Overview and Logs for the tini2p Dev Meeting Held on 2019-02-21

Geplaatst door: el00ruobuob / oneiric


<oneiric_> 0. Greetings
<Corklander> Hi
<oneiric_> 1. Current project status / progress since last meeting
<oneiric_> since last meeting, completed the basic components of the ntcp2 transport
<oneiric_> began work on i2np, researched proposals 123 + 144, and did some code house-keeping
<oneiric_> currently working on LeaseSet2 implementation, and other components needed for I2NP + ECIES-X25519
<oneiric_> the project's main repo is also changed to gitlab
<oneiric_> comments/questions?
<Corklander> Ohh… do you have the gitlab link?
<oneiric_> https://gitlab.com/tini2p/tini2p
<Corklander> Thanks!
<oneiric_> np
<oneiric_> :)
<oneiric_> that leads us into: 2. Short-term road map
<oneiric_> looked into gitea for git hosting
<oneiric_> will be setting up a host server, and mirror to gitlab
<oneiric_> hoping the experience will be reproducible, so other projects can do the same
<oneiric_> code is getting close to being able to communicate between routers
<oneiric_> remaining pieces: tunnels, i2np, netdb
<oneiric_> garlic encryption w/ ecies is probably the most complex, and all three components rely on proposals 123 + 144
<oneiric_> will continue working on i2np + netdb, since a majority of those components can be completed with the stable parts of the mentioned proposals
<oneiric_> hopefully ecies-x25519 will be ready when tunnel impl + garlic is necessary
<oneiric_> comments/questions?
<oneiric_> 3. I2P proposal implementation (123, 144)
<oneiric_> https://geti2p.net/spec/proposals/123-new-netdb-entries
<oneiric_> https://geti2p.net/spec/proposals/144-ecies-x25519-aead-ratchet
<oneiric_> currently Java-I2P devs are working hard on #123
<oneiric_> dev discussion is in #ls2 on Irc2P
<oneiric_> and the dev forum
<oneiric_> str4d will be presenting a revised spec for RedDSA used in ECIES-X25519
<sgp_> hi all, sorry I'm late
<oneiric_> no worries, hi sgp_ o/
<oneiric_> RedDSA is also needed for blinding keys in EncryptedLeaseSet2 entries
<oneiric_> once str4d's revised spec is available, will begin implementing RedDSA
<oneiric_> orignal_ and zzz have both been really inviting, and i encourage anyone interested to join the discussion
<oneiric_> comments/questions?
<Corklander> Do you know if there's info on when #i2p-dev discussions are scheduled?
<oneiric_> for those interested, RedDSA is basically EdDSA with modified r generation
<oneiric_> Corklander: there is a schedule on their development forum for dev meetings
<oneiric_> most of the recent ones have been in #ls2 afaict
<oneiric_> clearnet list of I2P meetings: https://geti2p.net/en/meetings/
<oneiric_> ^ has links to .i2p forum
<Corklander> Thanks
<oneiric_> np
<oneiric_> #144 (ECIES-X25519) will follow #123 impl
<oneiric_> a lot of code from ntcp2 will be reusable, though the business logic is different
<oneiric_> block ordering, for example
<oneiric_> 4. Project funding
<oneiric_> will be posting a donation address on the monero reddit, tin2p-meta repo, and other places it makes sense
<oneiric_> atm, don't feel it's right to request full-time funding from Monero community. would like to prove the project more first
<oneiric_> for those that would like to support during these early days, you are deeply loved and appreciated
<oneiric_> when the router is able to communicate with other routers, i will get more serious about fundraising
<oneiric_> comments/questions?
<Corklander> What coins are you planning to accept?
<oneiric_> xmr for now, and grin once i set up a wallet
<oneiric_> wownero
<oneiric_> ;)
<oneiric_> 5. Confirm next meeting time
<oneiric_> two weeks from today is really close to fork, maybe do three weeks from today, same time?
<wowario> nice
<Corklander> That works for me
<oneiric_> ok, so that's 2019-03-14 18:00 UTC

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