Overview and Logs for the tini2p Dev Meeting Held on 2019-10-03

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<tini2p_gitlab> meet time
<tini2p_gitlab> 0: Greetings
<tini2p_gitlab> hi all
<tini2p_gitlab> 1: What's been done
<tini2p_gitlab> an incredible amount of refactoring, and router context impl
<tini2p_gitlab> a lot of the early code that I wrote in the first months of the project has returned to bite me
<tini2p_gitlab> I've spent a good amount of time correcting early design and implementation mistakes
<tini2p_gitlab> work remains on the refactoring front, but it works
<tini2p_gitlab> the real test will come with cross-implementation integration tests (post-alpha)
<tini2p_gitlab> you can see my progress in the context branch: https://gitlab.com/tini2p/tini2p/tree/context
<tini2p_gitlab> I have a bit more work to do cleaning things up, and making the context work without so much manual interaction
<tini2p_gitlab> but tunnel messages, and end-to-end ECIES messaging works over localhost!
<tini2p_gitlab> you can see for yourself here: https://gitlab.com/tini2p/tini2p/blob/context/tests/net_tests/router/context.cc
<tini2p_gitlab> notably, this test shows an end-to-end ECIES session over inbound and outbound tunnels: https://gitlab.com/tini2p/tini2p/blob/context/tests/net_tests/router/context.cc#L402
<tini2p_gitlab> you can also see that I'm manually adding tunnels, selecting which router infos are used for tunnel hops, and manually creating the LeaseSet
<tini2p_gitlab> so all that needs to be automated, and wrapped in functions inside the router context itself
<tini2p_gitlab> I'll be working on that for the remainder of today, and pushing an alpha release candidate today or tomorrow
<tini2p_gitlab> I'll leave the alpha candidate open for review for one week before merging into master
<tini2p_gitlab> I've also updated my ECIES impl to *mostly* match what is in the current revision of 144
<tini2p_gitlab> where there are TODOs and otherwise murky content, I've filled in the gaps
<tini2p_gitlab> the proposal is still highly in flux, and I will continue to update my impl until we reach a stable spec
<tini2p_gitlab> over the last few meetings, zzz, orignal, the rest of the I2P devs, and I have been making a lot of progress
<tini2p_gitlab> zzz is dedicating time to the next I2P release, and will return focus to 144 afterward
<tini2p_gitlab> they have stated an estimate for end-of-year for a stable spec/rollout in Java I2P impl code
<tini2p_gitlab> I'm hoping to also be ready with some client code (I2CP, SAMv3, Reseed) around that time to do full integration tests with Java I2P and i2pd
<tini2p_gitlab> (ire too if str4d is ready :)
<tini2p_gitlab> after alpha, I'll also be implementing ElGamal tunnel building, so that tini2p users will be able to build tunnels through existing Java I2P and i2pd routers
<tini2p_gitlab> after that, Reseed
<tini2p_gitlab> between now and next week, I'll be working on more bug fixes, the automation of router context stuffs, and trying to put together instructions for running tini2p routers over a docker testnet
<tini2p_gitlab> docker testnet may wait until after alpha release, since I have net-tests that show full end-to-end communication (even if it is only over localhost)
<tini2p_gitlab> that was 2: What's next
<tini2p_gitlab> :0
<tini2p_gitlab> 3: Comments / questions
<tini2p_gitlab> then that leaves
<tini2p_gitlab> 4: Next meeting
<tini2p_gitlab> will be a short update next week for alpha release: 2019-10-10 18:00 UTC
<tini2p_gitlab> thanks for reading
<tini2p_gitlab> @tini2p_gitlab kick juggles the gaffer like a hacky-sack

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