Monero 'Oxygen Orion' Point Release

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This is the v0.17.1.6 minor point release of the Monero software. This is a recommended release that contains P2P network layer improvements.

A note for public RPC node operators upgrading to v0.17.1.6: if you’re using the --rpc-restricted-bind-port option along with --rpc-bind-ip currently you will need to add the new --rpc-restricted-bind-ip arg or else the daemon will bind restricted RPC only to localhost.

Some highlights of this minor release are:

  • P2P: add scoring system to drop peers that don't behave
  • P2P: drop peers that decrease claimed height
  • P2P: drop peers that spam peer lists
  • P2P: drop peers that don't reply to queries
  • Add --rpc-restricted-bind-ip option
  • Do not use peer_id tracking method over i2p/tor
  • Minor bug fixes

The complete list of changes is available on GitHub, along with the source code.

Contributors for this Release

This release was the direct result of 6 people who worked, largely unpaid and altruistically, to put out 19 commits containing 828 new lines of code. We'd like to thank them very much for their time and effort. In no particular order they are:

  • vtnerd
  • luigi1111
  • Snipa
  • moneromooo
  • selsta
  • hyc


The new binaries can be downloaded from the Downloads page or from the direct links below.


If you would like to verify that you have downloaded the correct file, please use the following SHA256 hashes:, 40e07fdd8af9a8f5c34bddd826e26036c609bf5eacaf337b38e7ac3644647135, a63a1ff1766d9f02f8cd4b8260260cec9cfdf8fa1371143cc68ff1ffee18efd1
monero-mac-x64-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 1b03e2e45b9e8fce461b3f33986122c036f636d4a1019c47b24e7b81c7f1db15
monero-linux-x64-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 01bb6e18773a461a4dcfe2a6d4e4f7e1708b26634bc56696d68c539c3a66f81a
monero-linux-x86-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 300e7608927867d63765704a19baa90366b5897e3cef8a56da29ae3a6a5b97a3
monero-linux-armv8-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 874d3de908fb4301de19301b928a1c477a883c40b2491b3b3193df99561a8904
monero-linux-armv7-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 018270d8dde8e895fdc7b5b6de95c36b7e7a63d46406339f810b6fdf91e0b8bc
monero-android-armv8-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 0dc3cc265ae0365cb927c235f9ba4391f3c2be7043d183769de5b9b97736b359
monero-android-armv7-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 2ab2e4c715a3978ed36c55848313f8a252b1f7141910c0bcbd52070fcaefcff1
monero-freebsd-x64-v0.17.1.6.tar.bz2, 1ad59103c9ea3a2256c8f4b7066cefd7ce2ebd2b52360edb539115c80a7e6ee1

A GPG-signed list of the hashes is at and should be treated as canonical, with the signature checked against the appropriate GPG key in the source code (in /utils/gpg_keys). To ensure that the files you download are those originally posted by the maintainers, you should both check that the hashes of your files match those on the signed list, and that the signature on the list is valid.

Two guides are available to guide you through the verification process: Verify binaries on Windows (beginner) and Verify binaries on Linux, Mac, or Windows command line (advanced).

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