Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2019-04-13

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<sgp_> We would like to welcome everyone to this Monero Community Meeting!
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/328
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings are a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community, including other Monero workgroups. We use meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support. Stay up to date with the latest events by subscribing to this calendar: https://xmr.ncrypt.sh/index.php/apps/calendar/p/8dP6z6XQDnkPREo4/Monero-Meetings
<sgp_> 1. Greetings
<rehrar> What up, kids?
<dsc_> Konnichiwa
<el00ruobuob_[m]> Hi!
<parasew> hulla
<endogenic> o/
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> aloha
<endogenic> rehrar: care-uh-mell
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Hi (i'm from mobile, forgot we are one hour ahead in europe)
<sgp_> Welcome everyone
<rehrar> typical ErCiccione
<sgp_> Most of the meeting today will revolve around the upcoming Moneroversary
<sgp_> 2. Community highlights
<sgp_> rehrar now maintains news highlights at https://revuo-monero.com/
<sgp_> Most notably, the Monero Konferenco schedule is online and tickets are now available: https://monerokon.com/schedule
<rehrar> new issue couple days ago
<sgp_> And of course you shouldn’t miss the Coffee Chat from last weekend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adNi17O791M
<monerobux> [ Monero Coffee Chat - 2019.04.06 - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Rehrar: sadly, that's too true :P
<sgp_> Does anyone else have community (non-workgroup) updates to share?
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> The guide for the GUI wallet is ready and built,
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Needs some minor adjustment but it's mostly ready. Https://github.com/monero-ecosystem/monero-GUI-guide
<sgp_> ty
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Reviews and suggestions are very much appreciated
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Ah, it will be included in the next GUI release.
<sgp_> Any others?
<rehrar> e
<rehrar> ye
<rehrar> ccs is going ok
<rehrar> if anyone has feedback on it, let me know
<rehrar> the end
<sgp_> speaking of which
<sgp_> 3. CCS updates
<sgp_> Most CCS proposals were funded shortly after the previous meeting.
<sgp_> CCS proposals still needing funding:
<sgp_> “ErCiccione: Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup – March” (0 / 144 XMR) https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/ErCiccione-localizations.html
<sgp_> CCS proposals in ideas to be discussed:
<sgp_> “knueffelbund GUI design for Q2 2019” https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/54
<sgp_> “xiphon part time coding” https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/merge_requests/55
<rehrar> #givexiphonmoney
<sgp_> Does anyone else have a CCS update, or comments about any of these CCS proposals?
<dEBRUYNE> Imo we can move those proposals to funding required
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE has spoken
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I think all current proposals should be moved to funding required.
<rehrar> luigi1111w ^
<nioc> yes please
<el00ruobuob_[m]> yep, totally
<sgp_> my main concern is that some of these are quite expensive, but I understand the expertise is very valuable
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> should there be a ccs for the RandomX audits?
<rehrar> when they feel it's raedy learninandlurkin, yeah
<rehrar> there probably will be at some point
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> after code freeze I guess
<sgp_> I believe they want a code freeze at the end of the month
<rehrar> as always, one of the key conversations to be had around the CCS is how to encourage more participation
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> In the past, what has happened to the XMR raised for the "general fund"?
<dEBRUYNE> sgp_: expensive to which extent?
<rehrar> meaning what learninandlurkin?
<el00ruobuob_[m]> It's only 148XMR isn't it?
<rehrar> General Fund money goes to things that core team deem necessary to support the project. Infrastructure, servers, and stuff.
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> what has it actually been spent on in the past? or did "general fund" not exist before ccs?
<rehrar> Before PhDs were on quarterlies, they were paid out of GF
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> ah
<rehrar> getmonero.org servers and CDN and stuff are paid out of Gf
<nioc> general fund existed b4 FFS
<rehrar> every time I write gf I think girlfriend
<rehrar> Monero's girlfriend pays for lots of things
<dsc_> Monera
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> Sounds sensible. Should this maybe be explained in the general fund post?
<nioc> GF has contributed to some FFS proposals in the past
<rehrar> that post was just a test post for the CCS, and I turned it into something that can be useful
<rehrar> troo nioc
<rehrar> but on the Donate page that the button takes you to
<rehrar> perhaps yes, that info should go there
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> So people know what they're donating to
<rehrar> as well, I need to pester core team for the view keys for both gf and ccs wallet
<rehrar> as both are "public". In quotations because they've been posted somewhere.
<rehrar> But nobody remembers where. It's been a while. :P
<sgp_> dEBRUYNE: it depends on the circumstances. I just want to avoid every expert from asking for the full corporate rate if we can help it, since they get extra value working on projects they enjoy on their schedule for a cause they support. Similar rationale for working for other nonprofits, that's all
<sgp_> rehrar: I've never seen the CCS view key. Doesn't mean it was never shared, but I couldn't find it with a moderate search
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> It would be great if the view keys were prominently linked on the CCS frontpage when you find them
<dEBRUYNE> sgp_: As far as I can see, the rates are in line with what other contributors asked
<el00ruobuob_[m]> i agree with you learninandlurkin
<rehrar> yeah but we'd also need key images for it to be super useful
<sgp_> Are there any other CCS discussions? We're a little off-topic on the general fund
<sgp_> It looks like there is unanimous approval for moving both proposals
<dsc_> sgp_: 50 usd is far from corporate rate though, in addition xiphon already showed good faith by contributing regardless of funding
<sgp_> I definitely agree in this case. Lots of expertise required for an existing contributor in a much-needed feature
<sgp_> Unless there are any other final comments, I want to move on
<rehrar> u do u sgp_
<sgp_> 4. Workgroup report
<sgp_> a. Localization workgroup
<sgp_> Take it away ErCiccione
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Thank you sgp_. So,
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> We had some issues with pootle, nothin major, but some annoying visual bug
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I contacted the pootle team on all their platforms but they never answered for months
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> This made me realise that development on that side is basically stopped and the project is kinda dead. They started to revive it after my pressures, but still
<rehrar> dude
<rehrar> semi-serious idea
<rehrar> what if we grandfathered in Pootle as a Monero Project thingy?
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I'm now thinking of giving weblate another shot, i will test it and see how that goes
<rehrar> or forked it or whatever
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Rehrar: actually one of the developers kinda wanted to handle away the project, but i'm definitely not the kind of person with the expertise necessary to maintain that.
<rehrar> please have him send me an email
<rehrar> [email protected]
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Rehrar: will do.
<rehrar> and you can message me later. I'd like to hear more about that conversation.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Btw, we will still use pootle until we switch, so no slowdowns, but i don't think we will use it for long.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Renrar: on gitter there is a brief talk and there is also an issue on gitlab's pootle. Will send uoi everything later.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Beside the pootle things. I was contacted by
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> A group, I don't have the details on the phone now, which is making the translation of getmonero in turkish for free
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> The translation is mostly done, but it doesn't include the guides (still a massive work). They are finishing it, after that i will review the technical side. Then PR. Shouldn't take long
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Chinese is also in progress, i will upload the WIP MR in monero-site as soon as i fet the translation.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> These are the major things gong on at the moment.
<sgp_> thanks for the update
<sgp_> anything else for/from the localization workgroup?
<sgp_> d. Defcon workgroup
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I'm done. For the records, we always need translators at: translate.getmonero.org/projects
<sgp_> It’s official: Monero has its OWN Defcon village this year in a larger space.
<sgp_> I’m working with rehrar, xmrscott, msvb-lab, and the riat team to help coordinate planning. If you have any questions, please contact rehrar. He’s the glue holding this project together. You can ask us in #monero-defcon
<sgp_> You can see the logs of the previous meeting here: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/317
<sgp_> c. GUI workgroup
<el00ruobuob_[m]> Do you need me to post those logs on the Wesite sgp_?
<sgp_> As the GUI team has been increasingly become its own workgroup, I've asked dsc_ to speak during this section about their progress
<sgp_> el00ruobuob_[m]: probably not
<sgp_> unless others really want it
<el00ruobuob_[m]> ok, fine. let me know if you want to
<rehrar> I know I'm not a typical GUI guy, but I do have one thing I've been talking with dsc_ about that I'd like to have discussed here at the meeting.
<sgp_> they will probably be kept on Taiga or whatever instead
<dsc_> Go for it rehrar
<rehrar> aight, so as many of us might recall, Purism wants to put a Monero wallet into their upcoming phone line (and down the road laptops as well) by default
<rehrar> dsc_ has alraedy opened an issue a while ago about what it might look like to have a GUI that is specifically for mobile
<rehrar> dsc_: can you post that link here?
<dsc_> https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui/issues/2026
<rehrar> he also says (and he is here to correct me in the event I'm an idiot) that it is doable within a reasonable time frame, but obviously at the expense of other GUI things
<rehrar> I personally think this is a super exciting thing that we shouldn't miss out on. Purism is quite known in the privacy community, and I have had several conversatiosn (email, voice and video chat, etc) with the CEO
<rehrar> and he is excited about Monero over Bitcoin for privacy reasons and blah blah blah stuff we know
<rehrar> to give each other "stamps of approval" is a big deal, and to be shipped in their stuff by default is another big deal
<rehrar> meaning anyone who buys a Purism laptop or phone and turns it on, has a Monero wallet as part of the default bundled software
<rehrar> I definitely think it's worth spending the time to get something like this up and going, and dsc_ says he is able and willing to do it
<rehrar> want to expand on anything dsc_ ?
<parasew> amazing thing, rehrar. didn't they also offer a discount when purism laptops are bought with monero?
<rehrar> for Moenro contributors, they are offering a 10% discount, yes
<rehrar> on their hardware. Contact me for more info.
<dsc_> Excellent idea, but as mentioned integrating GUI natively on Librem 5 would cost $X *time* that otherwise be spend on other areas. Which brings up the question of funding and priorities. From technical standpoint its def. doable.
<dsc_> I want to prevent the situation where I use community funds to make Librem 5 better.
<dsc_> However, if the community sees it as a good investment, it's fine of course.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I like the idea of an easier integration, i'm not so sure about putting monero tesources on that.
<dsc_> So there's that.
<parasew> why can't purism pay for the ccs?
<parasew> (they have some monero :)
<dsc_> FYI; Librem 5 integration also has overlap with a long standing wish to migrate GUI to mobile platforms in general
<rehrar> we can ask them if they'd be willing to contribute some resources to this for sure
<xmrmatterbridge> <xmrscott> I'd be willing tovthrow down money on a librem5 CCS for dsc if need be
<rehrar> ^
<rehrar> I'll contact Todd (CEO) and ask if they'd be down to contribut x amount of money to see this happen.
<nioc> xmrscott :)
<rehrar> contingent on what dsc_ estimates something like this might cost
<rehrar> x = y/2?
<sgp_> dsc_: this may be something worth having a short meeting for if you're up for planning it
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> A CCS proposal would definitely be a good idea.
<dsc_> sgp_: Sure, might be best.
<xmrmatterbridge> <xmrscott> Keep im mind the launch is Q3 currently, and this is something we'd out on launch date IMO
<xmrmatterbridge> <xmrscott> *we'd want out
<nioc> what happens to those purism wallets after a hardfork o_O
<dsc_> rehrar: I can do time estimates but might be best to either have a seperate meeting or github issue about it.
<sgp_> I think it's probably best to have a different discussion about this, but thanks for bringing it to our attention dsc_ rehrar
<rehrar> yep, we'll do
<sgp_> Any final GUI updates? Will white theme make 0.14.1 now? :)
<dsc_> White theme is an overarching term for many GUI improvements from a visual standpoint
<dsc_> These require a newer Qt version, which GUI workgroup is currently migrating our buildbots towards
<dsc_> In addition I'm currently working on a cmake recipe that would replace qmake, which is somewhat of a requirement for reproducable builds
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> Nice
<dsc_> There are more updates but just boring GUI stuff. Please do join #monero-gui ;)
<sgp_> Thanks dsc_
<sgp_> We're going to be over today unfortunately, but we need to have a discussion about the Moneroversary
<sgp_> 5. Moneroversary
<sgp_> Monero’s 5th anniversary is this week on Thursday the 18! I’ve been helping organize the occasion to make it a meaningful event for all. You can see the current event information here: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/324
<sgp_> I will summarize the current events as follows:
<sgp_> riat is having an all-day event in Vienna.
<sgp_> Two events will be livestreamed
<sgp_> The first will be run by riat, who will livestream the countdown. This happens around 11 UTC, which is about 7 ET.
<sgp_> The second will be supported by me, beginning at 21 UTC (17 ET).
<sgp_> el00ruobuob_[m] is looking for others in Paris to meet up for lunch
<el00ruobuob_[m]> yep, no responses yet…
<sgp_> Let’s begin talking about the first livestreamed event. parasew[m], can you explain how you want the countdown livestream to go, and then others can give some feedback
<rehrar> el00ruobuob_[m]: come to Las Cruces, we'll have lunch
<sgp_> *parasew
<parasew> yes
<el00ruobuob_[m]> i'm not sure to make it in my 2hr lunch break rehrar
<parasew> so we will start at 10:00 local time (CET) with open house at the riat institute, the countdown will be at ca. 11 UTC
<parasew> there are a few cakes getting produced, so we will cut a few different cakes :)
<parasew> (monero-themed cakes)
<sgp_> Do you need anything from us for the countdown livestream?
<parasew> we were hoping that people want to join in remotely, but if there are not responses el00ruobuob_[m]
<sgp_> Except the Jitsi/YouTube instructions
<parasew> yes pls do send that through sgp_ :)
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> Can the Monero cake be livestreamed into my mouth? sounds great!
<parasew> we have a countdown script and a large screen, so that should work. anyone who wants to join in please get in contact
<sgp_> parasew: will it be interactive at all with the online audience?
<parasew> it can be, what do you think? i was more organising the cake part and we have a meeting on monday to define details.
<sgp_> community, how could the livestream be more interesting without being intrusive on the meetup?
<sgp_> maybe a game with open participation?
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> crowd-source wishes to be made while the candles are being blown out for Monero's birthday
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I gotta go. Have a good meeting guys.
<parasew> bye ErCiccione
<el00ruobuob_[m]> bye
<sgp_> parasew: will there be any activities for people to watch in the livestream?
<sgp_> eg: talks, fun events, etc
<parasew> so the workshops, talks, etc. i did not want to stream, as it changes the participation. lots of people are uncomfortable being seen on cam
<sgp_> yes, just referring to the countdown
<parasew> ok, understood.
<xmrmatterbridge> <ErCiccione> I gotta go. Have a good meeting guys.
<sgp_> eg: if binaryFate or you want to give a few words before the countdown expires
<parasew> so the easiest would be a moderation, i will discuss with binary asap.
<parasew> does someone want to join in or is it too early on the day?
<sgp_> ok, just think of ways to make the livestream useful for those watching online. I don't want this to ruin the event at all, but hopefully there's something good for everyone
<sgp_> I wouldn't expect someone to join in unless they specifically say so
<parasew> sure :)
<sgp_> Let’s talk about the second livestreamed event now. The details are still unfolding, and the event will vary based on who can participate. We will begin with a brief check-in with riat, an interview with fluffypony, a community Q&A (like the Coffee Chats), and a puzzle provided by needmoney90 and midipoet
<sgp_> At this point, I need specific participants to indicate what they would like to do specifically. If they want to participate in a general Q&A or have a specialized session where they talk about topics of interest. Please let me know ASAP in the issue or by PM
<kinghat> can we get someone rapping like vitalik already?
<fluffypony> sgp_: that's at 9pm UTC right ?
<fluffypony> kinghat: I'll prepare something if you're willing to drop a beat ;)
<sgp_> fluffypony: yes
<binaryFate> parasew I'll probably be in Vienna 17th evening already, and be early on 18th if there is anyting I can help doing
<sgp_> I have an idea I want to run by you fluffypony and see if you're up for it
<fluffypony> sure
<sgp_> I think it would be cool for you to mostly take over for your part of the session, leading a discussion about Monero's history
<kinghat> dood my beats are smol and potate, make the bjtches wanna go home and mastur.. regurgitate.
<sgp_> I know you've given the story about Monero's history many times, but it would be useful to take the time to speak about details many people forget and don't fit in a normal podcast interview
<sgp_> give the event a cool name like "premine, boating accident, and barolo: fluffypony discusses Monero's history"
<parasew> +1
<sgp_> if you prefer to do something else, let me know so I can get someone else to do the history part
<el00ruobuob_[m]> isn't it in this order "premine, barolo, and boating accident"?
<kinghat> do it like the start wars scrolling text
<parasew> why not barolo, premine, boating?
<parasew> (looks like this could be a game for the #moneroversary, sorting of incidents)
<el00ruobuob_[m]> anyway, barolo may be the reason for boating accident
<sgp_> I wonder if I could get rehrar to do an event on people slowly realizing that cryptocurrency privacy is important, yet few are courageous enough to address it with the importance it deserves
<rehrar> keep wondering
<xmrmatterbridge> <learninandlurkin> Birth of Monero -> History of upgrades + Big events/milestones -> "State of the Union Address" -> the future
<sgp_> anyway, it looks like participation has dropped. If you would like to have an event by yourself or with others around 21 UTC, you need to comment on Github ASAP. Please comment even if you are available and open to the idea, so I can pitch some ideas
<sgp_> One last point to cover: how to get press to cover the event
<rehrar> easy
<sgp_> parasew: you said privacy is a hot topic in Vienna. Have you contacted press about the event?
<rehrar> airdrop
<parasew> there are a few local press ppl i invited, radio, etc
<parasew> and we sent out to a lot of people, invited other pricacy ngos and groups
<parasew> but international press might be more interesting ofc
<parasew> (to point to monero and not to the event in vie, as austria is very small and tiny, and non-english) :)
<sgp_> I can reach out to a few cryptocurrency news contacts
<sgp_> Any other comments on the Moneroversary?
<sgp_> I need people to aggressively participate in the planning if they want the event to go well
<parasew> will the stream be on Fondajo, sgp?
<sgp_> otherwise it will just be another Coffee Chat
<sgp_> parasew: yes
<parasew> it would make sense to have the youtube link early, in order to spread.
<sgp_> sure, I can make them today even
<parasew> thanks.
<sgp_> I need a YouTube thubmnail. rehrar: can you handle this?
<sgp_> pretty please?
<parasew> i will be meeting with the riat ppl on monday and go through details. i will also be online in #monero-community if someone wants to participate or has ideas for the vienna event.
<sgp_> cool, let us know what you plan to do for the first livestream
<sgp_> I'm going to wrap up the meeting now. Thanks for bearing with its duration
<sgp_> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<parasew> sgp_: yes ok will take into account that there might not be a lot of participation from external other groups, so we will make sure there is moderation and cake excellence.
<sgp_> The next community meeting will be in 2 weeks on 27 April at 17:00 UTC.
<sgp_> Be there for the Moneroversary on 18 April: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/324
<sgp_> When in doubt, use the calendar. It now has several people adding meetings, so it’s a great resource: https://xmr.ncrypt.sh/index.php/apps/calendar/p/8dP6z6XQDnkPREo4/Monero-Meetings
<sgp_> 8. Conclusion
<sgp_> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on r/MoneroCommunity and #monero-community. Take care, and know that change starts with YOU.
<el00ruobuob_[m]> Thank you all! See ya on thursday!
<parasew> bye el00ruobuob_[m]!
<parasew> thanks all, talk soon!

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