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The Basics

NIO-Based TCP (Non-blocking I/O based TCP) is one of two encrypted Transports for Kovri.

Similar to SSU, NTCP's primary purpose is to securely transmit In net I2NP messages through Tunnels but, unlike SSU, NTCP functions solely over encrypted TCP.

In-depth information

  • Passes along individual I2NP messages (both Standard and Time Sync) after:
    • TCP has been established
    • Establishment Sequence has been completed
  • Uses the following encryption:
  • Establishment Sequence has the following states:
    • Pre-establishment
    • Establishment
    • Post-establishment or "Established"
  • Uses the following from the Network Database:
    • Transport name: NTCP
    • Host: IP (IPv4 or IPv6) or host name (shortened IPv6 address (with "::") is allowed)
    • Port: 1024 - 65535


For further details, read Java I2P's NTCP