Subscription (I2P)

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The Basics

A subscription is a file which contains a list of .i2p hosts paired with their respective Destination. Subscriptions are used by the Address Book.

In-depth information

Similar to how a hosts file can map an internet hostname to a specified address, a subscription matches a .i2p address to Base64 address by using the following format (no spaces allowed): host=address

More specifically, a subscription pairs a Locally unique host to Base64 address.


  1. anonimal.i2p is the Locally unique host
  2. = is the separator
  3. Everything that remains is the Base64 address

Subscription types

For Kovri, there are two types of subscription files: public and private.

A public subscription:

  • is used when bootstrapping to use essential services (IRC, email, Monero, etc.)
  • is static and is refreshed every 12 hours from Monero's Address Book server
  • allows you to safely share the subscription with everyone as it is publically available (anyone who shares the same public subscription will also be able to resolve the same hostname to the same destination as you)

A private subscription:

  • is used exclusively by you and is not shared with others unless you explicitly choose to share the file
  • default file is private_hosts.txt in your Data Directory

Updating a private subscription

You can use a Jump Service to manually update your private subscription. The updated subscription will then be fed into the Address Book for you to use.


To learn how to subscribe to multiple subscriptions, see the user-guide.