Logs for the Community Meeting Held on 2017-07-30

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<rehrar> Alright people, here am I.
<rehrar> My humblest apologies for the delay. As explained, I ran last meeting, but didn't think I would make this one. :)
<rehrar> I don't know everything that sgp had planned, but we can try to ascertain what he had in mind. :D
<rehrar> https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/96
<rehrar> here is the agenda
<rehrar> 0. Introduction
<bigreddmachine> I can stay for only 15-20 minutes but will pop in and out after that if I can.
<rehrar> This is a Monero community meeting. It's going to be chill.
<rehrar> 1. Greetings
<rehrar> Yo
<serhack> Hey
<keledoro> Salut
<bigreddmachine> Hi
<sgp> Hi, time was wrong, sorry everyone
<sgp> @rehrar and everyone else, my apologies!
<rehrar> Freedom!!!
<bigreddmachine> Perfect timing. Next up is your meetup debrief.
<serhack> nice sgp!
<rehrar> Good job sgp, I was going to move to 2. Monero Meetups - what I've learned
<rehrar> and tell them that I haven't learned anything
<sgp> Lol
<sgp> Yes, point 2 is about the Monero Meetups and what I have learned
<sgp> As many people here may know, I have spent the last 5 months speaking about Monero throughout Europe. Each of these events were similar in that they attempted to introduce audience members to Monero, but there are a variety of things I learned throughout the series of experiences. In this section, I will cover a few of these items. If someone else has a different topic they would like to elaborate about in future meetings, please contact the
moderators in /r/MoneroCommunity or post after the meeting is over in monero-community.
<rehrar> ok, now that this is resolved, I will be splitting. I'll check the logs. Bye all. Love you. <3
<sgp> @rehrar thanks for starting it. If I mess up in the future people, please PM me!
<serhack> bye rehrar
<sgp> I spoke 21 times in 20 different European cities. I could discuss Monero and other cryptocurrencies in all these local communities, get to know their perspectives, and learn more about these communities. These meetups varied from a formal presentation to simply meeting at a local bar or restaurant for several hours. In Vienna, my desire to speak resulted in a new dedicated Monero community forming, and I hope them the best in future meetings.
You can see a map of all the visited cities here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d2MHyEuqmX2IbWPfoDEfrdONxFs&usp=sharing
<serhack> sgp: did you go to Rome? :0
<rbrunner> Impressive
<netg> yeah, great work, i respect that alot
<keledoro> Wow, great stuff!
<sgp> @serhack yes I did back in June
<serhack> :(
<rbrunner> No interest so far in Switzerland, despite "Crypto Valley" …
<sgp> @rbrunner I did not make it to Switzerland
<sgp> Anyone can talk there though :)
<sgp> Regarding contacting these groups: I typically went to Meetup and messaged the group organizers out of the blue. I often messaged several groups at the same time. I chose groups that had large followings and were recently active. Typically, I received positive responses from these organizers. It was rare for them to say “this is a Bitcoin-only group” or similar. In general, they want to make sure that they are not inviting a scammer to sp
My job was to convince them that I am not a scammer!
<rbrunner> Not too hard I hope with your track record
<sgp> To help this, I also talked about the work I did with my student group at the University of Minnesota. I feel that helped
<sgp> Regarding the audience: most people I spoke to have heard of Monero before but do not know anything about it. Many people at these meetings were using it as their dive into cryptocurrencies. I feel a little bad for these groups of people, since my Monero presentations are relatively packed with technical information. Nevertheless, people after the meetings have told me that it sparked their interest, even if they could not understand the
technical parts. At these meetings, typically only one or two people are very familiar with Monero. If you think you are not an expert, you probably are a Monero expert to other people if you are active enough to spend time on this thread!
<serhack> sgp nice work!
<sgp> I wish I could have done more for new users, but I felt it was more important for the longtime members to have a more thorough knowledge. Also, people did not want to listen to a 3 hour presentation that covers everything
<sgp> Regarding questions: I am not a developer, despite having GitHub commits. I did my best to disclose this, and there were some times I could not answer some specific questions. The best is to answer the questions you feel comfortable answering, and if you cannot, then refer people to the best resource that you are aware of. It definitely helps to be aware of these resources :p.
<sgp> Regarding networking: I’m a business student after all, so I need to include this part. This is something I wish I did better, and it is a learning experience for me. I should have done several other things to keep better contact with these local groups. I included my contact information in all but the earliest presentations, though I should have made business cards to hand out. This is a missed opportunity. Nevertheless, I am still in cont
with many of these Meetup groups. For instance, someone from Bucharest, Romania who owns a cryptocurrency news website offered for me to speak about Monero. You can expect this interview to be posted sometime in August.
<sgp> This is about all I have prepared for this section, so does anyone have any questions for me?
<bigreddmachine> Business cards are so simple but useful. Have found that true with my podcast.
<sgp> or any additional thoughts they would like to share about this or a similarly related topic
<ArticMine> One question what did not work?
<ArticMine> If anything
<serhack> sgp: very good!
<sgp> @ArcticMine I did not get to speak in Edinburgh despite getting initial contact with the organizer there and planning a trip :/
<keledoro> Did any of the audience members mention that they thought XMR would only be a DNM currency or the like?
<sgp> My first speech in Valencia is not very good. I gave a very wrong answer for the total coin supply, for example. Knowing basic coin fundamentals is important too, and I didn't think to review this info right before speaking and was caught off-guard
<sgp> @keledoro definitely
<sgp> I talked about how the Monero community needs to encourage legitimate use, and having a large userbase will reduce the chance that it will only be used by criminals and DNM users
<sgp> Then I would reference a legitimate use, such as porn subscriptions or campaign contributions
<bigreddmachine> Can I make a suggestion? You should write this up as a blog post somewhere so everyone can see it and learn from it easily.
<serhack> bigreddmachine: +1
<keledoro> Interesting
<sgp> @bigreddmachine I plan to :)
<serhack> like on monerocommunity.com
<sgp> ^this is me feeling out what to put in it haha
<mattcode> is monerocommunity.com a thing or are you just proposing it?
<rbrunner> not up it seems
<serhack> mattcode: I'm proposing
<sgp> Does anyone have any other questions or thoughts for what I should include in a summary before we move on?
<mattcode> I don't mind pitching in to run something like that
<bigreddmachine> They can add more in a side channel.
<bigreddmachine> Monero Community should be a GitHub.io page imo
<JollyMort[m]> fyi, just to let you know i discovered a cool project and let them know about Kovri and asked to accept Monero for donations: https://briarproject.org/news/2017-beta-released-security-audit.html
<keledoro> I'd be interested to see what kind of topics you would cover in a more "beginner-friendly" monero presentation
<sgp> @keledoro that is a good idea. Basically Monero for people who don't even know what Bitcoin is
<keledoro> Exactly, since some of the technical aspects can be really frightening
<miziel> sgp: so more like cryptocurrency 101
<sgp> @jollymort thanks for the outreach!
<sgp> Obviously I talked today about something I spent time doing, so if anyone else would like to reserve future meeting time to talk about something they have done or would like to do for Monero , please let us know :)
<sgp> Moving on to 3. Case studies – communities in other cryptocurrencies
<sgp> Let me be clear: I really enjoy Monero’s community, and I do not want to do anything that will take away from any of its advantages. Seriously. Keep that in mind.
<sgp> That being said, I think we should take a look at the other coin communities to see if there is anything to learn from them. Important things such as more efficient ways of communicating, inspiring volunteer work, or means of referencing documentation. We should look at other coins to see if anything they are doing can be incorporated in some way into Monero’s community.
<sgp> We are looking for volunteers to write reports for other cryptocurrency communities, simply evaluating what you found interesting about these communities, what you disliked, and what you liked. There will be no formal requirement for the format, but you will be asked to talk about it for a few minutes at the next meeting :)
<sgp> If you are interested, please consider working on this sort of project. We do not need to use this opportunity just to show if you think other communities are bad; I want to motive of these case studies to see if there is anything interesting that some of these other coin communities, whether official or unofficial, are doing.
<serhack> what do you mean by writing reports @sgp ?
<bigreddmachine> I'll be honest… I think a lot of people arrived at Monero because of the tech, but also because the community is so much different.
<sgp> For example, if literally everyone else on the outside uses Discord, we can work to make an unofficial Discord community too
<bigreddmachine> Who would these reports be submitted to? Are they public? Could get pretty circle jerky
<sgp> Or perhaps a certain website has good documentation
<sgp> @bigreddmachine I mostly mean a short write-up that people can talk about at a meeting. Just something to keep these ideas organized. They could be short bullet points
<sgp> They can be posted to /r/MoneroCommunity, and I expect them to also be linked at the meetings
<sgp> Maybe your local Bitcoin meetup group does something great. You can just make a short, 1-2 page writeup about it, and then discuss it at a meeting. I think things like this can be very helpful at bringing in outside perspectives
<keledoro> Okay, so you're not only referring to other crypto currencies, such as looking at how e.g. Dash is doing their communications and then doing a write-up but also in a more general sense, right?
<sgp> @keledoro right. For example, if people want to join a mailing list, then maybe the community can make one. Something simple like that
<sgp> They will likely be very general, and that's still very helpful
<keledoro> I'm cool with that, but I am not so sure about writing up a report on the other coins communications and discussing them within r/MoneroCommunity
<keledoro> Feels a bit strange, especially if they'd then chime in
<sgp> @keledoro that's fair. How about we just focus on the positives then? We might even want to ask other communities what is most effective for them
<keledoro> Sounds good!
<sgp> Any other thoughts about this? The point is just to bring in outside perspectives
<rbrunner> Maybe worth a try
<rbrunner> Just steer clear of rabbid fanboys, I guess
<rbrunner> On all sides
<sgp> Ok, moving on to a topic mentioned earlier: 4. Twitter/Facebook background
<sgp> I created this post a few weeks back asking for people to redesign the backgrounds: https://www.reddit.com/r/MoneroCommunity/comments/6nrab3/lets_redesign_the_monero_facebooktwitter/
<sgp> Please review at the options and leave a comment and/or vote. There is no deadline, and it can be updated at any time. I just want to make sure that people who want to spend a few minutes/hours doing something simple for Monero, this is a good place to get started. Even if all you can do is vote on the work of others :p
<sgp> 5. Things you can test
<sgp> There are new things you can test! Please let us know what bugs you find on GitHub.
<sgp> Android GUI port (unofficial build of experimental software): https://github.com/monero-project/monero-core/pull/780
<sgp> Sync speed: https://github.com/monero-project/monero/pull/2149 (win64 nightly build https://build.getmonero.org/downloads/monero-0486d6a2-win64.tar.gz)
<sgp> Please take care testing software, since they are much more likely to contain bugs and malicious code.
<rbrunner> Malicious code?
<sgp> Anyone else need community members to test anything?
<serhack> malicious code?
<serhack> my web integrations :)
<moneromooo> That two liner is… not optimal :D
<serhack> Monero WooCommerce Extension https://github.com/monero-integrations/monerowp
<sgp> @rbrunner @serhack unofficial builds like the .apk are more likely to have inserted code in them, among other issues
<sgp> ^also check out @serhack's extension!
<rbrunner> I see. However not very likely me thinks
<serhack> thanks sgp
<sgp> Imagine if @jaquee inserted bad code in the built .apk. Unlikely, but possible
<serhack> sgp: @jaquee can spy us :0
<sgp> 6. Open ideas time
<sgp> This will be even more informal than normal this time :)
<serhack> guy, I have an idea, but it's a fan idea
<sgp> @serhack sounds perfect for this segment
<serhack> my friend asked to me if I can develop something like http://bitcoinergame.com/
<serhack> a Monero clicker game
<sgp> So like Cookie Clicker for Monero?
<serhack> yeah
<keledoro> Can someone explain? I am not sure i'm getting that
<JollyMort[m]> don't forget to test multisig! https://monero.stackexchange.com/questions/5646/how-to-use-monero-2-2-multisignature-wallets
<mattcode> keledoro: its just a little game to waste time. you build a virtual/fake mining center that mines fake monero you use to upgrade your mining center
<keledoro> Okay, got it! Thanks
<keledoro> Can we just throw in ideas or how does it work?
<serhack> JollyMort[m]: oh, important!
<sgp> @serhack it could be a fun project. /r/place got me more excited than expected. I don't know how many people will use it though
<JollyMort[m]> dunno when mooo will code n-1/n but n/n is nice
<JollyMort[m]> works like a charm now
<serhack> the purpose is simplify the life of people that don't know anything about monero
<serhack> with a game!
<sgp> There may be a better casual game than mining
<serhack> yes
<keledoro> I was thinking about a collaborative effort to longlist NGOs that could benefit from anonymous donations and then politely reach out to them to inform them about XMR. Also, setting up a XMR wallet address wouldn't be as hard as with integrating it within payment systems of shops.
<serhack> setting a xmr wallet is so simple :)
<sgp> @keledoro that sounds like a fantastic idea
<sgp> We just need an email that doesn't sound too spammy :)
<keledoro> Yep, maybe even a @getmonero mail address
<serhack> [email protected] :)
<rbrunner> Are they allowed to take truly anonymous donations?
<ArticMine> It depends on the NGO
<pero> -_-
<moneromooo> My opinion of the world just dropped another notch.
<keledoro> ?
<afighttilldeath> We could start with the NGO that accept Bitcoin and go from there
<rbrunner> What's wrong with the world?
<moneromooo> People ?
* moneromooo shuts up
<pero> its a cow thing
<rbrunner> Lol
<ArticMine> Also accepting Monero does not mean they have to be anonymous
<moneromooo> They milk us till the cows come home…
<sgp> @keledoro please feel free to continue this conversation outside of the meeting. It sounds like a really good idea
<rbrunner> Yes, I think that with the NGO is good
<keledoro> Alrighty, will do!
<sgp> Anyone else have a final thought? We have 3 minutes left
<datenschleuder> https://build.getmonero.org/downloads/monero-0486d6a2-win64.tar.gz link is broken
<JollyMort[m]> anonymous != private
<JollyMort[m]> something often forgotten
<ArticMine> ^^ So true
<sgp> @datenschleuder maybe try this one? https://build.getmonero.org/downloads/monero-core-995a5e0-win64.zip
<JollyMort[m]> exhange knows i buy monero == not anon
<pigeons> datenschleuder the link is too old it was rotated
<JollyMort[m]> it doesn't know i buy bibles with it == private
<sgp> That is the latest build. Maybe you need to try a different one
<pigeons> are you looking for a certain PR, or the latest? I can trigger a new build
<pigeons> we only have the space to keep a couple of days
<moneromooo> The 2149 patch.
<datenschleuder> thanks for the new link
<sgp> 7. Confirm next meeting date/time
<sgp> The next meeting will happen in two weeks on 13 August. Same time (18:30 UTC). Look for another meta issue about it on GitHub. Future meetings may be scheduled to the Saturdays before dev meetings, but this is a discussion for another time.
<sgp> I promise I will start the next one on time!!!
<sgp> My apologies
<sgp> Especially to @rehrar
<sgp> 8. Conclusion
<sgp> That’s all! Thanks for attending this Monero Community meeting, and we hope to see you on /r/MoneroCommunity and monero-community.
<datenschleuder> ADVERTISING: Don't forget the next Berlin Monero Meetup 10th august in Gräfestr 77 | 7pm
<serhack> thnak you sgp
<sgp> Feel free to stick around, but the meeting is officiall over
<sgp> Yes go to the Berlin meetup!
<keledoro> Thank you
<datenschleuder> ty sgp!
<rbrunner> Thanks sgp!
<netg> which date is berlin meetup?
<netg> monero meetup 2015 in berlin was great
<pigeons> moneromooo: what platforms do you need built for 2149?
<sgp> @netg 10 Aug
<datenschleuder> @sgp when is the next cummunity meetup? 10th or 13 ?
<netg> 2 days after SHA
<netg> sick timing
<pigeons> datenschleuder win64 GUI build we be linked from https://build.getmonero.org/builders/monero-core-win64/builds/876 when completed
<datenschleuder> thanks! @pigeons
<moneromooo> pigeons: whatever people would test it on. I guess win64 is likely the best target.
<moneromooo> Linux poeple will know how to build it.
<datenschleuder> @sgp I think the channel topic is wrong. it's 13 August 2017
<moneromooo> Thanks :)

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