Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2016-05-08

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<anonimal> Hi fluffypony
<fluffypony> hiiii
<fluffypony> was just about to check if you're around :)
<anonimal> Hi everyone, I think meeting-bot is still online
<fluffypony> yes it is
<fluffypony> coming through loud and clear on this side
* anonimal reading backlog
<anonimal> Hi moneromoo.
<anonimal> Hi psi, uncrustify configs? Can you explain?
<psi> uncrustify is a code styler for c/c++
<fluffypony> I've never heard of it, plz tell me more psi?
<psi> it auto formats the code
* psi gets relevant links
<psi> https://github.com/uncrustify/uncrustify
<anonimal> I know that psi, but why for *.conf?
<psi> i don;t understand?
<psi> what about *.conf?
<fluffypony> oh anonimal
<fluffypony> not for *.conf
<fluffypony> he means conf file for uncrustify matching our coding style
<psi> damn lag
* psi waits to catch up
<psi> fluffypony: right
* anonimal back
<fluffypony> wb
<anonimal> To answer the question, no I don't have an uncrustify config for kovri.
<anonimal> Just a simple .vimrc.
<anonimal> I can take a look at creating a config after #174 is resolved.
<anonimal> fluffypony: I saw your comment in #56, what system are you runnning?
<fluffypony> anonimal: Ubuntu 14.04
<fluffypony> and there's no Boost 1.59 / 1.60 available
<fluffypony> but that little hack worked
<anonimal> 1.54 should work though
* anonimal triple checks
<fluffypony> I can't use 1.54
<fluffypony> incompatible with Monero
<psi> monero needs .56 or higher ?
<fluffypony> .55 or higher
<psi> kk
<fluffypony> so basically .59 or higher if you want both
<anonimal> I need about 5-15 minutes to build on bsd and osx so I can open the new linkage error tickets I talked about in #174
<fluffypony> kk
<psi> :\
* anonimal the only time I have is now and a bit later but the meeting is now so I want to throw it into the topic
* anonimal still compiling, should be done in 5 or so
<anonimal> #monero-dev, FYI, our meetings have always been more organized, on-point, and I've almost always been prepared.
<anonimal> This one caught me off guard.
<anonimal> (last minute suggestion by fluffypony)
<anonimal> Sorry for the wait.
<fluffypony> don't stress, ours are always by the seat of our pants
* anonimal opening tickets
<anonimal> Hmf, I need to work with the bsd a bit more before posting.
<anonimal> Anyway, https://github.com/monero-project/kovri/issues/175
<anonimal> I'm only sitting with this again since I left off < 24 hours or so ago so,
<anonimal> I haven't drawn any conclusions yet.
<anonimal> Has anyone seen this before? #monero-dev?
* fluffypony clicks
<fluffypony> moneromooo: seen anything like that before ?
<fluffypony> "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64"
<anonimal> The usual 'Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64' has been an osx complaint on this machine in the past.
<moneromooo> Not as such. I've seen plenty of really annoying linking issues though.
<fluffypony> this is gcc on OS X tho, right ?
<anonimal> fluffypony: Yes.
<fluffypony> maybe we're chasing our tails on that
<anonimal> I don't have time to deal with clang. If we want multi-distro builds, I need to streamline our process.
<anonimal> for macosx, clang won't build because it doesn't like the things I did for the reseed rewrite and,
<anonimal> I don't have time to keep-up with llvm development.
<anonimal> So, thoughts?
<fluffypony> rewrite everything in C :-P
<anonimal> lol
<fluffypony> ok my suggestion is that we eschew OS X / BSD compatibility for the moment
<fluffypony> until we can fix Clang support
<anonimal> Thanks moneromoo. I'm glad this isn't just a kovri thing.
<fluffypony> rather than trying to fudge it
<anonimal> Well that's the problem, this won't be the only issue.
<fluffypony> yeah I know
<anonimal> And I'll end up wasting time juggling compilers instead of working on other things.
<fluffypony> I mean that can be a later piece of work
<fluffypony> let's focus on getting it working on one Linux and Windows, where we're running gcc and it's fine
<anonimal> fluffypony: what part will be the later piece of work?
<fluffypony> anonimal: fixing Clang incompatibilities
<moneromooo> I don't use OSX btw, so kinda ignore what I said above.
<anonimal> Ok sounds great, I'll focus on linux/win building.
<anonimal> Should we remove osx/bsd build instructions from BUILDING.md?
<anonimal> Or I'll just open the bsd ticket and maybe someone will see it?
<fluffypony> yeah, I think let's make a note that it's broken on OS X / BSD for the moment, and that contributors are welcome to fix
<fluffypony> kk
<anonimal> Ok, I'll add the note.
<anonimal> Any other questions/comments on #175?
<fluffypony> no not yet
<fluffypony> I mean no not atm, lol
<anonimal> Ok, I'll add a note in #174 about what we discussed.
<anonimal> And part 1) in #174, apparently there is an env variable I can set to get it to work.
<anonimal> Not the first travis issue I've had to deal with.
<anonimal> Oh well, they are growing quite nicely IMHO.
<fluffypony> travis issues are growing quite nicely ?
<anonimal> lol, yes, and I meant their project as a whole.
<fluffypony> lol
<anonimal> Ok, hour is up. Anything else pressing?
<fluffypony> I don't think so - this was kinda an interim meeting because Kovri's was last week
<fluffypony> so this brings them into line
<fluffypony> next one on May 22nd, same time
<anonimal> Ok, I'll mark the calendar.
<anonimal> Thanks everyone.
<fluffypony> thank you

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