Logs for the Kovri Dev Meeting Held on 2017-08-06

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<anonimal> Alright, meeting time.
<anonimal> 1. Greetings
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<anonimal> 4. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> 5. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
<serhack> Greetings
<serhack> Hello
<anonimal> Hi
<anonimal> Hello serhack
<ArticMine> hi
<serhack> hi ArticMine, hi Anonimal
<i2p-relay> {-pigeons} howdy
<anonimal> Hi ArticMine, hi pigeons
<anonimal> 1.a: how's everyone doing?
<rehrar> Well weren't there some things to go over regarding that ffs pr?
<rehrar> Oh. We'll talk bout it later.
<rehrar> In the meeting.
<rehrar> Taking care of wife. We both doing ok.
<anonimal> Good I hope.
<rehrar> And hi.
<rehrar> How're you anonimal?
<anonimal> I wish her a speedy recovery.
<anonimal> 2. Brief review of what's been completed since the previous meeting
<rehrar> How's your transition going?
<anonimal> lol, funny how you use the word "transition" (inside defcon joke, ping endogenic)
<anonimal> I'm doing fine, thank you.
<rehrar> Not much to report this past while cuz of the surgery. I'll be making up the time this week.
<anonimal> re: 2., I spent most of the past two weeks AFK; busy with fedcon25 and the #monerola meetup (prep/travel/etc.)
<anonimal> So busy with kovri promotion/discussion. As for repo work, I've been able to do documentation and site-related work.
<rehrar> We missed thee.
<anonimal> I'm also way past my milestone hours so I'll need to submit a milestone report to the FFS.
<serhack> Anonimal: I have a lot of question about Kovri, I will connect to irc
<anonimal> What else has been completed since the previous meeting?
<anonimal> Yay, willkommen.
<anonimal> rehrar have you been able to work on any kovri things?
<endogenic> lol wait… transition?
<rehrar> See my above comment.
<anonimal> rehrar: oops, I just read your line (didn't see it)
<anonimal> endogenic: Oh, I think it was more a pwrcycle inside joke. Nm. It was re: "Janet".
<anonimal> But no, I'm not in transition, lol
<anonimal> 3. Contributor FFS check-in / status
<endogenic> ohhh
<rehrar> I meant from anonymous to not.
<endogenic> that makes sense
<endogenic> lolo
<moneromooo> Ah, I first thought the same, then talk of surgery, so I wasn't sure.
<endogenic> yeah anonimal
<endogenic> can imagine how concerned everyone was
<rehrar> Nah. Surgery is my wife. She had some surgery on her eyes this week.
<endogenic> dang
<endogenic> everything ok?
<rehrar> Ye. Her eyes strained at the computer where she works, so we got her Lasik.
<endogenic> ohh
<anonimal> re: 3., like I mentioned, I'll submit a milestone report. I use Kimai to keep detailed logs, down to the second, of all my billable activity. I'd like to submit those instead of writing TL;DR's but on the other hand I don't want all my time publicly tracked. I'll keep TL;DR's for the forum but have timesheets available for core team review if requested.
<serhack> :O
<anonimal> MoroccanMalinois is AFK I don't have an update on his FFS status.
<anonimal> He did say he's submit something soon though.
* anonimal shrugs
<anonimal> rehrar: any kovri FFS plans?
<moneromooo> FWIW, I was keeping track at 5 minute increments, then keeping it to myself. Never been a problem. It only would be with slackers I expect.
<rehrar> Ummm FFS plans?
<anonimal> k
<anonimal> Yes, to have one if needed.
<rehrar> alright, I'm here on IRC sorry for the delay.
<anonimal> 4. Code + ticket discussion / Q & A
<anonimal> re: point 4, and also going back to point 2, I did do a lengthy review of MoroccanMalinois' open PR #684.
<anonimal> But other than that, I don't have any comments on point 4. Any questions?
<anonimal> I did notice that the issue-helper on the meta repo appears to be in full swing and is looking good, pigeons.
<anonimal> 5. Any additional meeting items
<anonimal> Anyone interested in discussing quantum entanglement as a solution to nullifying the Alice/Bob relationship in order to eliminate the possibility of Eve?
<ArticMine> Any reference on this?
<anonimal> Not that I know of. It was something I started talking about while at fedcon25.
<anonimal> But I need much more information.
<moneromooo> wat
<moneromooo> Wouldn't that need custom hardware that's nowhere near everyday buyers ?
* anonimal is not a quantum specialist
<ajsantos> so would that mean Eve is both Alice and Bob at the same time
<anonimal> Probably, and probably a custom science too.
<anonimal> What I mean is, AFAICT it's the only way to eliminate Eve and until then, anonymity will always have the potential to be broken.
<anonimal> ajsantos: I don't know
* anonimal will need to brush up on entanglement
<anonimal> But if two points are guaranteed to only exist as a single unified point, I would imagine that Eve could not be Alice or Bob.
* anonimal shrugs, #monero-future-futures
<ArticMine> Ok Alice + Trump Bob = Jong-un Eve = ?
<ArticMine> Alice = Trump
<anonimal> Oh, one more thing, we'll have the 96boards.org podcast on August 17th.
<anonimal> Details in meta/#46
<anonimal> Anything else or shall we wrap the meeting up early?
<rehrar> nothing for me, sorry. I've got a lot going down atm, so I'm in and out intermittently
<anonimal> Yes, Alice would = Bob so their state would be agreed upon at any given moment so long as they become entangled.
<anonimal> Whether passive observation at that point is even possible, I don't know.
<moneromooo> The only use of qe I know about is for Alice to send a message to Bob (ostensibly a key), in a way that Eve cannot eavesdrop on it without Bob being able to detect it.
<moneromooo> (only use for crypto)
<anonimal> I remember seeing a talk about that a while ago. re: anonmymity, I don't know if the concept of "hops" would apply though, and I don't know if "building a network of entangled points" would be an accurate solution to creating an anonymity set.
<anonimal> So many questions!
<moneromooo> AFAICT, the use of this would be to strengthen the crypto, which is already likely well armoured.
<moneromooo> It wouldn't do anything for traffic analysis.
<moneromooo> But then maybe there's more stuff qe can be used for…
<moneromooo> You'd need to pre-share a LOT of bits if you did not want only the key to be sent, though.
<moneromooo> And QE is EASY to collapse.
<moneromooo> Actually, I don't know anything about this, ignore me.
<ArticMine> It is a possible research topic at this point as far as I can see
<anonimal> I'm not a huge fan of PQ discussion because of the number of everyday issues we're currently tackling but for some reason I am intrigued about this area.
<anonimal> Yes, I would like to do more research and write something if needed.
<anonimal> i.e., if it's not already been written.
<anonimal> My FFS could cover it under "Research improving I2P and overlay-network security" and "Opening new proposals".
<anonimal> Though I had imagined something more near-future tangible. We'll see.
<anonimal> Eek, out of time. 6. Confirm next meeting date/time
<anonimal> Same time, two weeks (August 20th)?
<anonimal> Ok, thanks everyone :)

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