Overview and Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2018-06-28

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<anonimal> 1. Greetings
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<anonimal> 4. Alpha release discussion
<anonimal> 5. Public relations discussion
<anonimal> 6. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> 7. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> 8. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> howdy
<oneiric_> hi there
<anonimal> rehrar are you going to miss the 2nd meeting that you helped setup? :/
<anonimal> He's busy with things. This I do know.
<anonimal> But what if I decided to not show up to meetings because I was busy, and didn't reschedule?
<anonimal> Life's questions.
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> When was the last meeting?
<anonimal> Oh, only 3 weeks ago?
<anonimal> Seems longer than that.
<oneiric_> I put together a small summary of stuff from ~last month:
<oneiric_> anonimal improved and/or fixed builds, tests, the testnet, logging, CLI arguments, and documentation. In addition, anonimal spent a significant amount of time mentoring oneiric.
<oneiric_> tmoravec is a new contributor, and fixed a number of Coverity bugs & build warnings.
<oneiric_> ordtrogen is a new contributor, and improved build instructions in the README.
<oneiric_> RichAyotte is a new contributor, and updated the user guide documentation.
<oneiric_> ErCiccione added a TOC to the Kovri multilingual README.
<oneiric_> rahkimov improved a core data structure (Tag), and fixed a dependency in the Kovri README.
<oneiric_> oneiric improved tests, router key creation (w/ anonimal), core data structures (Tag/InputByteStream), and fixed build warnings.
<oneiric_> rehrar updated the multilingual implementation for the Kovri site, and merged a number of commits from documentation.
<oneiric_> monerorus is a new contributor to the kovri site, and translated the site into Russian.
<oneiric_> el00ruobuob is a new contributor to the Kovri site, and translated the site into French.
<oneiric_> For details see merged PRs on github:
<oneiric_> kovri: https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+is%3Amerged
<oneiric_> kovri-site: https://github.com/monero-project/kovri-site/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+is%3Amerged
<oneiric_> kovri-docs: https://github.com/monero-project/kovri-docs/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+is%3Amerged
<anonimal> lol, thanks oneiric_
<anonimal> Also see open PRs.
<oneiric_> lol, no problem anonimal
<anonimal> I implemented tweetnacl / dropped supercop, in #909. There are other open PRs too.
<anonimal> oneiric_: that was an awesome summary btw
<anonimal> ^ irc summary
<anonimal> reminds me of my gusto circa 2015
<anonimal> which has disappeared in the wind of time.
<anonimal> So thanks for doing that
<oneiric_> thanks, I'll try to keep that up for good communication
<oneiric_> no worries :)
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<anonimal> oneiric_'s FFS has moved to funding required
<anonimal> https://forum.getmonero.org/8/funding-required/90300/oneiric-june-august-part-time-kovri-junior-developer
<anonimal> Congratulations on 73.36% funding oneiric_
<oneiric_> thanks anonimal, and huge thank you to everyone who has contributed!
<oneiric_> means a lot to me to have the community's support
<anonimal> I don't think people realize how much of my time I donate. Regardless, if the remaining balance isn't filled soon then I'll donate.
<anonimal> Anything else on the FFS topic?
<anonimal> Oh, my FFS.
<oneiric_> that's awesome, thank you! I do know, at least partly, how much time you spend, and that's hugely appreciated on it's own
<anonimal> I could go into detail for any lurkers or people with questions but I don't know who are around.
<anonimal> From an outsider's perspective, I don't think they realize how far you've come oneiric_ in such a short amount of time.
<anonimal> Ok, not to derail my FFS, I've recently finished another milestone http://forum.getmonero.org/9/work-in-progress/86967/anonimal-s-kovri-full-time-development-funding-thread?page=&noscroll=1#post-94875
<anonimal> Continuing as scheduled.
<anonimal> Any questions/comments on the FFS checkin?
<anonimal> 4. Alpha release discussion
<Corklander> Here
<anonimal> Hi Corklander, thanks for dropping in. I know the relays are offline.
<oneiric_> Just that the comment about mentoring is not an understatement, and I appreciate your time spent with me
<anonimal> We'll have to upload the meeting log. Maybe selsta is around?
<anonimal> Thanks oneiric_, likewise.
<oneiric_> Hi there, Corklander!
<anonimal> Continuing to the release discussion, any questions before I start?
<oneiric_> none from me
<anonimal> Ok, so off the top of my head,
<anonimal> I'm imagining a release date of August 1st. Completed release, on website, binaries rolled out, etc.
<anonimal> Codefreeze two weeks before that at most.
<anonimal> Or, more realistically, codefreeze the night before :)
<oneiric_> lol
<anonimal> But let's aim for two weeks prior.
<anonimal> Not like it will matter much. Everyone will still 99.9% be advised to build from master.
<anonimal> But, if we have these dates, we can tell pigeons and hopefully he can make sure all the backend issues are resolved so we can actually have a release.
<oneiric_> Will there be a release branch to make bugfix pulls against?
<anonimal> Good question. We can do that. Or not. We can also just do a featurefreeze instead.
<oneiric_> Ok, I'm good with either way.
<anonimal> I personally don't like a cluttered tree, and considering alpha and lots of numbers that will need to be released…
<anonimal> We can decide as the time approaches. Sound fair?
<oneiric_> Definitely, sounds fair.
<anonimal> ok
<anonimal> About the website, that too will need to be updated and ready to go.
<anonimal> Just FYI. Not my territory though.
<anonimal> Any more questions/comments about alpha release?
<oneiric_> Ok, I was hoping rehrar would be here. Wanted to ask questions about his preference for docs PRs
<anonimal> Did you want to PR some things?
<oneiric_> Yeah, the router size notes we discussed in #627
<selsta> anonimal: if I have time I’ll PR it :)
<anonimal> k
<anonimal> oneiric_: I'm basically running that repo. What was the question?
<anonimal> I'm thinking we move kovri moneropedia entires onto kovri-site btw
<anonimal> and then from there we can add directly to the website
<oneiric_> Ok, would you prefer me to make a PR directly to kovri-site, or to kovri-docs, then merge that into kovri-site?
<oneiric_> Oh, got it, so just PR to moneropedia?
<anonimal> Good questions. If we had more active website development I would say just PR to the website
<anonimal> *kovri-site
<anonimal> What would the title of the document be?
<oneiric_> Good question, I haven't thought about it, yet.
<anonimal> Ok, let's talk more. This would be the perfect opportunity to have a simple developer notes section somewhere.
<anonimal> Then again, the java i2p docs could simply be written better. Yes, I've voiced complaints/concerns. Beating dead horse.
<anonimal> oneiric_: can we talk more about this after the meeting?
<oneiric_> Absolutely
<anonimal> k
<anonimal> 5. Public relations discussion
<anonimal> Well, our volunteer PR guy who was here for 3 seconds decided to rage quit, so, here we are.
<anonimal> Any questions/comments on point 5?
<anonimal> We're in a time where PR doesn't require product anymore. I personally don't agree with this but the trend is being set.
<oneiric_> Is xmrhaelan, the Monero PR/outreach guy, available to help with Kovri?
<oneiric_> We're in a time where PR doesn't require product anymore. < what do you mean?
<anonimal> We're available. We have communications channels. We have very little outreach but c'est la vie.
<anonimal> oneiric_: one can put vast amounts of money into a PR team and not need to have a product. See ICOs.
<oneiric_> Oh, yeah vaporware is king there
<anonimal> I don't know if xmrhaelan is around. I keep thinking of Van Halen everytime I read his name.
<oneiric_> lol
<anonimal> "Got it baaddd, got it baaad, got it baaadd, got hots for teacher"
<anonimal> Anything else on point 5.?
<Corklander> Is there a strategy?
<anonimal> I could go on, this is a chat-worthy topic but, preaching to the choir here.
<Corklander> As in, was there a plan to have an alpha now, a beta in 1 year, etc.
<anonimal> These are all just names. We could've had alpha a year ago. Names and numbers used to denote quality and reliability but most of that concept has disappeared.
<anonimal> The steaming pile of shit that we forked had multiple "full releases" even before we forked.
<anonimal> So, we can say whatever we'd like. I'm just trying to be as honest as possible.
<anonimal> But yes, strategy would be good.
<Corklander> Ah, yeah.
<anonimal> I would think we need an extra pair of hands to fulfill a strategy though.
<anonimal> Corklander: do you have any ideas/thoughts on how to improve PR?
<Corklander> Well, I think PR is always targeted to get needed people involved
<Corklander> There's got to be existing projects that are fumbling with Tor, etc. that could use a better API.
<anonimal> Good point, I haven't thought about that.
<Corklander> If we just throw together a list, then go through and announce the alpha to them, that would generate interest on its own.
<anonimal> I'd always thought that stem and their existing api was good enough for most people.
<anonimal> e.g., socks proxy :)
<anonimal> Ok, that sounds interesting.
<Corklander> It's the I2P routing that sold me though. Tor is too wild to provide services.
<anonimal> I'd really like to hear more about your perspective Corklander. My head's been in this too long to have a fresh/newcomer perspective.
<Corklander> i.e. If I want to make an app with a connection to a relaible backend and prove no knowledge of the requestor then I2P might work.
<anonimal> Would you like to chat more about this after the meeting? Or in a separate meeting or side-channel? And/or inperson?
<Corklander> Sure.
<anonimal> Ok, I don't understand the zero knowledge requester part so I'll ask about that.
<Corklander> Well, I'll be at DEFCON so we'll have a chance to go into details anyway.
<Corklander> Yup.
<anonimal> Ok. Any other questions/comments on the PR topic?
<oneiric_> < None here
<anonimal> 6. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> oneiric_: I'll get to reviewing the remaining open PRs today
<oneiric_> Ok, I added a WIP tag to #917, to rebase on top of a merged #926
<anonimal> ok
<oneiric_> Have a hunch about what might be causing the assert firing for #909, think related to RI stuff
<oneiric_> Getting closer to figuring out the SSU overread issue. Is the SSU fragment code from pre-fork?
<anonimal> ok good. After I merge 926 into my bandcaps branch I'll need to fix a couple of RI bugs that are getting in the way. I don't think it will affect that assertion though, TBD.
<anonimal> The SSU fragment and data code, yes.
<oneiric_> Alright, was just a hunch.
<oneiric_> re: SSU code, thought so. much spaget
<anonimal> lol
<anonimal> yes
<anonimal> ok, running out of time, anything else for 6.?
<oneiric_> Can talk later, or on GH
<anonimal> k
<anonimal> I'm not 100% thrilled about the new utility buffer. I'd like to see a more work on it before it's deployed out of the simple RI case.
<anonimal> 7. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> Corklander: selsta may be able to upload the meeting. If he can't then I'll upload a paste.
<anonimal> 8. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> Two weeks? Sooner?
<oneiric_> Two weeks, cause code freeze, I'm good for sooner, too.
<anonimal> ok. Corklander?
<Corklander> Anytime is good with me.
<anonimal> ok
<Corklander> (It'll take me at least that much time before I can cover the entire codebase and be ready to add.)
<anonimal> Alright, let's set a date for 2 weeks, same time, and we can chat here frequently when needed.
<anonimal> Sound good?
<oneiric_> +1
<Corklander> +1
<oneiric_> Corklander: are you on Coverity?
<anonimal> Thanks everyone

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