone else for better transparency
<rehrar> sure
<rehrar> I never merge
<rehrar> luigi does
<sarang> oh nvm
<sarang> thought you also did
<sgp_> any final comments on this one?
<Inge-> +1 on WCC
<sgp_> 4. Workgroup report
<sgp_> a. Daemon/CLI workgroup
<sgp_> is tagged now I believe
<sgp_> I'm out of the loop on the difference between and
<selsta> v0.14.1.1 had problems with checkpoints
<selsta> We forgot to change a file.
<sgp_> selsta: thanks
<sgp_> any other recent developments you think are worth mentioning?
<selsta> difference between v0.14.1.0 and v0.14.1.2 is mostly bug fixes
<sgp_> thanks
<sgp_> b. Localization workgroup
<sgp_> Is ErCiccione[m] here to give an update?
<sgp_> or anyone else with a comment
<sgp_> all right, nothing to report
<sgp_> c. GUI workgroup
<sgp_> dsc_: want to discuss some of the recent work you have done?
<sgp_> there was recent work on better TAILS support, and up next is i2p-zero integration
<sgp_> there have been quite a few other UI changes
<sgp_> better account support, better balance card, etc
<sgp_> any GUI questions? I may be able to answer them
<selsta> better balance card is work in progress
<sgp_> https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui/issues/2298
<selsta> v0.14.1.2 GUI will also come out soon after CLI.
<ArticMine> One question is ow fees are displayed
<sgp_> selsta: will there be any UX changes, or just bundled with the latest daemon?
<ArticMine> how
<ArticMine> The fee levels do not correspond to the actual fees
<selsta> sgp_: Bug fixes and minor UX changes.
<hahsun> hi everyone
<sgp_> ArticMine: I do not know the answer to this, probably best to ask in #monero-gui
<sgp_> hello hahsun
<hahsun> did I miss the meeting?
<sgp_> no, still ongoing
<hahsun> cool :)
<sgp_> any GUI questions or updates?
<sgp_> d. Defcon workgroup
<sgp_> We just had the meeting before this, so I won’t say much more here other than to say all the final preparations are being made now. Please go to #monero-defcon if you want to help out.
<sgp_> Direct all questions there please :)
<sgp_> Well, we powered through the agenda and are left with 5. Open ideas time
<sgp_> It’s open ideas time! Feel free to propose your ideas to this discussion group, and feel free to comment on others’ ideas. If you disagree with the idea, please reply with constructive criticism. Thank you!
<sgp_> I know many people are busy with Defcon planning right now, but what can the community workgroup do better?
<hahsun> if I missed the questions on the proposal 86 please feel free to ask. I am here now.
<sgp_> hahsun: yes, there were a few questions
<hahsun> unfortunately I have no logs. just joined.
<sgp_> someone mentioned the @MoneroTipBot existing Telegram bot and wanted to confirm that it wouldn't be redundant
<sarang> (it's not on the agenda but I'm also happy to answer any relevant MRL questions during workgroup Q&A)
<hahsun> sgp_: no it is not redundant. I can confirm.
<sgp_> parasew[m] rehrar pwrcycle jwinterm el00ruobuob_[m] xmrscott[m] had comments before, any questions?
<pwrcycle> hahsun: FFS says: "This bot is the first of its kind…" but there seem to be many other tip bots and Telegram bots.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> How is it not redundant with the one mentioned by parasew[m] https://imgur.com/a/S7k3oa2 ?
<msvb-mob> No questions from me, thanks.
<hahsun> pwrcycle: no there is only one.
<hahsun> el00ruobuob_[m]: that bot you see on the picture is the bot we are testing in the monero telegram groups
<dEBRUYNE> el00ruobuob_[m]: Do you intend to work on the meeting logs btw? I think the last one on the website is from mid june
<hahsun> I can confirm that the bot is not redundant. because the very mentioned @MoneroTipBot IS the bot of the proposal.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> ok, so this is the bot you're going to implement on mainnet?
<hahsun> exactly
<el00ruobuob_[m]> dEBRUYNE, yes, i've been busy on other things, and have to catch back. Will do it soon, i swear
<dEBRUYNE> All right, thanks
<pwrcycle> How would funds tipped from one user to another be handled? Is the bot wallet in custody of XMR during tipping?
<hahsun> we are currently testing the bot in various groups with the help of many people to be able to deliver the bot on time. it is very alpha stage right now and bug fixing is ongoing.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> thanks hahsun, so i'm back on my "ok for me" opinion then
<hahsun> pwrcycle: the bot wallet is a monero-wallet-rpc daemon running with the wallet file open on a VPS.
<hahsun> the goal is to get a trusted member of the core team to host this wallet file.
<hahsun> I asked mooo and he denied. and am now in contact with fluffy to see if it can be run side by side with the IRC tip bot.
<pwrcycle> I don't like that part. Having someone in the middle seems risky.
<hahsun> pwrcycle: it was the best compromise I could think of in this case. this is a custodial bot.
<hahsun> and to seek trust, we came up with the idea to let it run by a trusted member.
<pwrcycle> did the IRC tip bot get a FSS? I don't see how funding something on a private app, for users already, basically into Monero because they are in the channel. So I don't see how the tip bot expands the community.
<hahsun> pwrcycle: I cant comment on the IRC tipbot but I estimate to reach approx. 10k users in telegram in the effort to bring monero closer to the people.
<pwrcycle> I mean, the bot would be cool. And bots in channels are useful. but for the project to fund a bot for one app, why not fund bots for them all, and do bots really bring more people in and connected to the privacy aspect of the project.
<pwrcycle> IRC is where the main project is held and many other FOSS projects, so a bot there would make sense.
<hahsun> pwrcycle: as far as I can tell by now, the bot is a funny way to get together with other people. discussions on various other monero related topics rise through the interaction with the bot.
<pwrcycle> But still, I don't think it was funded, it was just doned.
<pwrcycle> *donated.
<hahsun> pwrcycle: afaik the irc tipbot was a fluffy/mooo project. but I dont know much about it other than that.
<sgp_> fwiw, many other crypto communities are on Telegram and Discord
<pwrcycle> Let those communities fund the bot. If the Tip bot entertains the Telegram channel, let the Telegram channel Tip for it's creation.
<hahsun> also, on telegram, is the church of monero. where people hold masses to exchange small amounts of monero. this teaches people to learn the GUI wallet for example.
<sgp_> pwrcycle: the CCS isn't necessarily "IRC community only"
<sgp_> we are over time, and I'm glad we were able to ask some questions and have some answered. Discussions on this CCS can continue here and on Gitlab
<sgp_> I'm going to conclude the meeting
<sgp_> 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
<sgp_> The next community meeting will be in 2 weeks on 3 August at 17:00 UTC. The next Coffee Chat will be on 27 July at 16 UTC. I will not be present at this event.
<sgp_> 7. Conclusion
<sgp_> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, and know that change starts with YOU.
<hahsun> thank you all for your questions.
<pwrcycle> o7
<el00ruobuob_[m]> Bye§
<jwinterm> pwrcycle, afaik moneromooo wasn't ffs for tippero
<selsta> There’s a Monero Austria meetup on August 1st at Riat, https://www.meetup.com/Monero-Austria/events/263317607/
<sgp_> ty selsta
<selsta> topics include deep dive into DLSAG

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