Overview and Logs for the Community Workgroup Meeting Held on 2017-06-18

Posted by: Justin Ehrenhofer (sgp_) / afighttilldeath / el00ruobuob


<sgp_> @here the community meeting is starting now
<\x> whats this remaining time bullshit here
<sgp_> @urza[m] we are just starting a meeting, can you ask Reddit or come back in about an hour please? :)
<\x> @serhack: speak up
<\x> oh okay sorry
<\x> ill jst watch
<sgp_> Ok, starting the meeting!
<sgp_> 0. Introduction
<ArticMine> So we are starting the meeting
<sgp_> My friends @rehrar and @dEBRUYNE_1 and I would like to welcome you to the very first Monero Community meeting!
<pumppp> *grabs popcorn
<bgmrkbtc> yay!
<ArticMine> hi
<sgp_> Link to agenda on GitHub: https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/79
\AUTOMATED RESPONSE_> Community Meeting: 18 June 2017 18:30 UTC · Issue #79 · monero-project/meta
Location Freenode | OFTC | Slack | Irc2P #monero Time Use this timezone calculator to convert UTC to your time zone. GMT 18:30 ICT (Bangkok) 01:30 EDT (New York) 14:30 CDT (Dallas) 13:30 PDT (San…
<rehrar> What up peeps?
<serhack> Hello
<magic_circle> Hi!
<sgp_> Monero Community meetings intend to be a discussion place for anything going on in the Monero Community. We plan to use this meeting and future meetings to encourage the community to share ideas and provide support.
<cryptochangements> Hey errybody
<ajs> Sup
<serhack> Nice sgp_
<gingeropolous> wazaaaap
<antw081> i'm present
<Diffusive> aye
<sgp_> 1. Greetings (continued at this point haha)
<rehrar> a word if I may :)
<joelsolo99> Well, I'm here too
<bgmrkbtc> bgmrk reporting from Toronto Canada!
<sgp_> @rehrar yeah, sorry it blew up faster than I expected
<pumppp> Fluffy is missing
<ally> Hola compañoeros
<gym7rjm> Hi, I'm here too
<dEBRUYNE> urza[m]: If you need help, feel free to PM me
<rehrar> The idea for these community meetings arose from the fact that there is no place for the community to share their thoughts and ideas. We have dev meetings, and we'd rather not take up their time as they have important code stuff to go over.
<rehrar> But at the same time, Monero is nothing without the community. So we organized these meetings, and we will be collecting feedback on them afterwards.
<vdo> ack
<serhack> Monero is based on community
<rehrar> We want to improve this to a place where the community can have a voice as to the happenings of Monero
<rehrar> So feel free to participate. This meeting will be a bit informative in nature. SGP got some stuff planned.
<rehrar> take it away dude
<gingeropolous> semantics, but there's a place (#monero, anywhere)… there's just not a time when everyones online together :)
<sgp_> last chance for greetings!
<cryptochangements> @rehrar sounds like s good idea, props for setting it up guys :)
<Skorpion7777> Hi guys!
<serhack> Hi
<mowwy> 0/
<rbrunner> Hello
<rehrar> we have good attendance! :)
<sgp_> @dEBRUYNE is helping us here also. The community would be so much worse without him and the work he does
<pumppp> I'm bringing in the whole telegram army
<0ak3y22> Hi
<thefuzzstone> @dEBRUYNE – +1
<sgp_> Ok, moving on. Thanks everyone for coming
<sgp_> 2. Explanation of Monero Community Values and Goals
<sgp_> Monero is more than just an open-source project. It’s a project of extreme significance. It is the best implementation of privacy in digital money today.
<sgp_> For Monero to be truly impactful, a lot of work still needs to happen. Developers will always be needed to improve Monero’s efficiency, speed, and privacy. New communities in different languages must form. And of course, more people need to use Monero, if only to increase the anonymity set.
<sgp_> With more interest in Monero brings more development. This means more eyes auditing the code, more people giving local presentations about Monero, and more people understanding the underlying technology. Most importantly, it gives these people a choice of digital economic freedom.
<sgp_> The goals of this unofficial, casual group are still to be determined. However, the ultimate goal is providing Monero with the resources needed to be technologically advanced and adopted by a significant number of people. We hope to organize more individual campaigns in the future, such as one to market Kovri.
<sgp_> Anything unclear or contentious?
<bgmrkbtc> nope
<serhack> nope
<ally> nix
<antw081> agreed
<Diffusive> right
<pumppp> Kovri meaning?
<bgmrkbtc> "Monero’s efficiency, speed, and privacy" noticed usability isn't listed, are these things you just pulled out of your head as exampleS?
<rehrar> I will be talking about Kovri later in the meeting pumppp :)
<Diffusive> Kovri is the implementation of i2p on Monero
<sgp_> @bgmrkbtc good catch. I simply forgot it
<bgmrkbtc> nice
<Diffusive> Hides your IP…
<sgp_> Yes, Monero should be easy to use
<pumppp> Cool @rehrar
<ArticMine> and universal
<bgmrkbtc> usability i think is most imporatant (assuming devs believe code is ready to scale)
<pumppp> @Diffusive, Nice, more privacy
<sgp_> 3. Local Activity and News
<sgp_> I want to begin by congratulating the latest three Forum Funding System proposals for being fully funded! Thank you to those who created the proposals, and thank you to those who donated. Approximately $65,000 (equivalent) was raised in about 6 hours with 62 contributions.
<sgp_> https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/87789/mooo-full-time-july-september (edited)
<sgp_> https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/87734/monero-integrations-with-web-apps (edited)
<serhack> :slightly_smiling_face:
<sgp_> https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/87757/funding-for-a-monero-subforum-on-the-largest-chinese-btc-forum-8btc
<vdo> I arrived late one more time! what happens with the overfunded xmr?
<serhack> thanks community
<Diffusive> it's awesome that people are fully into Monero, supporting initiatives
<rbrunner> 你好
<antw081> overfund goes to general dev fund i think
<ally> hen hao
<Diffusive> vdo, it stays in the funding wallet
<rehrar> vdo, typically, an overfunded project goes to general fund
<pumppp> @antw081, Returned back?
<{-adhiyana}> Is there a need for Esperanto translation
<Diffusive> ni hao ;)
<vdo> k thanks
<sgp_> @vdo overfunded can go to the overfunded project or reallocated to other projects at the core team's discretion
<rehrar> Congrats community! this is big.
<vdo> Esperanto is must :)
<ArticMine> I agree
<ally> esperanto +1
<cryptochangements> What about moneromooo's FFS, shouldn't he get the extra funds for that?
<ajs> Pirate speak +1
<rehrar> it can probably be discussed on a case by case basis
<pumppp> Hindi too
<rehrar> but that's not up to me, I guess. :)
<sgp_> @pumppp news later about that
<pumppp> +1
<sgp_> I want to discuss some local activity going on with Monero in June and July. It is important that local communities exist to discuss Monero. These groups make it easier for new members to learn about Monero in a more personal setting.
<sgp_> There should be a meeting next week in Edinburgh, UK on June 22 or 23. The meetup is approaching quickly, and I still need to plan the last details. If anyone knows someone from this area, please let me know after the meeting. There were some logistical issues when trying to coordinate with their local Bitcoin group that only became apparent after I had committed to going there :/
<bgmrkbtc> what do you envision from local meetups? just sit and discuss? or presentations?
<dEBRUYNE> Imo it'd be prudent to sent back overfunded XMR to the core-team's donation address, such that they can contribute in future proposals as well
<sgp_> There will be a meetup in Dublin, Ireland on June 26. I am still choosing the location https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Dublin/events/240152422/ (edited)
<sgp_> There will be a meetup in Barcelona, Spain on July 10.
<sgp_> There will be a meetup in Brussels, Belgium on July 12 https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-Brussels/events/240786181/ (edited)
<thefuzzstone> Yep, agree about local communities (I'm form Monero-RU team), at July at /r/Monero will be publish our next report about our work
<sgp_> There will be a meetup in Berlin, Germany on July 13 https://www.meetup.com/Monero-Berlin/events/240704245/ (edited)
<rehrar> The new website will have an Events page where all of these can be put on and updated easily, btw. :)
<sgp_> And those are all I know about for now :)
<Skorpion7777> Meetup in berlin. Thats awesome!
<bgmrkbtc> is new website up yet?
<gym7rjm> Anything planned in the US this summer??
<vdo> @sgp_ about the Barcelona one, is it going to happen? Last news were it was cancelled
<rehrar> not yet. Soon. :)
<Beispielhaft> Are those meetups on a regular basis?
<serhack> yeah Beispielhaft
<bgmrkbtc> it is important to have meetups be as regular as possible, it just takes 2 people to meet up at the same spot on a regular basis to form a community
<pumppp> @rehrar, Soon what?
<rehrar> Monero is an initiative-based project. If we want meetups in the US, someone can organize
<Diffusive> @rehrar, will be cool to have it, Mozilla have something similar, since i'm part of that community i can ask them about the soft
<rehrar> anyone can do it
<sgp_> @vdo that's a different Barcelona meetup. I'm talking to a different Barcelona group and they are getting the details finalized
<Beispielhaft> nice
<ajs> I will be in Houston and was think about doing one in July/August
<rehrar> I was asked about the website pumppp, and I said it'll be up soon
<vdo> great, I will keep posted
<sgp_> It's much easier and cheaper for me to speak when I'll already be there anyway
<bgmrkbtc> I don't think there are any dedicated to monero yet in toronot
<pumppp> @rehrar, That's great, shiny new armour
<Diffusive> Soon(tm)
<rehrar> ^
<sgp_> If you live in a city that has not had a local Monero meetup yet, seriously just start one yourself. I will write a guide around the end of the summer explaining some of the tricks I have used, but it’s easy and beneficial to meet at a bar once a month and talk.
<sgp_> It doesn't need to be anything formal to start
<rehrar> You don't even have to talk about Monero.
<ally> About the meetups, are they bitcoin meetups with a monero section or all-monero
<ally> ?
<rehrar> Dash is the only topic that is banned
<sgp_> So take the pressure off and just have fun talking with people about Monero!
<pumppp> @rehrar, Lol
<Diffusive> kek
<bgmrkbtc> @rehrar lol
<greycrasan> on the world map of nodes i saw one more node in my country besides me :D
<Diffusive> zca$h is allowed?
<sgp_> @ally most of these meetups are about Monero at a Bitcoin/Blockchain meetup, but soem are at dedicated Monero groups (like the Berlin one)
<rehrar> only if it's praise Diffusive
<greycrasan> i want to meet that other guy
<cryptochangements> Diffusive sure if you want to tell people not to do
<rehrar> serious answer
<sgp_> Unless anyone else has any Monero events to share, we can move on
<rehrar> we obviously have no way or desire to control your conversations that you have when you come together
<bgmrkbtc> Looking forward to that guide @sgp_
<pumppp> I see there isn't much of any Mondeo events in Asia?
<rehrar> @ajs, we can talk about Houston :) if someone else comes from that section
<pumppp> Monero*
<sgp_> @pumppp not yet!
<ArticMine> The 8BTC proposal may help with that
<gym7rjm> AsianHouseShrew is from Singapore and mentioned he was trying to get something together
<pumppp> Ok , soon
<sgp_> There definitely should be though. With the new FFS proposal and new translations coming in, it should be easier to get people interested in Monero
<cryptochangements> Anyone know how soon the 8BTC thing will be implemented?
<Diffusive> pumppp i hope with that FFS of the 8BTC will be more in Asia
<sgp_> @cryptochangements no idea, sorry
<sgp_> 4. The Kovri Opportunity
<pumppp> @cryptochangements, It will enable XMR to get launched in many Chinese exchanges I hope so
<Diffusive> i can't do something like this in Venezuela because it's kinda ilegal
<bgmrkbtc> @diffusive safety first
<sgp_> ^ +1
<sgp_> I’m going to pass this part about Kovri off to rehrar, who is probably the only person more excited for Kovri than me.
<Diffusive> I can do speaks at teach events, but about the teach, so i'll look into it
<Diffusive> tech*
<rehrar> Aight dudes, Kovri.
<rehrar> https://github.com/monero-project/kovri
<sgp_> To those who don't know, Kovri will hide the transaction broadcast for Monero in I2P (similar to Tor). It will protect your IP and increase censorship resistance
<rehrar> Kovri is a fork of i2pd, and is a C++ implementation of the Java I2P router
<bgmrkbtc> so it will be directly integrated into monero? or work on top of it?
<rehrar> They will be integrated into each other
<bgmrkbtc> nice
<rehrar> so Kovri will help the I2P network and I2P will help Monero
<bgmrkbtc> would that slow down the monero network?
<rehrar> basically, when you send a transaction, I2P will hide your IP address, increasing privacy
<rehrar> and in turn, Monero wallets will act as I2P nodes
<cryptochangements> So will there be a general API for kovri that monero uses or will there be extra work to get it to work specifically with monero?
<rehrar> increasing the security of both networks
<bgmrkbtc> also, why I2p rather than tor?
<vdo> at some point, kovri will be bundled with monero and it will be mandatory, right?
<Diffusive> Monero will work on top of Kovri
<rehrar> That's a good question. They're two different protocols, and @anonimal breaks it down pretty well
<BonAmiko> Isn't I2P currently weak due to low usage?
<pumppp> Tor has loopholes
<rehrar> Tor has some elements of centralization, such as DNS
<rehrar> hold up, lemme grab the link
<sgp_> Lots of great questions, everyone
<Diffusive> Kovri will have an API that will work with other software or standalone, and the same with Monero.
<ArticMine> The transactions are sent over I2P
<pumppp> Kovri ETA ?
<rehrar> https://forum.getmonero.org/9/work-in-progress/86967/anonimal-s-kovri-full-time-development-funding-thread
<amuralikumar> Yes.i2p is less I'm usage.
<rehrar> read over anonimal's proposal
<Diffusive> ArticMine, yep
<ArticMine> but the node synchronizes over clear net to avoid attacks
<bgmrkbtc> so IP addresses of all nodes could be collected?
<rehrar> I2P also has a few differences from Tor. They're not the same, and they don't access the same hidden services
<sgp_> There will be an API for Kovri that any project can use, including (but not limited to) Monero
<ArticMine> So the Monero node has to act as a router
<pumppp> @Diffusive, Does that mean kovri can be used with other Altcoins too?
<rehrar> But here's the cool thing. And the reason I'm super excited about Kovri.
<rehrar> Kovri will not just be for Monero
<Diffusive> The only privacy weak point of Monero is just that, your IP is used when sent to the tx
<rehrar> anyone can download it and use it, even if they have never heard of Monero
<bgmrkbtc> kovri plug in for browser? rather than stand along browser?
<Olufunmilayo> can you still use tor instead of i2p if you @wanted to or will tor use with monero be impossible?
<bgmrkbtc> *alone
<rehrar> There are currently no plans for a Kovri browser, but that could change depending on developers :)
<Diffusive> pumppp, yes, you can work with Kovri in another stuff, just like Tor or i2pd
<bgmrkbtc> so kovri is like the final piece of the privacy puzzle for now?
<rehrar> Kovri is unlike anything I've encountered in the cryptospace, because it's the only semi-alturistic offering I've ever seen from a crypto project
<rehrar> Anyone will be able to use the Kovri router, regardless of Monero usage
<Diffusive> Remember that when you use this kind of software you're redirecting the traffic to SOCKS, you can control just an app like Firefox, to work with it and the other with your normal network
<pumppp> @rehrar, Anyone apart from XMR community working on kovri?
<rehrar> and given enough time, a browser bundle and more is not out of the question
<Beispielhaft> sounds awesome!
<rehrar> it has the potential to strengthen the I2P network, and give another Privacy option for people who have no voice across the world
<rehrar> pumppp, not to my knowledge no
<bgmrkbtc> how far long roughly is kovri development? i know that's a hard question to answer. What is currently possible with kovri?
<rehrar> It was stated before that the Alpha is close
<gym7rjm> How much will Kovri increase bandwidth for someone running a monero node assuming this really takes off and rivals Tor? Also, will there be a way to limit what traffic gets routed through your node? I wouldnt want general hidden internet traffic, I would prefer just monero txns…
<rehrar> that was about a month ago
<rehrar> that's a good question gym7rjm, and I don't know
<rehrar> everyone is free to go to #kovri and ask questions
<Beispielhaft> btw is this an offical cooperation with the i2p guys?
<sgp_> @bgmrkbtc alpha release soon^TM , but you can download some test binaries now. Alpha will let you connect to I2P network, but not have any integration with Monero
<rehrar> We're not on bad terms, to my knowledge
<gym7rjm> @rehrar thx Ill go ask in #kovri
<rehrar> yeah, feel free to go to getkovri.org
<p0nziph0ne> will kovri mandatory, or enabled by default, but possible to disable in the wallet gui?
<gethhh APP> arent we to paranoid with hiding ip address ?
<Diffusive> i'm exited with this chat ;) great questions guys <3
<magic_circle> love the mutual benefit for both projects
<bgmrkbtc> So 3rd party wallets will be forced to use kovri or make it an option?
<rehrar> probably enventually mandatory, but I guess there are more discussions to be had as Kovri progresses
<rehrar> that's a good point @bgmrkbtc
<Diffusive> gethhh, people want full privacy.
<fluffypony> gethhh: too paranoid??
<sgp_> @gym7rjm yes, traffic can be limited. With the help of fluffy blocks, bandwidth usage should only increase by a little bit
<rehrar> We want there to be ZERO weak points in the privacy of Monero
<fluffypony> have you met my friend, the state-grade attacker?
<gethhh APP> well I see it as an option for some people not mandatory
<rehrar> And if there is a weakness, we want to find a solution
<cryptochangements> gethhh you can never be too paranoid
<rehrar> even if we make it from scratch ;)
<Diffusive> What's the point of having all the monero stuff confidential, but they can trace your IP and f*ck you up then…
<bgmrkbtc> Does monero devs offer any bounties?
<Diffusive> @bgmrkbtc, yes
<rehrar> there is a bounty for responsibly exploiting Kovri
<Diffusive> There's a hackerone too
<Diffusive> For monero
<rehrar> again, for more info, see getkovri.org or ask questions in #kovri
<sgp_> To prevent this from getting too side-tracked (though it is good discussion), let's limit the Q&A until the end and let @rehrar get back to how Kovri can help the Monero community
<rehrar> it's honestly one of the most exciting projects, and I'm thrilled that Monero is tackling this big thing
<cryptochangements> ^ +1
<Diffusive> Remember that there's a Kovri meetup too.
<rehrar> Because Kovri is being offered not just as a Monero thing, any coin can take it and implement it
<joelsolo99> My opinion is that if Kovri isn't mandatory then using it would seem suspicious
<rehrar> it's actually made to be quite light-weight, and so is good to build applications on top of
<pumppp> @rehrar, I will only accept XMR as completely private when it makes me invisible when I log into the wallet
<rehrar> I2P has a LOT of things that go in it, and Kovri strips it all down to the barebones
<rehrar> making sure to keep the privacy without all the addons
<gethhh APP> @fluffypony i guess i did more than once , still i think origin anonymisation is nice but should be optional, but that just my opinion
<rehrar> optional isn't a good idea
<TinusMars> optional?
<rehrar> because it makes any tx that DOES use it seem suspicious
<TinusMars> bad idea
<rehrar> but if every tx uses it, then nothing is suspicious
<fluffypony> gethhh: it is optional
<fluffypony> you can run in IPv4-only mode
<rehrar> or everything is suspicious equally
<fluffypony> TinusMars: nope, not with this
<pero> have you met my friend, the state-grade attacker? **\** okay, thanks for the clarification **\** there are certain situations where using i2p might arouse suspicion **\** proof that pony is the feds **\** ha, i see **\** so you \*have\* to be able to switch either routing mechanism off **\** you can tell when someone uses I2P? **\** Russia, where my wife is from, is trying to ban VPNs and Tor **\** there is "optional" and then "default". so probably on by "default" but can be switched off **\** but by default it'll be blocks-on-ipv4, txs-on-i2p **\** antw081: yes **\** @rehrar, Goodbye Russian hackers **\** +1 @SGP lets keep it on track move on **\<sgp\_>** With that clarified, please continue @rehrar :) **\** well, my point with that **\** That's good to know **\** is that diversifying the privacy options available to people **\** so that Tor is not the only feasible option **\** is very important **\** and strengthening the I2P network is a great endeavor **\** i like the idea of monero nodes helping i2p network **\** With this project, Monero is advocating for more and better privacy options around the globe **\** and with that I'm done. :) **\** and not just in the currency field **\** shill **\** :+1: **\<sgp\_>** @rehrar not quite, still need to mention translations for Kovri website :) **\** oh yeah **\** Is it possible for an I2P node to only elect to route monero txes ? I would hope not, but... **\<sgp\_>** @moneromooo no **\** @sgp_, i did the spanish i10n **\** Good. Thanks. **\** so I made getkovri.org and I was experimenting with different ways to make it multilingual **\** Don't know when it will be up **\** looking for ways to apply similar things to the new getmonero.org **\** anyone can go into the kovri site repo **\** and fork it and there are very thorough instructions on how to translate **\** oh cool **\** Also i'll be fixing some minor bugs with the i8n and i10n of kovri **\** so if you speak another language well, please consider helping to translate the getkovri.org website **\** I made italian translation :slightly_smiling_face: **\<sgp\_>** ...which leads us perfectly to: **\<sgp\_>** 5. Translations **\<sgp\_>** I do not have that much to specifically point out here, but translations are incredibly important. Once the website documentation has been updated in English, translations need to begin immediately. **\<sgp\_>** Daemon and wallet translations are in a better shape, but there are still many missing languages. ErCiccione posted that he hopes to have the daemon translations for Italian finished by the end of the month, someone is working on translating the GUI to Hindi, and another friend is working on translating the GUI to Hungarian. **\<sgp\_>** If you know anyone who can help with translations, send them our way (or help yourself). It’s not difficult. https://monero.stackexchange.com/questions/3039/what-is-a-good-way-to-go-about-translating-monero-software-to-other-languages (edited) **\** @rehrar made really good instructions for the kovri site. It was super easy for me to start the French translations, so if you speak another language it should be a easy way to help! **\** @sgp, "still need to mention translations for Kovri website" -- when a work will be done, I can PM you? **\** Guys **\** I did the Spanish GUI translation. I guess it will be added in the next release **\** maybe we can work with some translation app **\** translation app is risky imo **\** it works with Jekyll **\** Diffusive: there's linguist-qt5 **\** for the gui **\<sgp\_>** @thefuzzstone ask @rehrar after the meeting for how you can help with the Kovri site, but it will be very similar to the Monero site since they use the same framework **\** For the website, at Mozilla we've done something similar, getting the strings and making into jekyll tranlations strings. **\<sgp\_>** Now that leads us to the most important part............... **\<sgp\_>** 6. Organization Announcement **\<sgp\_>** Here’s the MAJOR announcement you were promised! **\** monero enterprise alliance?! **\** it's beyond huge **\** Pump it baby **\** earth shattering **\<sgp\_>** Monero Marketing is rebranding. We feel that marketing doesn’t explain what our mission is. Thus, /r/MoneroMarketing will be migrating to /r/MoneroCommunity. **\** .MAJOR **\** oh **\** lol. **\** @sgp_ that is a good choice **\<sgp\_>** We have set up the IRC and Slack channels for #monero-community, and needmoney90/needmultisig90 set up the relay for us! We want to move future community meetings to #monero-community. I also received Slack invitation rights, so anyone can now message me with their email for a Slack invite. Of course, you can message other people if you prefer _cries_ **\** better @name imo **\** i can see the moon.! **\** that **\** +1 to that **\** monero is against crypto marketing imho **\<sgp\_>** You may notice this meeting is the Monero Community meeting, not the Monero Marketing meeting. So, this shouldn’t be incredibly shocking to anyone here. **\** the slack and irc are relayed into each other as other channels **\** oh good! **\<sgp\_>** Monero Community will continue marketing efforts (in a way, we will be marketing Kovri to other cryptocurrencies, even if we are only suggesting an improvement to their technology). **\** i don't feel slack is nice for a privacy project xD **\** I'm looking into Matter Most Diffusive **\** open source version **\<sgp\_>** @Diffusive me either (though I am using it), so you can use IRC instead **\** self hosted **\** ikr it will be better **\** Telegram is good for privacy **\<sgp\_>** @pumppp lololololol **\** Telegram is nice, can i have the link to join? **\** rehrar: I am a sysadmin too **\** I use it for my other comms **\<sgp\_>** At the end of the day, the only argument supporting Monero Marketing is alliteration. However, we would like to hear your thoughts below. **\** Diffusive https://t.me/bitmonero **\** Don't forget to link to /r/MoneroCommunity from /r/Monero (sidebar, listing of Monero-related reddits) **\** I think I can setup mattermost for Kovri and monero **\** I happen to like alliteration **\<sgp\_>** Sounds like everyone was in support of it though **\** jk :P **\** Telegram & privacy? Lol **\** what do you think? **\** that'd be good @serhack, yes **\** Anything that is proprietary is subject to subpoena **\** we need someone willing to donate a server **\** MonCom? **\** or it can be FFS'd **\** ffs rehrar? **\** MonCom sounds cool **\** to get a large server for the Matter Most **\** t.me/bitmonero **\** and the backlog isn't lost after 10,000 messages **\** assuming big enough server **\** I would be willing to help fund that **\** at some point, the difference between marketing and community growth is very subtle **\** that's true vdo **\** we need a vps for mattermost **\** I prefer Community to Marketing **\** how about moneroworld? **\** in an ideal Monero world, the community is doing all the marketing, so they grow together actually **\** I have a few low tier servers laying around for what its worth **\** how many people are we? **\** but it's important to remark that profit is not the goal, is a medium **\** Community growth is the most effective from of marketing **\** cool I like it. lets stop arguing about "Marketing" semantics and work to grow the community! **\** Don't forget to link to /r/MoneroCommunity from /r/Monero (sidebar, listing of Monero-related reddits) <= I'll add it tomorrow **\** ^ **\** I like the idea **\** Monero Community Fund? **\<sgp\_>** no **\<sgp\_>** Will still use the FFS on a project-by-project basis **\** FFS to fund a VPS to have the Mm on **\** dEBRUYNE: Cool, thanks **\** yeah, diffusive, I can setup it **\** Good to see XMR finally concentrating community side of things **\** We will need general guidelines **\** Creation of New Bagholders begins **\** As we're getting into serious Community organized **\** Bagholder community gorwth **\** is this the meeting? **\** I can help with that **\** pero, yes **\** ye pero **\** can the monero corporation hire some mods for the reddit please **\** I can help with setupping mattermost and developing web integrations **\<sgp\_>** Any last thoughts on the move to /r/MoneroCommunity and use of IRC #monero-community? **\** thanks **\** my first milestone is almost finished **\** @\_Slack> <sgp\_, Community is free marketing **\** @serhack me too **\** And the best marketing is Word of Mouth **\** the community IRC is already up **\** if people want to explore the mansion **\** Hi XMR foundation **\** we need a theymoxmr **\<sgp\_>** Yeah get in on the ground level! **\** Gj* **\** The monero foundation **\<sgp\_>** 7. Open Idea Sharing and Discussion **\<\x\>** Monero Enterprise Alliance **\** I have a new topic I would like to introduce... An idea that I've been working on the last month or so - Monero Integration on ATM **\<sgp\_>** As the title suggests, it’s time to openly discuss ideas you have! In the future, this portion will probably take up a greater proportion of the total meeting time. We needed to get some first-time stuff out of the way for this one :p **\** Direct competitor of Monero Enterprice Aliance. **\** future meetings will probably err towards more open ideas sharing **\** gym7rjm, i see it far far away **\** you can come prepared to share something, or wing it if you have ideas **\** I've been speaking with the CEO of Lamassu Bitcion ATM's about the possibility of integrating Monero **\** @gym7rjm I agree, most BTMs work against monero though as they need at least a phone number **\** can the monero corporation hire some mods for the reddit please **\** this is a place to make your ideas heard! BEcause we know the best ideas come from the community **\** We can barely integrate with common stuff like wallets and payment gateways **\** my jobs: https://github.com/monero-integrations/monerowp **\** and https://github.com/monero-integrations/monerophp **\** just an observation, we getting lots of newbies in reddit, on this IRC asking the same questions **\** ^^^^ **\<\x\>** ye **\** must be a better way **\<\x\>** seen it too **\** A phone number for an ATM ? **\** than to repeat same thing over and over again **\** no. I've used tons of ATMs all over the world **\** new website should help with the newbies **\** i am squatting on r/monerosupport **\<sgp\_>** A better website should help A LOT. Easier to find answers to basic questions **\** ok ok **\** Lamassu is the best and has a sliding way for KYC AML **\** no sgp that is not the problem **\** @serhack @rehrar keep me posted on mattermost. I have been interested. **\** take ALL that that we're discussing **\** get the MOST asked questions **\** all these questions have been answered **\** and I will put them here **\** that people are asking **\** @antw081, Hoping to see a summary later that will answer them **\** these people are stupid **\** There is a need for comprehensive on-line documentation on how things work **\** and/or have some other mental issue **\** **\** there needs to be moderation on the subreddit **\** not stupid, iliterated. **\** okay then rehrar pm me **\** they are not searching **\<sgp\_>** @pero I'm sure a better FAQ can help a lot **\** there is FAQ on new website right? **\** no dude you dont get it **\** we will talk about mattermost **\** these questions have been answered 100000x times **\** ok @serhack **\** check the link above for how the FAQ will work **\** search subreddit for 'slow sync' or something **\<sgp\_>** A lot of people will never search, but we need to remove their excuse that it's too difficult to find **\** The website work will help a lot with this **\** Reddit's search algo is atricious to be honest **\** ok so anyhow **\** ^ pero **\** im squatting on r/monerosupport **\** i suggest you guys hire some new mods **\** yep **\** trying to sell it pero? **\** a lot of the questions are like newbies wanting to mine, struggling with the wallet "why not syncing" etc. **\** 1000 XMR? **\** implement a rule to redirect tech support there **\** The newcomers sticky isn't helping **\** what about having a dedicated place for people to ask the same question over and over again? **\** ill hand it over for FREE **\** anything that says 'Read this first' **\** gets ignored **\<sgp\_>** @Diffusive we can talk about a better sticky in #monero-community. Thanks for the specific suggestion **\** on the 'new post' page **\** a lot of reddit subs have bots that reply automatically **\** it should say: "Your questions are answered in here" :P **\** dont know if we can do something like that **\** 'are you asking a tech support qustion? go here --->' **\** @pero i agree **\** yeah, we can take common strings and make a bot **\** So guys **\** and then some mods to enforce it **\** if you need help, feel free to ask a question here:| **\** pero: We've been discussing adding new mods to r/monero btw **\** There should be a thread up about it soonish **\** thank saberhagen **\** IF we edit the submit box, to clearly say that you first search your question in this link ? **\** i don't think people will search, especially on reddit **\** make six dialog box pop ups **\** asking if they have searched for their question **\** not searching, just linking the FAQ **\** 'Are you really really REALLY sure?' **\** give them a place to ask the same question over and over again, and community members can try and help newbies. I'd be happy to help in a support position **\** And create a Telegram bot with the FAQ **\** community should help "socialise the knowledge" so that devs dont get bugged on stupid questions and waste time **\** Did anyone check already how groups with even more newbies are coping and solving that problem? Bitcoin, Ethereum? **\** Ask this guy first. @xmrfaqbot **\** Iota has been flushed with newbies **\** the hangouts page will also help, there's a section for Stack Exchange **\** on their slack **\** do you gus want r/monerosupport or what **\** **\** its free **\** likewise with their reddit, Devs did an AMA to try and help **\** FREE **\** I take it pero **\** pero stop peddling your domain **\** i don't think it will help **\<sgp\_>** @pero I don't have time to set it up now, though I'm sure it can be helpful in the future **\** I need the numbers of users on slack **\** I'll work on setting it up per **\** \*pero **\** People just don't use other subreddits, they always go to /r/Monero **\** I don't think a new support sub would be very effective because most noobs just go to the main sub **\** 500? 1000? **\** To the outsiders /r/Monero is the ONLY sub **\** yes did you not listen **\** tech support question go there **\** need a bot on main sub, to redirect **\<sgp\_>** @serhack 422 **\** Diffusive that's exactly right **\** no one goes to places besides r/monero **\** there is no point in having 'my blockchain takes 1000 hours to sync' posted 100 times **\** okay **\** in the subreddit **\** what about tags on the main subreddit? Support? Tech? Proposal? General? **\** AutoModerator ? **\** mods remove the post and redirect the question **\** so i can just search for support posts **\<sgp\_>** @serhack of those, 48 are highly active **\** Your question seems to be already posted, check the FAQ... something like that. **\** At least delete some of the post that say "help sync takes too long" or stuff like that **\** With the AutoMod **\** 250-500 users - 2 vCPUs/cores, 4 GB RAM, and 45-90 GB storage **\** tech support questions have no place in the subreddit **\** idk there are so many miner questions and we already have a dedicated sub, so i don\`t really see how a techsupport sub might help here **\** we need a vps like this ^^ **\** alright, let's rein this in a bit **\** however you guys want to deal with that fine **\** but lets declutter the subreddit a little **\** how about that guy who accept XMR for VPs? **\** tech support is easy low hanging fruit to get rid of **\** Maybe he can donate space **\** I still think tags is the best option for now **\** this can be a topic of further discussion, and the discussions don't have to stop when the meeting ends **\** this is simply a spring board for ideas, and they can be explored outside of the meeting **\** so we've got Matter Most, and subreddit decluttering **\<sgp\_>** 9. Conclusion **\** @rehrar that sounds good **\** Conclusion is monero is great **\<sgp\_>** Actually wait sorry :/ **\<sgp\_>** 8. Confirm Next Meeting Date/Time **\<sgp\_>** The next meeting will happen in two weeks on 2 July. Same time (18:30 UTC). Look for another meta issue about it on GitHub. **\** Hail monero. **\<sgp\_>** After the 2 July meeting, we may delay the following meeting by an extra week. Some people may prefer all three meetings in a row on the same day (monero-dev, kovri-dev, and monero-community). I’m concerned this will be a long day for everyone involved, but I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts. **\** One thing I want to say about the next meeting **\** do we have people that aren't the devs managing the community? **\** there was a person or two that was disappointed about the time, which is very late for people across the world **\** this does not have to the the only Monero Community meeting **\** MONTERO rocks **\** @SGP I had an actual big idea I @wanted to discuss... got no attention and was not discussed... if you want these meetings to be useful you need to keep stuff on track otherwise Reddit is the better venue for focused community discussion **\** if there is a person in Asia that wants to run a meeting in parallel with this one **\** with similar agendas to get opinions from that area of the world **\** I would love to work with them **\** @rehrar get in contract with AsianHouseShrew **\** will do **\** he is active and lives in Singapore **\<sgp\_>** @gym7rjm we are just testing this stuff out, and we hope to improve future meetings **\** if summery of meeting is posted on reddit, people who missed in can still chip in maybe **\** Yeah, it's past midnight here **\** zzzzz **\** We need a fixed time **\** @sgp thanks again for putting this on.. **\** 10mints dedicated to this, 20 to this and so. **\<sgp\_>** We will do our best to pick the best time for everyone, though if use in Asia increases, a second meeting could be a good idea **\<sgp\_>** 9. Conclusion **\<sgp\_>** That’s all, folks! Thanks for making it through the first ever Monero Community meeting! You rock! _fist bump_ **\** thanks for hosting this! **\** :rocket::rocket: **\<sgp\_>** Make sure to join #monero-community! **\<sgp\_>** And /r/MoneroCommunity **\** will do **\** only 8 people there so far! **\** Thanks for the hard work sgp **\** Yeah, thanks **\** Already subbed a couple days ago, does that make me an OG member??? Lmao **\** thanks **\** VIP **\** Thanks XMR foundation **\** lol **\** You guys rock **\** I think hacing community ambassadors with their own tag in subreddit would help as well **\** \*having **\** "Don't buy Montero" (c) **\** For the subreddit **\** That should be the subreddit header :stuck_out_tongue: **\** we need tags, and flairs **\** i nominate unknownids for mod dEBRUYNE **\** he has lots of gestapo experience **\** lol **\** thanks for coming everyone. More meetings ahead. Cya. **\** pls consider him **\** @rehrar, Whale meetings? **\** those are invitation only **\** I've never received an invitation :( **\** what a shame

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