Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2016-05-22

Geplaatst door: dEBRUYNE / fluffypony


<fluffypony> ok starting the meeting relay for the Kovri meeting
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Hello.
<fluffypony> anonimal: all yours :)
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} From https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/177
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} Proposed meeting items:
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} 17:00 (UTC)
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} 1. Review assigned open tickets: status, code ideas (if applicable), etc.
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} 2. Any additional meeting items
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} 3. Confirm next meeting date/time
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} Starting with 1., as discussed in private with fluffypony, let's tackle https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/assigned/fluffypony
<fluffypony> hokay - should we do them one at a time ?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Sure, #105.
<fluffypony> sec, just opening it up
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I'm more curious about status updates and if we'll pursue some of these ideas.
<fluffypony> ok 107
<fluffypony> I asked dEBRUYNE and the rest of the social media guys about that in January last
<fluffypony> dEBRUYNE: have you guys looked at that at all ?
<dEBRUYNE> I think xmrpromotions was handling that
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] JFTR: s/107/105/
<dEBRUYNE> I honestly cannot remember you asking me :-P
* fluffypony has the IRC logs to prove it :-P
<dEBRUYNE> regardless, I think xmrpromotions was handling most of that :-P
<fluffypony> ok - xmrpromotions, did you have a chance to look at GNU Social ?
<ArticMine> I am looking at GNU social right now
<xmrpromotions> I am sorry but I have not
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Can I ask everone, candidly, what they think of the idea?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Is it something worth pursuing?
<ArticMine> My initial instinct is yes
<fluffypony> tbh I had hardly heard about GNU Social till you brought it up
<xmrpromotions> Are there more details I can read about it? https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/105
<fluffypony> but I think in terms of providing a more freedom-friendly social presence it's advantageous
<fluffypony> plus if we can spend the energy maintaining a Facebook page we can definitely justify this… :-P
<ArticMine> Way better than a Facebook page
<ArticMine> There are many who dislike the corporate centralization of Facebook in social media
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] xmrpromotions: A great example of a working instance is https://quitter.se/
<__uguu__> facebook is currently actively banning users that talk about the censorship too so…
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] xmrpromortions: For technical details, https://gnu.io/social/
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] lol, sorry, not auto-completion here
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Yes, recent news items re: censorship just get crazier and crazier.
<xmrpromotions> Thank you I will read the details and be ready to comment later. It is too early for me to commit to anything quite yet
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] And the social monopolies are finally showing their true colors.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, so #105 is on hold pending xmrpromotions' review?
<fluffypony> yup
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, next ticket.
<fluffypony> ok
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] #46
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] The Kovri website.
<fluffypony> #46 - does anyone have any strong opinions on whether it should be a page on the Monero website, or a separate site that matches the Monero site's look and feel (maybe with different colours), or a completely unrelated site ?
<fluffypony> anonimal: and your input on this would be appreciated too
<fluffypony> I think the relay is wonky
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] What's the time-cost in terms of managing two sites?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Yes, missed almost everything it looks like.
<fluffypony> anonimal: it's mostly just the initial work, after that I mostly go hands-off and let the community run with the content
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Can anyone read this?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, so could we start small with a page on the website, or maybe subdomain/ and if things get bigger move onto another site?
<fluffypony> that would be my recommendation
<fluffypony> we start with a sub-section on the Monero site
<fluffypony> and forward the kovri site through to it
<fluffypony> if we feel the need later on we can create a separate site on its own
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, sounds good to me. Anyone else?
<xmrpromotions> Of the three options mentioned a separate site that matches the Monero site's look and feel may help draw a wider audience than a page on the Monero site while at the same time anyone who visits the Kovri page knows that Monero is associated with it
<xmrpromotions> It seems like a judgement call to me. Either plan sounds reasonable
<fluffypony> restarting meeting bot
<fluffypony> in fact, if you want to write up some content for me I'll do it on the plane on Tuesday
<fluffypony> in fact, I can probably take most of it from the readme
<fluffypony> in fact, if I say in fact again I'll summon the in-fact-bot
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, ideas for content? I can blabber but ideas are welcome.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] ping in-fact-bot
<xmrpromotions> Any thoughts on creating a stackexchange proposal for I2P? Tor has a page now https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/56447/tor and we should be able to reach the commitment stage quickly with the same supporters behind the Monero proposal?
<fluffypony> xmrpromotions: we'd have to run it past zzz, at the very least
<meeting-bot> [fluffypony] zzz ^^
<xmrpromotions> sorry for off topic idea. I can table it for later if appropriate
<fluffypony> no I think it's an excellent idea, if the i2p community at large is interested then now is definitely the time
**<meeting-bot> [anonimal]
From what I've seen, alot of great ideas come and go through #i2p-dev but it always comes down to resources.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I think we'd all love that but someone will have to take the initiative.
<xmrpromotions> I will take the initiative on that
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] AFAICT all i2p-related dev (including Kovri) is in a bit of a dry spell so, priorities.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I like the idea though.
<fluffypony> anonimal: the advantage is that we can basically get everyone who's committed to the Monero proposal to also back an i2p proposal
<fluffypony> but now is the time to do so
<fluffypony> whilst everyone's excited
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, so what's the next step?
<xmrpromotions> If the I2P communty supports it. As fluffypony said now is the time as the synergy will help both I2P and Monero proposals pass faster for REP related reasons
<fluffypony> so basically next step on the website is let's get a bit of content and I'll put it together on the plane on Tuesday
<fluffypony> next step on the StackExchange proposal is to wait for feedback from zzz
<xmrpromotions> sounds good. I wont act until I hear confirmation that zzz is ready to proceed
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I dropped a line in #i2p-dev.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] We'll see who bites.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, so #46: 1) create content 2) On Tuesday, fluffypony will put something together 3) ETA after that?
<fluffypony> ok next ticket ?
<fluffypony> oh
<fluffypony> once it's pushed to the repo it goes live
<fluffypony> there's no ETA beyond that
<fluffypony> or no steps beyond pulling it and rebuilding the Jekyll site
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok great, I'll paste a note in ticket.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Moving on, #43.
<fluffypony> ok - can we just use the Monero addresses, or do we want separate addresses?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I'm fine with Monero addresses.
<fluffypony> ok then they're avialable here, anonimal: http://donate.getmonero.org
<fluffypony> *available
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok. Also, I can apply for FFS when needed or include my address somewhere or we can simply put a note in README to donate to either. Sound fair?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Or no?
<othe> ffs is prolly more efficient
<fluffypony> FFS is better than direct donations
<fluffypony> and it's generally more trustworthy because you raise funds for a specific piece of work, and then get paid out on milestones
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, we should put a note in README directing to FFS and donation page or just FFS?
<fluffypony> the readme just needs the donation page
<fluffypony> if we get large donations we redistribute them to active FFS proposals anyway
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] fluffypony: Ok, would you like to add that with your wording to the README? Or should I?
<fluffypony> anonimal: I have to pack tomorrow, and have a bunch of things to do, so if you could that would be appreciated
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Moving on, #27
<fluffypony> ok #27 is going to have to hold for a week or two, we're busy moving email providers on getmonero.org so I'll sort it out on the new provider
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, I'll paste that note.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Onward to #20.
<fluffypony> 20 - I can try Coverity again, let's see if it gives me the same issue
<fluffypony> I've not heard from them despite opening tickets etc.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Links? Maybe I can comment/ping them too.
<fluffypony> anonimal: screenshots and process I followed is in that ticket
<fluffypony> issue I mean
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, well, it may come down to a phone call or two.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Is that something you'd be willing to do?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] If not, we can skip the integration and try to do it manually.
<fluffypony> sure
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, next. #90 is not assigned to you but I remember you said you would assign yourself.
<fluffypony> one second just checking coverity
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Is #90 still of interest?
<fluffypony> oooooh it works
<fluffypony> they must've fixed it and just not let us know
<fluffypony> anonimal: I'll PM you with coverity details
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Fantastic!
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Yay, great. This should be interesting.
<gingeropolous> will I break things if I create a bridge by connecting simplewallet to the daemon over an i2p tunnel?
<fluffypony> doubtful
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] fluffypony: #90?
<fluffypony> 90 will happen automagically when our GitLab mirror is up
<fluffypony> it'll have clearnet / Tor / i2p mirrors
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok then. I've missed any discussions about that in the past, is there an ETA?
<fluffypony> not at the moment - it's one of those "on the list" things, I lack the time to knuckle down and do it
<fluffypony> we need a devops team :-P
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Indeed. Ok, I'll add a note in ticket.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] To whom should we assign #90 then?
<fluffypony> me
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, will do.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Yay, hour long of fluffypony tickets finally tackled! I'm glad we finally had the time. Any other comments them?
<fluffypony> none from my side
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] So, since this was the "fluffypony show" meeting, for time-sake I'll sum up my part of 1. with one line:
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] I'm not working on any tickets ATM but what will most likely be a new ticket soon as I'm working on Transports (mostly NTCP, little SSU): debugging/refactoring/c++14 refactoring where appropriate/some rewrite/some new code/documentation/improved logging
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] So, that's that for now, I'm sure more code talk can be at the next meeting.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Any additional meeting items (quickly)?
<fluffypony> nothing more from me
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Re: StackExchange, what tl;dr can I give to #i2p-dev?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Aside from pointing a link to the meeting log.
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] (I've been out of the loop re: the initiative)
<xmrpromotions> Just say that we are willing to cross promote it to XMR community and expect it to reach the commitment stage fairly fasy
<xmrpromotions> fast
<meeting-bot> [fluffypony] just that it's a proposal to have an i2p-specific StackExchange area
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] So, what should we expect from them?
<xmrpromotions> from there the I2P and XMR communities can help each other ensure both site reach beta
<xmrpromotions> Hard for me to make an ETA on that. End result would be an I2P site similar to what Tor has now
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] fluffypony: should we end meeting?
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] (or has it ended?)
<meeting-bot> [fluffypony] yes I think so
<meeting-bot> [fluffypony] I'll take the bot down
<xmrpromotions> We need I2P experts to appear during the proposal stage once created to ask good questions
<xmrpromotions> early questions attract a lot more votes and rise to the top, so quality matters
<meeting-bot> [anonimal] Ok, I'll chat in #monero-dev.
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} * thinking
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} xmrpromotions: I can commit to both pages. How many I2P 'experts' would need to commit?
<xmrpromotions> well we need 40 good questions. each person can only ask 5
<fluffypony> well before commitment it's just the voting section
<xmrpromotions> Our initial 40 questions will help with SEO after launch
<fluffypony> where we need not only good questions asked, but also good questions have to get 10 votes each
<xmrpromotions> Yes I mean we need to create quality questions to vote on
<xmrpromotions> If someone wants to create a list of 40 great questions that would be perfect
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} 40 great I2P questions, I could do that.
<fluffypony> they still have to post them though
<xmrpromotions> then we can divide it up and ask 5 each to make sure no silly questions gain a lot of votes early in the process
<xmrpromotions> we can find 8 people to post 5 questions each easily
<fluffypony> yup
<fluffypony> yeah, then we need a bunch of people to upvote :)
<xmrpromotions> I dont think voting will be a problem either. XMR users with no rep can be assigned to ask the questions… that will give them 5x10x5 rep (250 each)
<xmrpromotions> which will give them more than enough for the 200 rep area 51 cutoff for the SE 100 rep account association bonus
<fluffypony> strategyyyy
<xmrpromotions> 5q with 10 votes each will earn 5 rep per vote
<i2p-relay> {-anonimal} Ok, sounds great. Right now, I need to finish post-meeting wrap-up, take a break, get my brain in order and bbl.
<fluffypony> ok cool
<xmrpromotions> I will make a post in the getmonero forums. Maybe we can create and agree on a list of 40 questions there before we start
<xmrpromotions> thanks everyone. have a great weekend
<fluffypony> cheers

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