Overview and Logs for the Dev Meeting Held on 2019-09-22

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<rehrar> ok
<rehrar> it's time
<rehrar> 1. Greetings
<rehrar> who all is here?
<sgp_> hello :)
<needmonero90> Hi
<xmrscott[m]> Hey hey hey
<rbrunner> Hi
<tevador> hey
<sech1> \o/
<ErCiccione[m]> Hi
<ferretinjapan> so everyone except the people rehrar pinged are here, nice.
<rehrar> it would seem so
<rehrar> moneromooo: do we have you at least? :P
<moneromooo> Yes.
<rehrar> one last round for fluffypony luigi1111 ArticMine binaryFate
<rehrar> please join us ASAP
<rehrar> in the meantime, we can move on to 2. What's been completed since last meeting?
<vtnerd__> here
<sech1> I've finished RandomX JIT compiler for ARM CPUs. Verification time is even better than CN/R on ARM.
<moneromooo> Pretty good stuff here.
<rbrunner> Nice
<ArticMine> Hi
<dEBRUYNE> I am here
<meksi> Hi
<tevador> so I guess we are including the ARM JIT in the release?
<tevador> probably no reason not to
<moneromooo> It can be disabled with an env var AFAIK so sure.
<tevador> just it hasn't been heavily tested as the x86 JIT
<SoiMatter> Sirs! ferretinjapan asked moi to join.
<hyc> since it's easily toggled off, I'd say we run with it
<jtgrassie> hi
<SoiMatter> o7 I will keep still :)
<moneromooo> monerod can now synced from pruned blocks (optional). I'd like this to go in before release if reviewed.
<rehrar> Honest question to everyone, now that CLI has reproducible builds, can we as a community decide on a date without input from Core?
<selsta> GUI?
<rehrar> that's next selsta :P
<selsta> yes but it would be nice to release both the CLI and GUI at the same time and that depends on core
<moneromooo> Pony still controls the website (for binaries to be uploaded), and the DNS records (for the hashes of the binaries).
<rehrar> ok so there's distribution and GUI to consider
<dEBRUYNE> Pony said he'd be around for the CLI & GUI release
<rehrar> I mean, ultimately we want to go along this road at some point to reduce centralization anyways, no?
<moneromooo> Also needs people to build for random OSes. Does Windows have repro builds too ?
<ArticMine> Do we have a release date in mind?
<dEBRUYNE> moneromooo: Yes
<dEBRUYNE> At least for the CLI
<ErCiccione[m]> ArticMine: i think the idea was to set a date today
<rehrar> so let's set one
<rehrar> ArticMine can represent the core team here
<sgp_> October 26?
<rehrar> Are we thinking mid-October? End of October?
<dEBRUYNE> I would personally prefer a bit more towards the end of October, as that gives us a bit more leeway
<ArticMine> I do not ave an issue with setting a release date at this meeting
<ErCiccione[m]> i agree
<hyc> Let's go with October 31, Halloween
<tevador> is this the release date of the fork date?
<tevador> or*
<hyc> it'll be scary
<moneromooo> I have some reservations about the stability of randomx-in-monerod. Bugs are still coming in fast.
<needmonero90> Monero's spoopy fork
<rehrar> tevador: fork date
<dEBRUYNE> tevador: fork date
<sech1> October 31 is a bit too late
<moneromooo> So pushing back would be good in my view :)
<ArticMine> and code freeze?
<rehrar> if mooo has reservations then maybe 31 is a decent date?
<rehrar> sech1: what's your reasoning?
<tevador> so better to not do it in the middle of the week
<luigi1111> I'm sorta here
<sech1> October 31 is kind of an edge of publicly promised "fork in October"
<sech1> October 26 sounds better
<moneromooo> I don't anyone (who counts) ever promised.
<hyc> assuming it's actually ready by then
<needmonero90> Welcome to decentralization sech1.
<rehrar> I am fine with 26th
<tevador> yeah, 26 October would be better if it's doable
<needmonero90> Community won't be too mad if we don't hit deadlines
<SoiMatter> Go with the date of the next UK election
<hyc> testnet has been disturbingly unstable the past few weeks.
<hyc> but most of the problems were unrelated to randomX
<Inge-> Better a safe launch than an october launch.
<ArticMine> One key point is the time between release and fork date
<rbrunner> Normal testnet or the RandomX testnet?
<hyc> randomX testnet
<hyc> but the issues with peers being disconnected and banned would have happened on public testnet too if anyone bothered to exercise that
<hyc> basically current git master is unstable, recent changes to the networking code broke a lot.
<sech1> if fork is October 26 (4 weeks), would 2 weeks be enough to fix all that?
<sech1> and would additional 5 days help?
<ErCiccione[m]> i'm starting to think would be better to posticipate to after october
<tevador> so it looks more like November
<ArticMine> Release and fork date ware very different
<dEBRUYNE> hyc: Those recent changes will be reverted by 5905 right?
<moneromooo> Yes.
<ArticMine> We need to give people time to update
<ErCiccione[m]> if there are so many doubts i would just wait. No reason to rush it, this is a big fork
<hyc> agreed, safer to wait
<rehrar> so really all of this should have been discussed two weeks to a month ago
<sgp_> I don't think the optics of a "late" Oct 31 date will be terrible. We can get ahead of it with the Halloween marketing. If people prefer November, then I think we should still pick a date
<M5M400> will this release discontinue legacy payment IDs?
<rehrar> so for next time we really need to start seriously discussing the fork two months prior to "planned" date
<moneromooo> Yes.
<moneromooo> Though currently not banned, just code removed.
<dEBRUYNE> rehrar: I don't think we could have foreseen the issues arosen on testnet
<moneromooo> Are any large exchanges still using them ?
<ArticMine> I suggest an October 31 release date with a fork date 4 weeks later
<luigi1111> late is far better than broken
<sgp_> I can try to compile a list
<sech1> We still need to decide fork date and release schedule today
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE: literally every single fork there is a "I don't think we could have foreseen" situation?
<needmonero90> What happened to move fast and break things? This is tech!
<dEBRUYNE> Yes because there will simply be things that cannot be foreseen
<dEBRUYNE> You cannot perfectly plan such a thing
<luigi1111> I too enjoy breaking money when possible
<rehrar> ok, ArticMine has made a concrete suggestion
<rehrar> 31st release date, one month later fork date
<sgp_> one month? why one month?
<needmonero90> I think its reasonable.
<needmonero90> No objection here.
<ferretinjapan> luigi1111, I agree, late and working is far better than on time and buggy…
<hyc> is that the same offset we used in previous releases?
<M5M400> moneromooo: i have about 330 miners still mining to payment_id addresses. that's 5 %
<sgp_> no, closer to two weeks I think
<ArticMine> To give people proper notice to upgrade
<luigi1111> that's what it ended up being
<needmonero90> We were pushing to the wire last time
<needmonero90> To be fair
<luigi1111> we never targeted two weeks that's simply not ideal
<needmonero90> Two weeks was cutting it close
<ArticMine> This has been an issue many times before
<ErCiccione[m]> yeah, one month seems fair
<sech1> October 31st release and November 30th fork then?
<luigi1111> yes we've always pushed releases to late but doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do better
<ArticMine> sounds fine to me
<sgp_> So what specific fork date?
<tevador> 30th Nov
<rbrunner> November 30 is again Saturday, which is nice
<sech1> let's hope CN/R holds without ASICs until then :)
<ArticMine> So when is code freeze?
<moneromooo> Whenever we don't have anything left we want to merge :)
<ErCiccione[m]> now with reproducible build releases should be much faster, at least for CLI. We rarely managed to release at the time we decided
<needmonero90> October 31st makes sense imo
<sgp_> I think having a release in October will help with optics. And a 31st update is easy to brand
<rehrar> alright, it looks like we have a loose consensus, unless anyone would like to speak now
<ArticMine> Sure but how much time is needed between code freeze and release?
<rehrar> in opposition
<luigi1111> like a week
<luigi1111> but fluffy fluffy fluffy
<selsta> +1
<selsta> long code freezes never work
<rehrar> luigi1111: did not show
<dEBRUYNE> We only need fluffy to upload the bins though for the CLI release
<dEBRUYNE> (and do the website)
<luigi1111> I know but if he's building he has to be able to commit to a schedule
<sgp_> so Thanksgiving weekend hardfork (Nov 30)
<sech1> yes, better safe than sorry
<hyc> since we have reproducible builds we don't need him to build
<dEBRUYNE> rehrar: He said he'd be available for the release (he'd prefer to have a timeline a bit in advance though)
<rehrar> luigi1111: if he's unable to commit to a schedule, then we can do the deterministic builds thing, and just make sure they get uploaded
<luigi1111> ok cool
<luigi1111> then just gooey
<rehrar> which is you
<ArticMine> The time between code freeze and release need to be set buy those closest to the code
<rehrar> can you commit to this schedule?
<dEBRUYNE> GUI gets build by pony
<rehrar> oof
<needmonero90> Speaking of build privs, I would like to formally propose that some of the GUI repo privileges be transferred to dsc (the non deterministic build part at the very least)
<M5M400> how can fluffy still be the only person able to do some vital things?
<luigi1111> I'm the one going to be doing all the merges in both projects so heh
<dEBRUYNE> rehrar: Third time and last time I will say -> He said he'd be available for the release
<rehrar> M5M400: that's why deterministic builds is top priority
<rehrar> dEBRUYNE: ok
<ferretinjapan> M5M400, mainly because reproducible builds were never a thing before now.
<needmonero90> luigi1111: we really should move some of those responsibilities to dsc.
<dEBRUYNE> needmonero90: I disagree, then we would have coders merging their own stuff
<needmonero90> He would be the new maintainer/lead of gui
<needmonero90> Or something
<rehrar> ok, any other questions in regards to the set dates? October 31st release, November 30th fork.
<moneromooo> So what do we need for the release ? readline fixes for repro builds, randomx. The pay-for-service stuff. Payment ID changes. Hopefully the sync-pruned-blocks. Anything else that's large or really needed ?
<ferretinjapan> freeze date?
<rehrar> needmonero90: that would be the first time a non-core team member will have done this. Not impossible, but certainly unprecedented and worthy of a bigger discussion which we don't have time for here in this meeting
<dEBRUYNE> Once we branch the code is basically frozen right? Because then only fixes go in
<ErCiccione[m]> one week code freeze would be appreciated. Let's remember that there are the translation to deal with (and i beg for a code freeze since ever :D)
<needmonero90> Okay, tabled for now rehrar
<moneromooo> vtnerd__: are you planning to have some more network stuff ready for the release ?
<ferretinjapan> I guess the #monero-pow guys would have a better idea when to freeze…
<ArticMine> Oct 24th as per luigi1111 selsta?
<luigi1111> he's not the only one with access to a couple things but the only one that actively used his access
<dEBRUYNE> moneromooo: The readline fix is 5892 right?
<selsta> ArticMine: yes
<luigi1111> until recently where him and pigeons have both not been to active
<moneromooo> Could be. Depends on what people who have the problem say after testing it :)
<dEBRUYNE> ArticMine: I think we can branch earlier, but moneromooo probably has a better view on that
<ArticMine> moneromooo does Oct 24 work for code freeze?
<ErCiccione[m]> pigeons is active. I asked him to update the server of getmonero last time
<moneromooo> That sounds plausible to me.
<M5M400> moneromooo: it appears bittrex and binance still use payment_id's
<ErCiccione[m]> and he also gave me a hand with weblate
<moneromooo> Thanks.
<vtnerd__> moneromooo : yes, the split mempool is jst about done (finishing core tests nows)
<rehrar> wow
<dEBRUYNE> M5M400: Binance is working on upgrading their system, needmonero90 is in touch with them
<rehrar> vtnerd__: so your stuff will make it in this one?
<vtnerd__> and the dandelion++ remnants _shouldn't_ be too painful - although I always say that :/
<M5M400> dEBRUYNE: saifu. great.
<needmonero90> Binance indicated they should be ready by fork in October. Pushing the date back shouldnt hurt the timeline.
<M5M400> anyone in touch with bittrex?
<dEBRUYNE> They are aware as far as I know
<vtnerd__> I can't say whether it will "make it in", because theres always a chance something comes up during review, etc
<vtnerd__> but the split mempool for the i2p/tor is close to ready. my concern is that its kind of tough the way it got shoved in
<rbrunner> You mean in a technical sense?
<vtnerd__> I took hyc's approach of adding a tag to the metadata, but I had to inspect a bunch of code paths to make sure stuff didn't leak
<binaryFate> hi all, sorry got late to the party
<vtnerd__> ultimately a true "physical" or "logical" split would be ideal, but it seemed kind of tough at the momnent when I tried to think about hwo to do it
<moneromooo> Oh so it's a single txpool, just txes have a flag ?
<vtnerd__> yeah, unfortunately
<M5M400> are we aware of any GPU miner in the works for randX that will be ready in time for spork?
<moneromooo> That's what I did for the sync-from-pruned :)
<hyc> M5M400: xmrig is ready
<luigi1111> 24th and 31st targets are good with me for 30th fork
<sech1> M5M400 xmrig 4.0 is combined CPU + OpenCL miner
<vtnerd__> if thats worth a reject, then I can go back and try again, but its a little dicey otherwise (it requires a slightly larger refactor and possibly a second lmdb database)
<luigi1111> mostly afk now
<rehrar> vtnerd__: if this does make it in this time, it can be iterated on in the future no?
<M5M400> hyc: sech1: nice
<moneromooo> It's not IMHO. I'd have done that too.
<moneromooo> But then I tend to shove things in :)
<vtnerd__> yes, I don't think the patch makes it harder to refactor, its probably neutral from that perspective
<hyc> I don't really see other approaches to that as being a good idea
<tevador> btw, fork height could be 1978433, which is exactly the start of a RandomX epoch and should be in the afternoon CET on Nov 30th
<vtnerd__> as an example of what I mean - one of the weird cases is that fluffy blocks request can leak the anonymity channel, etc, so yeah
<dEBRUYNE> tevador: Afternoon CET would allow most people to be online, because it would basically be late evening for Asia and morning for US
<moneromooo> And let's reset testnet to fork on an epoch boundary too ?
<tevador> dEBRUYNE: yeah, nice coincidence
<ErCiccione[m]> i guess we have a fork height. Nice
<rbrunner> With a testnet fork around release, end of October?
<hyc> sounds good
<dEBRUYNE> To summarize the timeline, this is approximately correct right? Branch within 2-3 weeks, freeze October 24, release October 31, fork November 30
<moneromooo> I think we have everything we need for v12 now, apart from randomx, so we can fork the real testnet as soon as it gets merged.
<rbrunner> Even better then
<tevador> that looks like a sensible schedule
<sech1> yes, plenty of time to iron out all issues
<rbrunner> Famous last words :)
<dEBRUYNE> It at least feels we are better prepared now than last time :-P
<tevador> someone should strictly enforce code freeze this time
<rehrar> penalty of death
<ErCiccione[m]> tevador: i strongly agree
<dEBRUYNE> moneromooo: Do we need pony around to fork the real testnet?
<PauleBert> can we reset stagenet too? it is getting quite huge
<moneromooo> Yes, the miner's one of his nodes, and seed nodes need updating too.
<moneromooo> The former's not a big problem, but the latter kinda is.
<needmonero90> Don't reset stagenet :(
<dEBRUYNE> Ok, I will send him a message then
<needmonero90> Telegram tipbot uses it
<rbrunner> "Reset" means here dropping a few hundreds of blocks probably, no new genesis block
<needmonero90> It'll wipe all our balances ;_;
<rbrunner> Back to the latest epoc date, that is
<needmonero90> (yes, I know, it's stagenet)
<rbrunner> Or a few thousands …
<M5M400> are we in any way concerned about the probably 10x hashrate post fork and the amount of blocks being spit out quickly? might it be a good idea to set a ballpark initial diff?
<hyc> I'm guessing that will be offset by the typical hashrate drop due to not everyone updating
<moneromooo> I am not.
<sech1> I don't think so. It'll rather grow slowly.
<rbrunner> I think to remember from earlier forks that "doctoring" the diff is not trivial
<sech1> Even with higher hashrate from CPUs, hard fork drop in hashrate will make initial diff roughly the same as now
<ferretinjapan> I wouldn't be worried un less ASICs were currently saturating the network, but by the sounds of it, theres been no indication of that being the case…
<M5M400> I've seen a few big miners on the pool that are most likely CPU based. one instance of 17MH cn/r. these operations don't miss forks, as opposed to casual miners
<sech1> No signs of ASICs
<ferretinjapan> thats good.
<rehrar> alright, is there anything else of note to discuss?
<ErCiccione[m]> minor: is it fine for everybody if we take down the current warning on getmonero, it's there since last fork
<needmonero90> We need to talk about extending the Monero Foundation's Dev tax, and the Monero name trademark issue
<ErCiccione[m]> i want to avoid people not reading it because they are used to it when we put up the new one
<needmonero90> Oh wait wrong coin
<needmonero90> We good
<hyc> ErCiccione[m]: good idea
<rbrunner> Yeah, take it down before it gets a running gag or something
<rbrunner> "Monero mixes up its hardforks"
<rehrar> alright
<ErCiccione[m]> alright, will open a PR tomorrow
<rehrar> alright friends, it would seem we're all good
<needmonero90> Is Gui considered core?
<needmonero90> Or is it it's own thing
<hyc> dEBRUYNE: now that randomx has quieted down I'll get to rebasing that gitian PR of mine
<ErCiccione[m]> needmonero90: that's actually a good question. See https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/384
<selsta> Please no renaming discussion.
<selsta> The github issue is a better place for that.
<rehrar> alright everyone, we'll officially break for today
<rehrar> thanks for coming. Good discussion, and got a lot done.
<hyc> who's posting meeting logs?
<rehrar> We can continue on a two weeks schedule for now? Or want to go to one week mini-check in on off weeks?
<ErCiccione[m]> hyc: el00ruobuob, usually
<hyc> ok.
<hyc> I think next mtg in 2 weeks is fine. after that, we can decide again
<rehrar> ok
<ErCiccione[m]> unles you didn't mean on getmonero
<rehrar> sounds good
<dEBRUYNE> hyc: Thanks
<dEBRUYNE> ErCiccione[m]: I'd prefer to update it with a general information thread regarding the upcoming fork
<dEBRUYNE> I can have that ready next week
<ErCiccione[m]> dEBRUYNE: sure! will you PR it on repo.getmonero?
<IRC-Source_89> guys sorry for the question , but i missed the begining of the discussion… Have you already choosen a block height for the fork?
<scoobybejesus> tevador> btw, fork height could be 1978433, which is exactly the start of a RandomX epoch and should be in the afternoon CET on Nov 30th
<dEBRUYNE> ErCiccione[m]: Sure
<scoobybejesus> there seemed to be rough consensus on that
<IRC-Source_89> thank you
<ErCiccione[m]> dEBRUYNE: great, thank you. Ping el00ruobuob_ so he remembers to not PR it
<dEBRUYNE> I don't mind if he PRs it
<ErCiccione[m]> he usally PR them after more than one week, should be fine
<dEBRUYNE> Are we talking about the same thing? :P
<dEBRUYNE> I was referring to the new information thread regarding the fork
<ErCiccione[m]> I was talking about the logs :P i understood you wanted to include them in the thread.
<ErCiccione[m]> but anyway, we should really make a blog post about it.
<sech1> So will the schedule be officially announced soon?
<rbrunner> sgp_ was fast: https://old.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/d7twle/tentative_monero_015_release_schedule/
<hyc> sgp already announced it
<dEBRUYNE> sgp_: Perhaps worthwhile to mention in the comments why there is a bit of a delay
<sgp_> I don't know what happened with testnet
<ErCiccione[m]> el00ruobuob_ ignore what i said earlier, we need the logs :P

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